Journal: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Volume 3, Issue 4

0 -- 0D. Day. Left to Their Own Devices [Society News]
4 -- 9Peter Corcoran 0001. Smartphones and the Internet of Servants [Notes from the Editor]
10 -- 0Stefan Mozar. Farewell! [President's Message]
12 -- 13Peter Corcoran 0001. IEEE CE Soceity Fellow Kees Immink Receives Honorary Degree [Society News]
13 -- 14Mark Schaffer. Introduction to the IEEE 1874 Open Manual Format, "oManual" [Society News]
14 -- 20Peter Corcoran 0001. Behind the Scenes at ICCE 2014 [Society News]
20 -- 21Joonki Paik. ISCE 2014, Jeju Island, Korea [Society News]
21 -- 22Joseph Wei. Celebrating the Santa Clara Valley Chapter's 10th Anniversary [Society News]
22 -- 23Brian Markwalter. New CEA Study - Electricity Usage Per Home Falls [Society News]
24 -- 30Peter Corcoran 0001. Champions in Our Midst: Immink helped jump-start the digital video and audio revolution
31 -- 39Gaurav Banga, Simon Crosby, Ian Pratt. Trustworthy Computing for the Cloud-Mobile Era: A Leap Forward in Systems Architecture
40 -- 44Slawomir Grzonkowski, Alejandro Mosquera, Lamine M. Aouad, Dylan Morss. Smartphone Security: An overview of emerging threats
45 -- 50Stephen Kirk. The Wearables Revolution: Is Standardization a Help or a Hindrance?: Mainstream technology or just a passing phase?
51 -- 54Angelos Amanatiadis, Savvas A. Chatzichristofis. How Smart Are Smartphones?: Bridging the marketing and information technology gap
55 -- 62Peter Corcoran 0001, Cosmin Stan, Corneliu Florea, Mihai Ciuc, Petronel Bigioi. Digital Beauty: The good, the bad, and the (not-so) ugly
63 -- 68Taiuani Marquine Raymundo, Carla da Silva Santana. Factors Influencing the Acceptance of Technology by Older People: How the elderly in Brazil feel about using electronics
69 -- 74Ying-Chiang Cho. Violence and Aberration in the Age of Social Media: Transforming the advanced communication technology into a better facilitative tool
75 -- 78Peter Corcoran 0001. Patenting Complexity [IP Corner]
79 -- 81Bob Frankston. Connected Things [Bits Versus Electrons]
82 -- 85Tom Coughlin. How Data Centers Provide Consumer Services [The Art of Storage]
86 -- 88William Lumpkins. Mobile Power [Product Reviews]
88 -- 91William Lumpkins. Driverless Cars and Driverless Vacuums: Will the Madness Never End? [Product Reviews]

Volume 3, Issue 3

3 -- 8Peter Corcoran 0001. Kickstarting Collaboration [Notes from the Editor]
7 -- 8Stefan Mozar. Supporting Membership [President's Message]
13 -- 21Rana Hesham, Abdelmonem Ahmed, Dini Nuzulia Rahmah, Donghun Kim. ICCE Showcase Student Reports [Society News]
21 -- 24Tom Coughlin. Revelations from the Young Consumer Survey [Society News]
25 -- 0Carsten Dolar. Event for IEEE Young Professionals at ICCE 2014 [Society News]
26 -- 27Thinagaran Perumal. A Great Year for IEEE CE Malaysia [Society News]
27 -- 0R. Simon Sherratt. Congratulations on Your Diamond Anniversary! [Society News]
28 -- 29Tom Coughlin. Sessions on the Internet of Things in the IEEE CE Society Conferences [Society News]
28 -- 0Tomohiro Hase. West Japan Chapter Report [Society News]
29 -- 34Peter Corcoran 0001. Consumer Electronics and the Internet of Things [Society News]
30 -- 34Craig Hillman. Leave No Technology Behind [Soapbox]
36 -- 43Imran Akbar. Power from the Void?: How Steve Perlman's "revolutionary" wireless technology works and why it is a bigger deal than anyone realizes
44 -- 48Larry Zhang. Silicon Process and Manufacturing Technology Evolution: An overview of advancements in chip making
49 -- 52R. Simon Sherratt. Facts, Scope, Style... A guide to writing papers for the IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
53 -- 56Joseph Wei. How Wearables Intersect with the Cloud and the Internet of Things : Considerations for the developers of wearables
57 -- 58Katina Michael. Impacts: At the intersection between the worlds of consumer electronics and socioeconomics
59 -- 61Katina Michael, M. G. Michael. The Packbots Are Coming: Boosting security at the 2014 FIFA World Cup
62 -- 69Katerina Sulovska. Biometric Systems in the Czech Republic: Friends or foes?
70 -- 75José Luis Gómez Barroso, Raquel Marban-Flores. Postcrisis Access to the Financial System
76 -- 78Stuart Lipoff. Paying for Privacy: Increasing the privacy and security comfort of end users
79 -- 82Peter Corcoran 0001. A Lexicon of Patent Jargon [IP Corner]
83 -- 92Bob Frankston. (Not) Getting the Message Across [Bits Versus Electrons]
85 -- 92Tom Coughlin. Thanks for the Memories: Nonvolatile Memory Technology Enables the Age of Spin [The Art of Storage]
88 -- 92William Lumpkins. Sounding Off on New Products [Product Reviews]

