Journal: Brain Connectivity

Volume 2, Issue 6

291 -- 302Anthony G. Hudetz. General Anesthesia and Human Brain Connectivity
303 -- 310Ariane Orosz, Kay Jann, Andrea Federspiel, Helge Horn, Oliver Höfle, Thomas Dierks, Roland Wiest, Werner Strik, Thomas Müller 0006, Sebastian Walther. Reduced Cerebral Blood Flow Within the Default-Mode Network and Within Total Gray Matter in Major Depression
311 -- 319Yelena Guller, Giulio Tononi, Bradley R. Postle. Conserved Functional Connectivity but Impaired Effective Connectivity of Thalamocortical Circuitry in Schizophrenia
320 -- 334Alessandra M. Passarotti, James A. Ellis, Ezra Wegbreit, Michael C. Stevens, Mani N. Pavuluri. Reduced Functional Connectivity of Prefrontal Regions and Amygdala Within Affect and Working Memory Networks in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder
335 -- 344Neda Jahanshad, Victor G. Valcour, Talia M. Nir, Omid Kohannim, Edgar Busovaca, Krista Nicolas, Paul M. Thompson. Disrupted Brain Networks in the Aging HIV+ Population
345 -- 355Vincent Magnotta, Joy T. Matsui, Dawei Liu, Hans J. Johnson, Jeffrey D. Long, Bradley D. Bolster Jr., Bryon A. Mueller, Kelvin O. Lim, Susumu Mori, Karl G. Helmer, Jessica A. Turner, Sarah A. J. Reading, Mark J. Lowe, Elizabeth H. Aylward, Laura A. Flashman, Greg Bonett, Jane S. Paulsen. MultiCenter Reliability of Diffusion Tensor Imaging
356 -- 0. Correction

Volume 2, Issue 5

235 -- 245Gopikrishna Deshpande, Xiaoping Hu 0001. Investigating Effective Brain Connectivity from fMRI Data: Past Findings and Current Issues with Reference to Granger Causality Analysis
246 -- 253Pär Flodin, Katarina Gospic, Predrag Petrovic, Peter Fransson. Effects of L-Dopa and Oxazepam on Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Connectivity: A Randomized, Cross-Sectional Placebo Study
254 -- 264René Scheeringa, Karl Magnus Petersson, Andreas Kleinschmidt, Ole Jensen, Marcel C. M. Bastiaansen. EEG Alpha Power Modulation of fMRI Resting-State Connectivity
265 -- 274Alle Meije Wink, Jan C. de Munck, Ysbrand D. van der Werf, Odile A. van den Heuvel, Frederik Barkhof. Fast Eigenvector Centrality Mapping of Voxel-Wise Connectivity in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Implementation, Validation, and Interpretation
275 -- 283Xin Di, Bharat B. Biswal. Metabolic Brain Covariant Networks as Revealed by FDG-PET with Reference to Resting-State fMRI Networks
284 -- 290Hauke Bartsch, Paul Maechler, Jacopo Annese. Automated Determination of Axonal Orientation in the Deep White Matter of the Human Brain

Volume 2, Issue 4

0 -- 0. rd Biennial Conference on Resting State Brain Connectivity, September 5-7, 2012Magdeburg, Germany
177 -- 190Changwei W. Wu, Po-Yu Liu, Pei-Jung Tsai, Yu-Chin Wu, Ching-Sui Hung, Yu-Che Tsai, Kuan-Hung Cho, Bharat B. Biswal, Chia-Ju Chen, Ching-Po Lin. Variations in Connectivity in the Sensorimotor and Default-Mode Networks During the First Nocturnal Sleep Cycle
191 -- 202Jan Carl Beucke, Christian Kaufmann, Clas Linnman, Rosa Gruetzmann, Tanja Endrass, Thilo Deckersbach, Darin D. Dougherty, Norbert Kathmann. Altered Cingulostriatal Coupling in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
203 -- 217Paul A. Taylor, Suril Gohel, Xin Di, Martin Walter, Bharat B. Biswal. Functional Covariance Networks: Obtaining Resting-State Networks from Intersubject Variability
218 -- 224William Seunghyun Sohn, Kwangsun Yoo, Yong Jeong. Independent Component Analysis of Localized Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reveals Specific Motor Subnetworks
225 -- 233Xin Di, Senhua Zhu, Hua Jin, Pin Wang, Zhuoer Ye, Ke Zhou, Yan Zhuo, Hengyi Rao. Altered Resting Brain Function and Structure in Professional Badminton Players

