Journal: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Volume 5, Issue 4

3 -- 4Peter Corcoran 0001. Weep I Cannot, But My Heart Bleeds... [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 8Saraju P. Mohanty. My First Issue as Editor-in-Chief [Notes from the Editor]
9 -- 10Stuart Lipoff. Why Should You Join the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society? [Society News]
10 -- 12Peter Corcoran 0001. IEEE CE Society Attends OpenFog Members Meeting at Princeton University [Society News]
12 -- 13Bernard Fong, Alex Gong. IEEE ICCE-Taiwan [Society News]
14 -- 0Brian Markwalter. CES Asia and CE Society Workshop Show Amazing Growth [Society News]
15 -- 0Joseph Wei. IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Education and Outreach [Society News]
15 -- 18Konstantin Glasman. IEEE CESoc TV-The Internet of Things [Society News]
19 -- 128Joseph Decuir. Global Humanitarian Technology Conferences [Conference Reports]
21 -- 135Stuart Lipoff. Access Is Yours [Publications Round-Up]
22 -- 25Soumya Kanti Datta. The W3C Web of Things Meeting and the W3C Track in WWW 2016 [Future Directions]
25 -- 26Ferhan Ozkan. Introducing VR First: Unlocking the door to a future in virtual reality [Future Directions]
27 -- 28Abdullah Almuttiri. Global IEEE Young Professionals Committee Meeting 2016 [Young Professionals]
28 -- 33Kosin Chamnongthai. Striving to Be an Engineer of Achievement and Morality [Young Professionals]
34 -- 43Cheng-Yuan Chang, Antonius Siswanto, Chung-Ying Ho, Ting-Kuo Yeh, Yi-Rou Chen, Sen M. Kuo. Listening in a Noisy Environment: Integration of active noise control in audio products
44 -- 56Shalom Greene, Himanshu Thapliyal, Allison Caban-Holt. A Survey of Affective Computing for Stress Detection: Evaluating technologies in stress detection for better health
57 -- 67Joseph Decuir, Ronald H. Nicholson. The Amiga: A Hardware Engineering Story: Advancing multimedia computing capability
68 -- 72Stuart Lipoff. Hacking the House Chapter 3: Nonstop Internet
73 -- 74Peter Corcoran 0001, Soumya Kanti Datta. Mobile-Edge Computing and the Internet of Things for Consumers: Extending cloud computing and services to the edge of the network
75 -- 76Bob Frankston. Mobile-Edge Computing Versus The Internet?
77 -- 83Carlo Vallati, Antonio Virdis, Enzo Mingozzi, Giovanni Stea. Mobile-Edge Computing Come Home Connecting things in future smart homes using LTE device-to-device communications
84 -- 91Dario Sabella, Alessandro Vaillant, Pekka Kuure, Uwe Rauschenbach, Fabio Giust. Mobile-Edge Computing Architecture: The role of MEC in the Internet of Things
92 -- 100Darshana Thomas, Ross McPherson, Greig Paul, James Irvine. Optimizing Power Consumption of Wi-Fi for IoT Devices: An MSP430 processor and an ESP-03 chip provide a power-efficient solution
101 -- 102Ramona Pringle. Periscope's Paradox: The promise and peril of uncensored live video
103 -- 104Christopher Moore. The Virtual Yellow House: Experimental tangling with virtual reality
105 -- 111Javad Foroughi, Teodor Mitew, Philip Ogunbona, Raad Raad, Farzad Safaei. Smart Fabrics and Networked Clothing: Recent developments in CNT-based fibers and their continual refinement
112 -- 117Katina Michael. Science Fiction Is Full of Bots That Hurt People: ...But these bots are here now
118 -- 120Valentina Niess. Registration of the Three-Dimensional Shape of Consumer Products as Trademarks in the EU [IP Corner]
121 -- 125Tom Coughlin. The Memory of Cars [The Art of Storage]
126 -- 128Narisa N. Y. Chu. EXG Standards Pertaining to CE Society Fields of Interest [Standards]
129 -- 131Anirban Sengupta. Soft IP Core Design Resiliency Against Terrestrial Transient Faults for CE Products [Hardware Matters]
132 -- 135Bill Bisenius. Let's Talk Product Safety [Product Safety Perspectives]

