Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 14, Issue 4

273 -- 281Chun-Fong You, Su-Nung Chao. Multilayer Architecture in Collaborative Environment
283 -- 291Hong-Zhong Huang, Ying-Kui Gu. Modeling the Product Development Process as a Dynamic System with Feedback
293 -- 303D. De Vos, Hendrik Van Landeghem, K. Van Hoof. A Knowledge Discovery Method to Predict the Economical Sustainability of a Company
305 -- 311Hanpeng Zhang, Wanhua Qiu, Hanfei Zhang. An Approach to Measuring Coupled Tasks Strength and Sequencing of Coupled Tasks in New Product Development
313 -- 328Hong-Bae Jun, Jin-Young Park, Hyo-Won Suh. Lead Time Estimation Method for Complex Product Development Process
329 -- 341Enzhen Huang, Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen. Estimation of Project Completion Time and Factors Analysis for Concurrent Engineering Project Management: A Simulation Approach
343 -- 354Elizabeth A. Cudney, Kioumars Paryani, Kenneth M. Ragsdell. Applying the Mahalanobis - Taguchi System to Vehicle Handling

Volume 14, Issue 3

169 -- 171Jianxin (Roger) Jiao, Chun-Hsien Chen, Clive Kerr. Customer Requirement Management in Product Development
173 -- 185Jianxin (Roger) Jiao, Chun-Hsien Chen. Customer Requirement Management in Product Development: A Review of Research Issues
187 -- 196Brian Henson, Cathy Barnes, Rebecca Livesey, Tom Childs, Keith Ewart. Affective Consumer Requirements: A Case Study of Moisturizer Packaging
197 -- 206H. M. Khalid, M. G. Helander. Customer Emotional Needs in Product Design
207 -- 218Kuohsiang Chen, Tsung-Yu Chang. A Study on the Cognitive Thresholds of Formal Styles
219 -- 230Zhen Yu Chen, Yong Zeng. Classification of Product Requirements Based on Product Environment
231 -- 244Ming-Chyuan Lin, Chen-Cheng Wang, Tzu-Chang Chen. A Strategy for Managing Customer-oriented Product Design
245 -- 256Jiju A. Ninan, Zahed Siddique. Internet-based Framework to Support Integration of Customer in the Design of Customizable Products
257 -- 267K. L. Yung, S. M. Ko, F. Y. Kwan, H. K. Tam, C. W. Lam, H. P. Ng, K. S. Lau. Application of Function Deployment Model in Decision Making for New Product Development

Volume 14, Issue 2

87 -- 98Hong-Zhong Huang, Ying-Kui Gu. Product Development Process Modeling Based on Information Feedback and Requirement Cooperation
99 -- 109Stephen Chi-fai Chan, Sophia M. K. Soo, K. M. Yu. Customer-driven Collaborative Product Assembler for Internet-based Commerce
111 -- 120Chun-Hsiung Lan, Chung-Jen Kang. Constrained Spatial Layout and Simultaneous Production Evaluation for a Production System
121 -- 128A. Balakrishna, R. Suresh Babu, D. Nageswara Rao, D. Ranga Raju, Sudhakar Kolli. Integration of CAD/CAM/CAE in Product Development System Using STEP/XML
129 -- 139Valéry Wolff, Arnaud Lefebvre, Jean Renaud. Maps of Dispersions for Machining Processes
141 -- 149Hung-Chang Liao, Hsu-Hwa Chang, Chih-Ming Hsu. Using Canonical Correlation to Optimize Taguchi s Multiresponse Problem
151 -- 161R. T. Durai Prabhakaran, B. J. C. Babu, V. P. Agrawal. Design for X -abilities of RTM Products - A Graph Theoretic Approach

Volume 14, Issue 1

5 -- 16Nursel Öztürk, Ali R. Yildiz, Necmettin Kaya, Ferruh Öztürk. Neuro-Genetic Design Optimization Framework to Support the Integrated Robust Design Optimization Process in CE
17 -- 26P. Watson, R. Curran, A. Murphy, S. Cowan. Cost Estimation of Machined Parts within an Aerospace Supply Chain
27 -- 34Hong-Zhong Huang, Ying-Kui Gu. Development Mode Based on Integration of Product Models and Process Models
35 -- 42Yongjin Kwon, Shreepud Rauniar, Richard Chiou, Horacio Sosa. Remote Control of Quality Using Ethernet Vision and Web-enabled Robotic System
43 -- 53H. Yang, D. Xue, Y. L. Tu. Modeling of Non-linear Relations among Different Design and Manufacturing Evaluation Measures for Multiobjective Optimal Concurrent Design
55 -- 66Michael W. Sobolewski, Raymond M. Kolonay. Federated Grid Computing with Interactive Service-oriented Programing
67 -- 82Joze Duhovnik, Janez Kusar, Rok Tomazevic, Marko Starbek. Development Process with Regard to Customer Requirements