Volume 2, Issue 3

113 -- 124Franziska Matthäus, Jan-Philip Schmidt, Anirban Banerjee, Thomas G. Schulze, Traute Demirakca, Carsten Diener. Effects of Age on the Structure of Functional Connectivity Networks During Episodic and Working Memory Demand
125 -- 141Susan L. Whitfield-Gabrieli, Alfonso Nieto-Castañón. Conn: A Functional Connectivity Toolbox for Correlated and Anticorrelated Brain Networks
142 -- 154Sheida Malekpour, Zhimin Li, Bing Leung Patrick Cheung, Eduardo M. Castillo, Andrew C. Papanicolaou, Larry Kramer, Jack M. Fletcher, Barry D. Van Veen. Interhemispheric Effective and Functional Cortical Connectivity Signatures of Spina Bifida Are Consistent with Callosal Anomaly
155 -- 163Jeffrey I. Berman, Jonathan R. McDaniel, Song Liu, Lauren Cornew, William Gaetz, Timothy P. L. Roberts, J. Christopher Edgar. Variable Bandwidth Filtering for Improved Sensitivity of Cross-Frequency Coupling Metrics
164 -- 175Spiro P. Pantazatos, Ted K. Yanagihara, Xian Zhang, Thomas Meitzler, Joy Hirsch. Frontal-Occipital Connectivity During Visual Search

Volume 2, Issue 2

45 -- 55Willem de Haan, Wiesje M. van der Flier, Huijuan Wang, Piet Van Mieghem, Philip Scheltens, Cornelis J. Stam. Disruption of Functional Brain Networks in Alzheimer's Disease: What Can We Learn from Graph Spectral Analysis of Resting-State Magnetoencephalography?
56 -- 68Chien-Ho (Janice) Lin, Ming-Chang Chiang, Allan D. Wu, Marco Iacoboni, Parima Udompholkul, Omid Yazdanshenas, Barbara J. Knowlton. Enhanced Motor Learning in Older Adults Is Accompanied by Increased Bilateral Frontal and Fronto-Parietal Connectivity
69 -- 79Luke Bloy, Madhura Ingalhalikar, Nematollah Batmanghelich, Robert T. Schultz, Timothy P. L. Roberts, Ragini Verma. An Integrated Framework for High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging-Based Investigation of Structural Connectivity
80 -- 90Nia Goulden, Rebecca Elliott, John Suckling, Stephen Ross Williams, John Francis William Deakin, Shane McKie. Sample Size Estimation for Comparing Parameters Using Dynamic Causal Modeling
91 -- 101Enrico Glerean, Juha Salmi, Juha M. Lahnakoski, Iiro P. Jääskeläinen, Mikko Sams. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Phase Synchronization as a Measure of Dynamic Functional Connectivity
102 -- 112Elisabeth A. T. Evers, Elissa B. Klaassen, Serge A. R. B. Rombouts, Walter H. Backes, Jelle Jolles. The Effects of Sustained Cognitive Task Performance on Subsequent Resting State Functional Connectivity in Healthy Young and Middle-Aged Male Schoolteachers

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 10Mélanie Boly, Marcello Massimini, Marta I. Garrido, Olivia Gosseries, Quentin Noirhomme, Steven Laureys, Andrea Soddu. Brain Connectivity in Disorders of Consciousness
11 -- 20Kay Jann, Andrea Federspiel, Stéphanie Giezendanner, Jennifer Andreotti, Mara Kottlow, Thomas Dierks, Thomas Koenig. Linking Brain Connectivity Across Different Time Scales with Electroencephalogram, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Diffusion Tensor Imaging
21 -- 24Ricardo Bajo, Nazareth P. Castellanos, Pablo Cuesta, Sara Aurtenetxe, Juan Garcia-Prieto, Pedro Gil-Gregorio, Francisco del Pozo, Fernando Maestú. Differential Patterns of Connectivity in Progressive Mild Cognitive Impairment
25 -- 32Ziad S. Saad, Stephen J. Gotts, Kevin Murphy, Gang Chen 0008, Hang Joon Jo, Alex Martin, Robert W. Cox. Trouble at Rest: How Correlation Patterns and Group Differences Become Distorted After Global Signal Regression
33 -- 43Li Luo, Lai Xu, Rex E. Jung, Godfrey D. Pearlson, Tülay Adali, Vince D. Calhoun. Constrained Source-Based Morphometry Identifies Structural Networks Associated with Default Mode Network