Journal: Computability

Volume 12, Issue 4

299 -- 0Nikolay Bazhenov, Takayuki Kihara, Svetlana Selivanova. Preface
301 -- 314Nikolay Bazhenov, Takayuki Kihara, Svetlana Selivanova, Dieter Spreen. On the main scientific achievements of Victor Selivanov
315 -- 322Pavel Alaev. Inversion operations in algebraic structures
323 -- 337Marina Dorzhieva, Alexander G. Melnikov. Punctually presented structures I: Closure theorems
339 -- 350Marat Kh. Faizrahmanov, Zlata Shchedrikova. Effectively infinite classes of numberings and computable families of reals
351 -- 369Mathieu Hoyrup. Notes on overt choice
371 -- 426Dieter Spreen. How much partiality is needed for a theory of computability?

Volume 12, Issue 3

203 -- 225Jeffry L. Hirst, Carl Mummert. Banach's theorem in higher-order reverse mathematics
227 -- 269Djamel Eddine Amir, Mathieu Hoyrup. Strong computable type
271 -- 282Marat Kh. Faizrahmanov. Numberings, c.e. oracles, and fixed points
283 -- 297Ruslan Ishkuvatov, Daniil Musatov, Alexander Shen. Approximating Kolmogorov complexity

Volume 12, Issue 2

101 -- 115Uri Andrews, Mingzhong Cai, David Diamondstone, Noah Schweber. Limit computability and ultrafilters
117 -- 144Daniel Silva Graça, Ning Zhong. Analytic one-dimensional maps and two-dimensional ordinary differential equations can robustly simulate Turing machines
145 -- 173Eric Allender, Nikhil Balaji, Samir Datta, Rameshwar Pratap. On the complexity of algebraic numbers, and the bit-complexity of straight-line programs
175 -- 201Clara Löh, Matthias Uschold. L2-Betti numbers and computability of reals

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 21Douglas Cenzer, Christopher P. Porter. Randomness extraction in computability theory
23 -- 57Riccardo Gozzi, Daniel Graça. Characterizing time computational complexity classes with polynomial differential equations
59 -- 69James Walsh 0007. Evitable iterates of the consistency operator
71 -- 99Victor L. Selivanov, Svetlana Selivanova. Primitive recursive ordered fields and some applications