Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 20, Issue 4

257 -- 274Gun Yeon Kim, Ju Y. Lee, Yang Ho Park, Sang Do Noh. Product life cycle information and process analysis methodology: Integrated information and process analysis for product life cycle management
275 -- 285Ziga Zadnik, Marko Starbek, Joze Duhovnik. Enhancing preliminary design within concurrent engineering using the matrix of functions and functionalities
287 -- 299Ali Azadeh, Zeinab Raoofi, Moeed Haghnevis, Mahboubeh Madadi. A unique fuzzy simulation approach for concurrent improvement of customer satisfaction in integrated information and production processes with ambiguity
301 -- 314Tanvir Singh, Vishnu P. Agrawal. Concurrent design of a nanoactuator for "X-abilities" using the multiple-attribute decision-making approach
315 -- 334Yutaka Nomaguchi, Daisuke Tsutsumi, Kikuo Fujita. Planning method of creative and collaborative design process with prediction model of technical performance and product integrity
335 -- 347Yan Cao, Xinggang Luo, C. K. Kwong, Jiafu Tang, Wei Zhou. Joint optimization of product family design and supplier selection under multinomial logit consumer choice rule

Volume 20, Issue 3

177 -- 184Sneh Lata, Amit Kumar. A new method to solve time-dependent intuitionistic fuzzy differential equations and its application to analyze the intuitionistic fuzzy reliability of industrial systems
185 -- 194Qiang Cheng, Guojun Zhang, Peihua Gu, Xinyu Shao. A product module identification approach based on axiomatic design and design structure matrix
195 -- 202Shun Takai, Robins Mathai Kalapurackal. Sensitivity analysis of relative worth in quality function deployment matrices
203 -- 221Ming-Chyuan Lin, Chen-Cheng Lin, Yuan-Yeuan Tai, Ming-Shi Chen, Ching-Chi Tseng. A modularized contact-rule reasoning approach to the assembly sequence generation for product design
223 -- 236Lin Wang, Wee Keong Ng. Hybrid solving algorithms for an extended dynamic constraint satisfaction problem based configuration system
237 -- 253Wenyu Zhang, Shuai Zhang, Ming Cai, Yanan Liu. A reputation-based peer-to-peer architecture for semantic service discovery in distributed manufacturing environments

Volume 20, Issue 2

83 -- 0Marc Aiguier. Special issue on complex systems design and management
85 -- 97Hycham Aboutaleb, Samuel Boutin, Bruno Monsuez. Handling scenarios complexity in model-based design
99 -- 109Ze-Lin Liu, Zhinan Zhang, Yong Chen. A scenario-based approach for requirements management in engineering design
111 -- 126François Cluzel, Bernard Yannou, Yann Leroy, Dominique Millet. Proposition for an adapted management process to evolve from an unsupervised Life Cycle Assessment of complex industrial systems towards an eco-designing organisation
127 -- 147Vassilis Giakoumakis, Daniel Krob, Leo Liberti, Fabio Roda. Technological architecture evolutions of information systems: Trade-off and optimization
149 -- 159Romaric Guillerm, Hamid Demmou, Nabil Sadou. Safety evaluation and management of complex systems: A system engineering approach
161 -- 173Thomas Rauber, Gudula Rünger. An execution environment for flexible task-oriented software on multicore systems

Volume 20, Issue 1

3 -- 17Qing Yang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Tao Yao. An overlapping-based process model for managing schedule and cost risk in product development
19 -- 29Zeynep Sener, E. Ertugrul Karsak. A decision model for setting target levels in software quality function deployment to respond to rapidly changing customer needs
31 -- 42Dong Yang, Ming Dong. A hybrid approach for modeling and solving product configuration problems
43 -- 53Tzu-Liang Tseng, Yongjin Kwon, Prashanth Devaram. E-quality: Using dimensional index values for improving classification accuracy
55 -- 67H. Nam Le, David Wynn, P. John Clarkson. Impacts of concurrency, iteration, design review, and problem complexity on design project lead time and error generation
69 -- 80Sang B. Yoo, Ki-Chang Kim, Hyeong S. Yoo. View updates and constraint validations in collaborative design environments