Volume 5, Issue 3

3 -- 36Peter Corcoran 0001. The Battle for Privacy In Your Pocket [Notes from the Editor]
10 -- 39Sharon Peng. Enhancing Member Activities [President's Message]
12 -- 14Narisa Chu. Advanced Technical Writing and Presentation Skills for ESL Engineers [Society News]
27 -- 34Peter Corcoran 0001. Advance Romance at ICCE 2017 [Conference Reports]
37 -- 39Stuart Lipoff. Going Electronic [Publications Round-Up]
40 -- 43Soumya Kanti Datta. W3C Web of Things Interest Group Face-to-Face Meeting at EURECOM [Future Directions]
48 -- 54Rajeev Thakur. Scanning LIDAR in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Beyond
55 -- 59Narisa Chu. How Should the State of the Brain Be Described?
60 -- 70Saraju P. Mohanty. Everything You Wanted to Know About Smart Cities
71 -- 78Adrian Ungureanu, Claudia Costache. Palm Print as a Smartphone Biometric
79 -- 80Stanton Zeff. My Electric Journey with a Nissan Leaf
81 -- 84Alex Rubin. Rethinking Remote Power and Data Transfer
85 -- 89Guiou Kobayashi. The Ethical Impact of the Internet of Things in Social Relationships
90 -- 94David Crowley. Citizen Actuation for Smart Environments
95 -- 102Anas Aloudat, Katina Michael. The Implications of Iris-Recognition Technologies
103 -- 106Katina Michael. RFID/NFC Implants for Bitcoin Transactions
107 -- 114Sharon Bradley-Munn, Katina Michael. Whose Body Is It? The Body as Physical Capital in a Techno-Society
115 -- 117Thomas Gniadek. Litigating Standard Essential Patents in Germany [IP Corner]
118 -- 121Bob Frankston. The Stories of Software [Bits Versus Electrons]
122 -- 133Tom Coughlin. Developments in HDD Technology Provide Consumer Services [The Art of Storage]
126 -- 128Anirban Sengupta. Cognizance on Intellectual Property: A High-Level Perspective [Hardware Matters]
129 -- 131Bill Bisenius. Let's Talk Product Safety [Product Safety]
132 -- 133Mike Bergman. It's Hard To Get Good (Security) Help These Days [CEA Insights]
134 -- 136William Lumpkins Sanitate. For Safety, Health, and Well-Being [Product Reviews]

Volume 5, Issue 2

3 -- 9Peter Corcoran 0001. Writing for IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine Notes from the Editor
10 -- 11Abdullah Almuttiri. Young Professionals at Web Summit-Dublin 2015 Society News
12 -- 14Peter Corcoran 0001. Focus on Culture, Ethics, and the Knowledge Society Conference Reports
21 -- 22Stuart Lipoff. Promoting Pubs Publications Round-Up
22 -- 0Abdullah Almuttiri. Chapter Chair Meeting at GCCE Society News
23 -- 0Soumya Kanti Datta. Reporting from IEEE WF-IoT 2015 Future Directions
26 -- 27Soumya Kanti Datta. Reporting from IEEE GCCE 2015 Future Directions
28 -- 31Rob Reilly. The IEEE in Ireland Initiative: An update on progress and activities
32 -- 34William Lumpkins. FCC: Oppressing the "Maker" or Helping to Make the World a Safer Place for All?: FCC 14-30 and a safe RF environment
35 -- 37David Park. The Quest for the Quality of Things: Can the Internet of Things deliver a promise of the quality of things?
38 -- 43Louis Brun, Alessandro Gasparini. Enabling 360° Visual Communications: Next-level applications and connections
44 -- 48Stuart Lipoff. Hacking the House Chapter 2: The Boston VoIP doorbell
49 -- 57S. M. Riazul Islam, Md. Nazim Uddin, Kyung Sup Kwak. The IoT: Exciting Possibilities for Bettering Lives: Special application scenarios
58 -- 62Anirban Sengupta. Design Flow of a Digital IC: The role of digital IC/SOC design in CE products
63 -- 69Madhupreetha L. Rajaram, Elias Kougianos, Saraju P. Mohanty, Uma Choppali. Wireless Sensor Network Simulation Frameworks: A Tutorial Review: MATLAB/Simulink bests the rest
70 -- 78Peter Corcoran 0001, Claudia Costache. Biometric Technology and Smartphones: A consideration of the practicalities of a broad adoption of biometrics and the likely impacts
79 -- 86Greig Paul, James Irvine. IEDs on the Road to Fingerprint Authentication: Biometrics have vulnerabilities that PINs and passwords don't
87 -- 93Shejin Thavalengal, Peter Corcoran 0001. User Authentication on Smartphones: Focusing on iris biometrics
94 -- 102Joseph Ferenbok, Steve Mann, Katina Michael. The Changing Ethics of Mediated Looking: Wearables, veillances, and power
103 -- 105Ramona Pringle. The Best Part of Ringly Is When it Does Nothing: The lure of a (smart) gemstone cocktail ring
106 -- 111Nigel Shadbolt, Max Van Kleek, Reuben Binns. The Rise of Social Machines: The development of a human/digital ecosystem
112 -- 113Karl D. Stephan. Counterfeit Electronics: Coming to a Store Near You: How bad is it, and what can be done?
114 -- 118Bob Frankston. 80/20 Consumer Electronics Bits Versus Electrons
119 -- 122Tom Coughlin. Making The Connection The Art of Storage
123 -- 126Anirban Sengupta. Evolution of the IP Design Process in the Semiconductor/EDA Industry Hardware Matters
127 -- 128David Alan Grier. The High Fidelity and High Aspirations Market-Based Analyses
130 -- 135William Lumpkins. Jam Session Product Reviews

