Journal: Computability

Volume 8, Issue 3-4

191 -- 0Vasco Brattka, Rod Downey, Julia F. Knight, Steffen Lempp. Preface of the special issue for the Oberwolfach Workshop on Computability Theory 2018
193 -- 241Uri Andrews, Andrea Sorbi. Joins and meets in the structure of ceers
243 -- 252Ellen Chih, Rod Downey. Splitting theorems and low degrees
253 -- 263Barbara F. Csima, Damir D. Dzhafarov, Denis R. Hirschfeldt, Carl G. Jockusch Jr., Reed Solomon, Linda Brown Westrick. The reverse mathematics of Hindman's Theorem for sums of exactly two elements
265 -- 280Ekaterina B. Fokina, Dino Rossegger, Luca San Mauro. Measuring the complexity of reductions between equivalence relations
281 -- 304Guido Gherardi, Alberto Marcone, Arno Pauly. Projection operators in the Weihrauch lattice
305 -- 346Noam Greenberg, Rutger Kuyper, Dan Turetsky. Cardinal invariants, non-lowness classes, and Weihrauch reducibility
347 -- 358Matthew Harrison-Trainor. A first-order theory of Ulm type
359 -- 375Matthew Harrison-Trainor, Bakh Khoussainov, Daniel Turetsky. Effective aspects of algorithmically random structures
377 -- 387Ulrich Kohlenbach. On the reverse mathematics and Weihrauch complexity of moduli of regularity and uniqueness
389 -- 398Iván Ongay-Valverde, Noah David Schweber. k-surviving degrees
399 -- 415Klaus Weihrauch. Computable planar curves intersect in a computable point

Volume 8, Issue 2

99 -- 117Russell Miller. Isomorphism and classification for countable structures
119 -- 153John Longley. Bar recursion is not computable via iteration
155 -- 177Eric P. Astor, Denis R. Hirschfeldt. Dense computability, upper cones, and minimal pairs
179 -- 189Timothy H. McNicholl, Donald M. Stull. The isometry degree of a computable copy of ℓ p

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 26Mark Armstrong, Jeffery I. Zucker. Notions of semicomputability in topological algebras over the reals
27 -- 42Petr A. Golovach, Matthew Johnson 0002, Barnaby Martin, Daniël Paulusma, Anthony Stewart. Surjective H-colouring: New hardness results
43 -- 65Lars Kristiansen. On subrecursive representability of irrational numbers, part II
67 -- 98Arnold Beckmann, Sam Buss, Sy-David Friedman, Moritz Müller, Neil Thapen. Feasible set functions have small circuits