Journal: Comput. Manag. Science

Volume 9, Issue 4

417 -- 440Emre Tokgöz, Hillel Kumin. S) inventory model under a time limit on backorders
441 -- 458Pu Huang, Dharmashankar Subramanian. Iterative estimation maximization for stochastic linear programs with conditional value-at-risk constraints
459 -- 481Jonathan P. Turner, Soonhui Lee, Mark S. Daskin, Tito Homem-de-Mello, Karen R. Smilowitz. Dynamic fleet scheduling with uncertain demand and customer flexibility
483 -- 514Brian J. Lunday, Hanif D. Sherali, Kevin E. Lunday. The coastal seaspace patrol sector design and allocation problem
515 -- 530Jianping Fu, Xingchun Wang, Yongjin Wang. Credit spreads, endogenous bankruptcy and liquidity risk
531 -- 542Hui Chen, Ann Melissa Campbell, Barrett W. Thomas. Network design for time-constrained delivery using subgraphs

Volume 9, Issue 3

301 -- 302Panos Parpas, Wolfram Wiesemann. Editorial
303 -- 321Andreas Eisenblätter, Jonas Schweiger. Multistage stochastic programming in strategic telecommunication network planning
323 -- 338Dmitry Krushinsky, Boris Goldengorin. An exact model for cell formation in group technology
339 -- 362Mort Webster, Nidhi Santen, Panos Parpas. An approximate dynamic programming framework for modeling global climate policy under decision-dependent uncertainty
363 -- 379Agnès Gorge, Abdel Lisser, Riadh Zorgati. Stochastic nuclear outages semidefinite relaxations
381 -- 399Daniel Ziegler, Katrin Schmitz, Christoph Weber. Optimal electricity generation portfolios
401 -- 415Jacques Savoy, Olena Zubaryeva. Simple and efficient classification scheme based on specific vocabulary

Volume 9, Issue 2

161 -- 162Georg Pflug. Preface
163 -- 182Claudia A. Sagastizábal, Mikhail V. Solodov. Solving generation expansion planning problems with environmental constraints by a bundle method
183 -- 203Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos, Luis F. Domínguez, Christos Panos, Konstantinos I. Kouramas, Altannar Chinchuluun. Theoretical and algorithmic advances in multi-parametric programming and control
205 -- 231Anna Nagurney, Amir H. Masoumi, Min Yu. Supply chain network operations management of a blood banking system with cost and risk minimization
233 -- 254Jacek B. Krawczyk, Christopher Sissons, Daniel Vincent. Optimal versus satisfactory decision making: a case study of sales with a target
255 -- 272Herminia I. Calvete, Lourdes del Pozo, José A. Iranzo. Algorithms for the quickest path problem and the reliable quickest path problem
273 -- 286Hoai Minh Le, Adnan Yassine, Riadh Moussi. DCA for solving the scheduling of lifting vehicle in an automated port container terminal
287 -- 299Mujahed Eleyat, Lasse Natvig. IPM based sparse LP solver on a heterogeneous processor

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 2Ronald Hochreiter, Daniel Kuhn. Optimal decision making under uncertainty
3 -- 29Huifu Xu, Dali Zhang. Monte Carlo methods for mean-risk optimization and portfolio selection
31 -- 62Raquel J. Fonseca, Wolfram Wiesemann, Berç Rustem. Robust international portfolio management
63 -- 88Björn Fastrich, Peter Winker. Robust portfolio optimization with a hybrid heuristic algorithm
89 -- 107Dietmar G. Maringer, Tikesh Ramtohul. Regime-switching recurrent reinforcement learning for investment decision making
109 -- 138Somayeh Heydari, Nick Ovenden, Afzal Siddiqui. Real options analysis of investment in carbon capture and sequestration technology
139 -- 160Biju Kr. Thapalia, Stein W. Wallace, Michal Kaut, Teodor Gabriel Crainic. Single source single-commodity stochastic network design