Journal: Computability

Volume 11, Issue 3-4

163 -- 0Vasco Brattka, Noam Greenberg, Iskander Sh. Kalimullin, Mariya Ivanova Soskova. Preface of the Special Issue for the Oberwolfach Workshop on Computability Theory 2021
165 -- 185Bruno Bauwens, Péter Gács, Andrei E. Romashchenko, Alexander Shen. Inequalities for space-bounded Kolmogorov complexity
187 -- 221Nikolay Bazhenov, Keng Meng Ng, Luca San Mauro, Andrea Sorbi. Primitive recursive equivalence relations and their primitive recursive complexity
223 -- 239Wesley Calvert, Douglas Cenzer, Valentina S. Harizanov. Generically and coarsely computable isomorphisms
241 -- 267Peter Cholak, Peter M. Gerdes. Extending properly n-REA sets
269 -- 297Jun Le Goh, Steffen Lempp, Keng Meng Ng, Mariya Ivanova Soskova. Extensions of two constructions of Ahmad
299 -- 333Alberto Marcone, Manlio Valenti. Effective aspects of Hausdorff and Fourier dimension
335 -- 358Victor L. Selivanov. Non-collapse of the effective Wadge hierarchy

Volume 11, Issue 2

85 -- 112Neil Lutz, Donald M. Stull. Dimension spectra of lines
113 -- 133Klaus Weihrauch. Intersection points of planar curves can be computed
135 -- 146Anton Golov, Sebastiaan A. Terwijn. Fixpoints and relative precompleteness
147 -- 162Peter Schuster 0001, Daniel Wessel. The Jacobson radical for an inconsistency predicate

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 8Pace P. Nielsen. Definitional schemes for primitive recursive and computable functions
9 -- 39Sam Sanders. Countable sets versus sets that are countable in reverse mathematics
41 -- 56Merlin Carl. Space-bounded OTMs and REG∞
57 -- 83Martin Vu, Henning Fernau. Insertion-deletion systems with substitutions I