Journal: Comput. Manag. Science

Volume 10, Issue 4

277 -- 279Michèle Breton, Georges Zaccour. Preface
281 -- 298Jean-Pierre Aubin, Luxi Chen, Marie-Hélène Durand. Dynamic decentralization of harvesting constraints in the management of tychastic evolution of renewable resources
299 -- 329Frédéric Babonneau, Alain Haurie, Marc Vielle. A robust meta-game for climate negotiations
331 -- 351Christopher M. Baker, Michael Bode. Spatial control of invasive species in conservation landscapes
353 -- 364Luc Doyen, Abdoul Cissé, Sophie Gourguet, Lauriane Mouysset, Pierre-Yves Hardy, Christophe Béné, Fabian Blanchard, Frédéric Jiguet, Jean-Christophe Péreau, Olivier Thébaud. Ecological-economic modelling for the sustainable management of biodiversity
365 -- 396Jacek B. Krawczyk, Alastair Pharo, Oana-Silvia Serea, Stewart Sinclair. Computation of viability kernels: a case study of by-catch fisheries
397 -- 422Anna Nagurney, Min Yu, Jonas Flodén. Supply chain network sustainability under competition and frequencies of activities from production to distribution
423 -- 450Florian Wagener. Shallow lake economics run deep: nonlinear aspects of an economic-ecological interest conflict

Volume 10, Issue 2-3

77 -- 80Anna Nagurney. Financial networks
81 -- 103Oleg Shirokikh, Grigory Pastukhov, Vladimir Boginski, Sergiy Butenko. Computational study of the US stock market evolution: a rank correlation-based network model
105 -- 124Grigory A. Bautin, Valeriy A. Kalyagin, Alexander P. Koldanov, Petr A. Koldanov, Panos M. Pardalos. Simple measure of similarity for the market graph construction
125 -- 155Juan Pablo Solorzano-Margain, Serafín Martínez-Jaramillo, Fabrizio Lopez-Gallo. Financial contagion: extending the exposures network of the Mexican financial system
157 -- 186Grzegorz Halaj, Christoffer Kok. Assessing interbank contagion using simulated networks
187 -- 211Karl Finger, Daniel Fricke, Thomas Lux. Network analysis of the e-MID overnight money market: the informational value of different aggregation levels for intrinsic dynamic processes
213 -- 230Jose Fique, Frank Page. Rollover risk and endogenous network dynamics
231 -- 252Qiang Qiang, Ke Ke, Yihong Hu. Financial networks with socially responsible investing
253 -- 275Zugang Liu. The co-evolution of integrated corporate financial networks and supply chain networks with insolvency risk

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 20Luca Bertazzi, Simona S. M. Cherubini. An inventory-transportation system with stochastic demand
21 -- 49Akiko Takeda, Mahesan Niranjan, Jun-ya Gotoh, Yoshinobu Kawahara. Simultaneous pursuit of out-of-sample performance and sparsity in index tracking portfolios
51 -- 76Dmytro Matsypura, Vadim G. Timkovsky. Integer programs for margining option portfolios by option spreads with more than four legs