Volume 3, Issue 2

3 -- 0Peter Corcoran 0001. Broadening Our Horizons [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 0Stefan Mozar. The Secret Is Out [President's Message]
6 -- 7Tom Coughlin. The IEEE Medal Nomination Process [Society News]
7 -- 9Joseph Wei. IEEE CE AdCom Officers Meet with the Santa Clara Valley Chapters [Society News]
9 -- 0Ezendu Ariwa. U.K. Chapters Organize Joint Symposium on CE and Broadcast Technology [Society News]
10 -- 11Tomohiro Haraikawa, Takao Nonaka. An Introduction to the Annual GCCE International Conference [Society News]
11 -- 12Stephen Dukes, Charlotte Kobert. CE Society Board of Governors Call for Nominations for 2014 [Society News]
12 -- 14William Lumpkins. An Exciting Year for the Dallas Section [Society News]
14 -- 16Tom Coughlin. Future Directions Updates [Society News]
16 -- 17Rosann Marosy. Applauding 50 Years of Fellows [Society News]
18 -- 24Robert M. Pelovitz. The 2014 IEEE Edison Medal Receipient: Meet the father of video games
25 -- 29Joseph Decuir. Introducing Bluetooth Smart: Part II: Applications and updates
30 -- 35Tae-Chan Kim. Wide Dynamic Range Technologies: For mobile imaging sensor systems
36 -- 46Thomas Lanzisero. Applied Safety Science and Engineering Techniques (ASSET): Taking Hazard Based Safety Engineering (HBSE) to the Next Level
46 -- 57Peter Corcoran 0001. The Innovations and Inventions of Steve Jobs [IP Corner]
58 -- 61William Lumpkins. An Update of Approved Standards [Standards Corner]
59 -- 61William Lumpkins. New Tech at CEATEC: A Look at Merging Technologies [Conference Reports]
62 -- 67Bob Frankston. HTML5 [Bits Versus Electrons]
64 -- 67Tom Coughlin. Near and Far - Digital Storage Supporting Today's Mobile Devices [The Art of Storage]

Volume 3, Issue 1

3 -- 6Peter Corcoran 0001. Welcome to Our CES Show Issue [Notes from the Editor]
7 -- 11Stefan Mozar. Wishing You All a Happy and Prosperous New Year! [President's Message]
8 -- 0Stuart Lipoff. The End of Next Generation Mobility Innovation [Society News]
9 -- 11Jonathan G. Koomey. Separating Fact from Fiction: A Challenge for the Media [Soapbox]
12 -- 18Joseph Decuir. Introducing Bluetooth Smart: Part 1: A look at both classic and new technologies
19 -- 24Kyle Wiens, Peter Corcoran 0001. Repairability Smackdown II: iPhone versus iPhone
25 -- 31Joshua Benjestorf. A New Trend In Connectivity: Sharing content over multiple channels
32 -- 38Peter Corcoran 0001, Arun Ross. Introducing the IEEE Biometrics Compendium: Insight into the current issue
39 -- 42William Lumpkins. Nikola Tesla's Dream Realized: Wireless power energy harvesting
43 -- 46Peter Corcoran 0001. The Patent Prosecution Process [IP Corner]
47 -- 49Tom Coughlin. Converging on Consumer Needs [Conference Reports]
49 -- 0Stephen Dukes. The Context for GCCE [Conference Reports]
49 -- 50Tomohiro Hase, Stefan Mozar, Stephen Dukes. An Overview of the Second IEEE GCCE [Conference Reports]
50 -- 51Taechan Kim, Wen-Chung Kao, Shingo Yamaguchi, Kazuyuki Kojima. The Technical Program of IEEE GCCE 2013 [Conference Reports]
51 -- 53Fitri Arnia. ISCE 2013: An Unforgettable Experience at ISCE 2013 to Further My Research [Conference Reports]
53 -- 56Dini Nuzulia Rahmah. The Story Behind the First Paper Award [Conference Reports]
56 -- 0Carsten Dolar. A Special Event for Young Professionals at the ICCE-Berlin 2013 [Conference Reports]
57 -- 60Bob Frankston. Life (Yet To Be) Scripted [Bits Versus Electrons]
59 -- 60William Lumpkins. The MobiAria Wireless Bluetooth Speaker [Product Reviews]
61 -- 62Peter Corcoran 0001. Electricity in a Climate Constrained World [Book Review]