Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 16, Issue 4

241 -- 0Jun Qi Yan, Xin Guo Ming, Wen-Feng Lu, Xuan F. Zha. Special issue on: New Research Advances in Product Lifecycle Management
243 -- 251Qianfu Ni, Wen-Feng Lu, Prasad K. D. V. Yarlagadda. An Extensible Product Structure Model for Product Lifecycle Management in the Make-to-Order Environment
253 -- 261X. H. Wang, X. G. Ming, F. B. Kong, L. Wang, C. L. Zhao. Collaborative Project Management with Supplier Involvement
263 -- 270Yongsheng Ma, Jianxin Jiao, Yimin Deng. Web Service-oriented Electronic Catalogs for Product Customization
271 -- 277Ip-Shing Fan, Pablo Bermell-Garcia. International Standard Development for Knowledge Based Engineering Services for Product Lifecycle Management
279 -- 290Boonserm Kulvatunyou, K. C. Morris, Nenad Ivezic, Simon Frechette. Development Life Cycle for Semantically Coherent Data Exchange Specification
291 -- 300Huibin Sun, Pingyu Jiang. Tracking Online Workpiece Machining Procedure in a Mobile Collaborative Environment
301 -- 311Jae-Hyun Lee, Hyo-Won Suh. Ontology-based Multi-layered Knowledge Framework for Product Lifecycle Management

Volume 16, Issue 3

177 -- 186Naresh Kumar Sharma, David Drain, Elizabeth A. Cudney, Kenneth M. Ragsdell. Customer Expectation and Warranty Cost - Nominal-the-Best Case
187 -- 200G. Naga Balaji Kiran, V. P. Agrawal. Concurrent Design of a Computer Network for x-abilities using MADM Approach
201 -- 211Linghua Kong, Nadia Bhuiyan, Vincent Thomson. Determining the Value of Sequential and Concurrent NPD Processes
213 -- 219Hong-Zhong Huang, Ying-Kui Gu, Yong-hua Li. Neural-network-driven Fuzzy Reasoning of Dependency Relationships among Product Development Processes
221 -- 232Yi Li, Deyi Xue, Peihua Gu. Design for Product Adaptability

Volume 16, Issue 2

121 -- 128Houn-Wen Chang, Chiu-Chi Wei, Ru-Jen Lin. A Model for Selecting Product Ideas in Fuzzy Front End
129 -- 138Isabel Fernández, Javier Puente, Nazario García, Alberto Gomez. A Decision-Making Support System on a Products Recovery Management Framework. A Fuzzy Approach
139 -- 147Sanjay Goel, Shashishekara S. Talya, Michael W. Sobolewski. Mapping Engineering Design Processes onto a Service-grid: Turbine Design Optimization
149 -- 159Davide Di Domizio, Paolo Gaudenzi. A Model for Preliminary Design Procedures of Satellite Systems
161 -- 172Dong Zhao, Wei Dong, Deyi Xue. A Hybrid Model for Optimal Concurrent Design of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System Considering Functional Performance and Production Cost

Volume 16, Issue 1

5 -- 7Benoît Eynard, Xiu-Tian Yan. Special Issue: Collaborative Product Development
9 -- 21Marc Zolghadri, Claude Baron, Philippe Girard. Innovative Product and Network of Partners Co-design: Context, Problems, and Some Exploratory Results
23 -- 35Andreas Lindquist, Fredrik Berglund, Hans Johannesson. Supplier Integration and Communication Strategies in Collaborative Platform Development
37 -- 59Anja M. Maier, Matthias Kreimeyer, Clemens Hepperle, Claudia M. Eckert, Udo Lindemann, P. John Clarkson. Exploration of Correlations between Factors Influencing Communication in Complex Product Development
61 -- 72Nadjib Bouikni, Louis Rivest, Alain Desrochers. A Multiple Views Management System for Concurrent Engineering and PLM
73 -- 87Ping Jiang, Xinyu Shao, Haobo Qiu, Peigen Li. Interoperability of Cross-organizational Workflows based on Process-view for Collaborative Product Development
89 -- 101Samar Ammar-Khodja, Nicolas Perry, Alain Bernard. Processing Knowledge to Support Knowledge-based Engineering Systems Specification
103 -- 114Viktor Zaletelj, Alojzij Sluga, Peter Butala. A Conceptual Framework for the Collaborative Modeling of Networked Manufacturing Systems