Volume 5, Issue 1

3 -- 10Peter Corcoran 0001. Just Another Year in the Consumer Electronics Industry? [Notes from the Editor]
11 -- 13Peter Corcoran 0001. IEEE and Engineers Ireland Plan Collaboration [Society News]
13 -- 23Jeffrey Arcand, Wahab Almuhtadi. Battle Royale: The Annual Gaming Console Tournaments and the Large LAN Party [Society News]
14 -- 19Peter Corcoran 0001. IEEE POCO 2015 Brings Fun and Education to Glasgow [Conference Reports]
20 -- 21Stefan Mozar, Hans L. Cycon, Dietmar Hepper, José María Flores Arias, Milan Bjelica. ICCE-Berlin Is Five Years Old! [Conference Reports]
22 -- 23Abdullah Almuttiri, Carsten Dolar. Activities for Young Professionals at ICCE-Berlin 2015 [Conference Reports]
24 -- 25Stuart Lipoff. Consumer Electronics Society Publications [Publications Round-Up]
26 -- 28Soumya Kanti Datta. The Internet of Things Activities Report [Future Directions]
29 -- 0Soumya Kanti Datta. A Peak into Future Directions on Internet of Things Group Activities for 2016 [Future Directions]
30 -- 31Tom Coughlin. Future Directions for Consumer Electronics [Future Directions]
32 -- 0Lee Stogner. The IEEE Will Connect You with New Technology [Future Directions]
33 -- 143Steve Mann. Veillance Integrity by Design: A new mantra for CE devices and services. [Soapbox]
40 -- 50Joseph Decuir. Encore: Atari's Second System: A design story
51 -- 60Anders S. G. Andrae. Life-Cycle Assessment of Consumer Electronics: A review of methodological approaches
61 -- 62Pablo Valerio. Is the IoT a Tech Bubble for Cities?: With more cities joining the smart city revolution and investing in sensors and other IoT devices, the risk of a new tech bubble is rising
63 -- 68Peter Corcoran 0001. The Internet of Things: Why now, and what's next?
69 -- 73Chris Koverman. Next-Generation Connected Support in the Age of IoT: It's time to get proactive about customer support
74 -- 80Enrique Rodriguez-Diaz, Juan C. Vasquez, Josep M. Guerrero. Intelligent DC Homes in Future Sustainable Energy Systems: When efficiency and intelligence work together
81 -- 82Stuart Lipoff. Hacking the House: Chapter 1 - The Chicago doorbell
83 -- 88Anirban Sengupta. Intellectual Property Cores: Protection designs for CE products
89 -- 92Ken Steck, Hansheng Tan. Transformation of the Digital Watch: The evolution and what it signals
93 -- 98Peter Corcoran 0001, Tom Coughlin, Steve Wozniak. Champions In Our Midst: The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree
99 -- 101Katina Michael. Gamifying Precision-Guided Firearms: Bugs and Daffy wouldn't stand a chance
102 -- 106Alexander Hayes. My Journey into Glass: Talking about Google Glass with stakeholders in the Glass Explorer Program
107 -- 113Katherine Albrecht, Katina Michael, M. G. Michael. The Dark Side of Video Games: Are you addicted?
114 -- 119Robert Ogie. Bring Your Own Device: An overview of risk assessment
120 -- 122Joe Carvalko. Self Absorption: Where will technology lead us?
123 -- 128Katina Michael, Alexander Hayes. High-Tech Child's Play in the Cloud: Be safe and aware of the difference between virtual and real
129 -- 132Kieran Heneghan. EU-Level Protection of Designs - The Registered Community Design [IP Corner]
130 -- 132Bob Frankston. A hacker's vacation [Bits Versus Electrons]
133 -- 142Tom Coughlin. Crossing the Chasm to New Solid-State Storage Architectures [The Art of Storage]
139 -- 140David Alan Grier. Making Waves [Market-Based Analyses]
141 -- 142Dave Wilson. CEA's Alliance Community [CEA Insights]