Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 30, Issue 2

133 -- 134K. Vijayakumar. Machine Learning and Automation in Concurrent Engineering
135 -- 147Han Yang, Chongzhong Jia, Jifeng Xie, Kun Wang, Xiaoling Hao. Scene construction of nano particle system based on virtual technology
148 -- 158Altaf Alam, Zainul Abdin Jaffery, Himanshu Sharma. A cost-effective computer vision-based vehicle detection system
159 -- 170Carsten Keinicke Fjord Christensen, Niels Henrik Mortensen. Identifying modular candidates in engineer-to-order companies
171 -- 180A. Vidhya, P. Mohan Kumar. Fusion-based advanced encryption algorithm for enhancing the security of Big Data in Cloud
181 -- 189J. Dafni Rose, K. Vijayakumar 0002, Laxman Singh, Sudhir Kumar Sharma. Computer-aided diagnosis for breast cancer detection and classification using optimal region growing segmentation with MobileNet model
190 -- 205Parham Dadash Pour, Mohammad A. Nazzal, Basil M. Darras. The role of industry 4.0 technologies in overcoming pandemic challenges for the manufacturing sector
206 -- 213Kanimozhi Soundararajan, Mala T.. Sports highlight recognition and event detection using rule inference system
214 -- 224J. Indumathi, V. Kaliraj. Petite term traffic flow prediction using deep learning for augmented flow of vehicles

Volume 30, Issue 1

3 -- 4K. Vijayakumar 0002. Concurrent engineering and machine learning techniques in medical science
5 -- 20Mo Chen, Georges M. Fadel, Ivan Mata. Applications of affordance and cognitive ergonomics in virtual design: A digital camera as an illustrative case
21 -- 31Cuiqing Jiang, Abdullah Alqadhi, Mahmood Almesbahi. Conducting product comparative analysis to outperform competitor's product using Teardown JST Model
32 -- 45Mouna Fradi, Raoudha Gaha, Faïda Mhenni, Abdelfattah Mlika, Jean-Yves Choley. Knowledge capitalization in mechatronic collaborative design
46 -- 66Jie Gao, Xianguo Yan, Hong Guo. A discrete manufacturing SCOS framework based on functional interval parameters and fuzzy QoS attributes using moving window FPA
67 -- 79Hwai-En Tseng, Chien-Cheng Chang, Shih-Chen Lee, Cih-Chi Chen. Connector-link-part-based disassembly sequence planning
80 -- 92Yu-ling Jiao, Xue Deng, Ming-juan Li, Xiao-cui Xing, Binjie Xu. Balancing of parallel U-shaped assembly lines with a heuristic algorithm based on bidirectional priority values
93 -- 102K. T. Ilayarajaa, E. Logashanmugam. Embedded mobile computational framework for multidimensional diabetic retinopathy extraction and detection technique using recursive neural network approach for unstructured tomography datasets
103 -- 115Sibghatullah I. Khan, Shruti Bhargava Choubey, Abhishek Choubey, Abhishek Bhatt, Pandya Vyomal Naishadhkumar, Mohammed Mahaboob Basha. Automated glaucoma detection from fundus images using wavelet-based denoising and machine learning
116 -- 127R. T. Subhalakshmi, S. Appavu Alias Balamurugan, S. Sasikala. Deep learning based fusion model for COVID-19 diagnosis and classification using computed tomography images
128 -- 130K. Vijayakumar 0002, V. Rajinikanth. Special issue on "intelligent computing and communication in concurrent engineering"