Journal: Comput. Manag. Science

Volume 4, Issue 4

301 -- 312Enrique F. Castillo, José María Sarabia, Elena Álvarez. The danger model: application to a competitive market
313 -- 353Csaba I. Fábián, Zoltán Szoke. Solving two-stage stochastic programming problems with level decomposition
355 -- 375Anna Nagurney, David Parkes, Patrizia Daniele. The Internet, evolutionary variational inequalities, and the time-dependent Braess paradox

Volume 4, Issue 3

227 -- 242Bruce Curry. Parameter redundancy in neural networks: an application of Chebyshev polynomials
243 -- 281Zugang Liu, Anna Nagurney. Financial Networks with Intermediation and Transportation Network Equilibria: A Supernetwork Equivalence and Reinterpretation of the Equilibrium Conditions with Computations
283 -- 299Steve Gallivan, Martin Utley, Mark Jit, Christina Pagel. A Computational Algorithm Associated with Patient Progress Modelling

Volume 4, Issue 2

87 -- 88Georges Zaccour. Special issue on dynamic games
89 -- 0Fouad Ben Abdelaziz, Saoussen Krichen. Optimal stopping problems by two or more decision makers: a survey
113 -- 140Jacob Engwerda. Algorithms for computing Nash equilibria in deterministic LQ games
141 -- 157Talat S. Genc. A dynamic Cournot-Nash game: a representation of a finitely repeated feedback game
159 -- 181Steffen Jørgensen, Georges Zaccour. Developments in differential game theory and numerical methods: economic and management applications
183 -- 204Jacek B. Krawczyk. Numerical solutions to coupled-constraint (or generalised Nash) equilibrium problems
205 -- 0David W. K. Yeung. Dynamic games in management science with interest rate uncertainty

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 16Tammy Drezner, Zvi Drezner. Equity Models in Planar Location
17 -- 40Julien Thénié, Christian Van Delft, Jean-Philippe Vial. Automatic Formulation of Stochastic Programs Via an Algebraic Modeling Language
41 -- 57Koji Kato, Hiroshi Konno. Studies on a general stock-bond integrated portfolio optimization model
59 -- 83Sally C. Brailsford, Walter J. Gutjahr, Marion S. Rauner, Wolfgang Zeppelzauer. Combined Discrete-event Simulation and Ant Colony Optimisation Approach for Selecting Optimal Screening Policies for Diabetic Retinopathy
85 -- 86Donato Trigiante. Yaroslav D. Sergeyev: Arithmetic of infinity