Journal: Computability

Volume 7, Issue 4

301 -- 322Diogo Poças, Jeffery I. Zucker. Analog networks on function data streams
323 -- 339Ludovic Patey. Partial orders and immunity in reverse mathematics
341 -- 347Spencer Backman, Tony Huynh. Transfinite Ford-Fulkerson on a finite network
349 -- 365Matthew Wright. Degrees of relations on ordinals
367 -- 394Joe Davidson, Greg Michaelson. Expressiveness, meanings and machines

Volume 7, Issue 2-3

101 -- 0Benedikt Löwe. Preface to the special issue in memory of S. Barry Cooper (1943-2015)
103 -- 131Richard Elwes, Andy Lewis-Pye, Benedikt Löwe, Dugald Macpherson, Dag Normann, Andrea Sorbi, Alexandra A. Soskova, Mariya Ivanova Soskova, Peter van Emde Boas, Stanley S. Wainer. S. Barry Cooper (1943-2015)
133 -- 142Angsheng Li, Mingji Xia. Splitting and jump inversion in the Turing degrees
143 -- 169S. Barry Cooper, James Gay, Charles M. Harris, Kyung-Il Lee, Anthony Morphett. Linearisations and the Ershov hierarchy
171 -- 177George Barmpalias, Andrew Lewis-Pye, Angsheng Li. Pointed computations and Martin-Löf randomness
179 -- 188Hristo Aleksndrov Ganchev, Mariya Ivanova Soskova. The jump hierarchy in the enumeration degrees
189 -- 235Andrew E. M. Lewis-Pye. The search for natural definability in the Turing degrees
237 -- 258Klaus Ambos-Spies. Automorphism bases for the recursively enumerable degrees
259 -- 271Cristian S. Calude, Monica Dumitrescu. A probabilistic anytime algorithm for the halting problem
273 -- 287Sanjay Jain 0001, Bakhadyr Khoussainov, Frank Stephan 0001. Finitely generated semiautomatic groups
289 -- 300Victor L. Selivanov, Mars M. Yamaleev. Extending Cooper's theorem to Δ 3 0 Turing degrees

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 6Johanna N. Y. Franklin, Dan Turetsky. Lowness for isomorphism and degrees of genericity
7 -- 43Sam Sanders. The Gandy-Hyland functional and a computational aspect of Nonstandard Analysis
45 -- 56Shuichi Hirahara, Akitoshi Kawamura. On characterizations of randomized computation using plain Kolmogorov complexity
57 -- 99Zvonko Iljazovic, Bojan Pazek. Computable intersection points