Journal: Constraints

Volume 1, Issue 3

175 -- 190Bernhard Nebel. Solving Hard Qualitative Temporal Reasoning Problems: Evaluating the Efficiency of Using the ORD-Horn Class
191 -- 244Carmen Gervet. Interval Propagation to Reason about Sets: Definition and Implementation of a Practical Language
245 -- 264Ken Darby-Dowman, James Little, Gautam Mitra, Marco Zaffalon. Constraint Logic Programming and Integer Programming Approaches and Their Collaboration in Solving an Assignment Scheduling Problem

Volume 1, Issue 1/2

7 -- 43Steven Minton. Automatically Configuring Constraint Satisfaction Programs: A Case Study
45 -- 83Dina Q. Goldin, Paris C. Kanellakis. Constraint Query Algebras
85 -- 118Djamila Sam-Haroud, Boi Faltings. Consistency Techniques for Continuous Constraints
119 -- 138Barbara M. Smith, Sally C. Brailsford, Peter M. Hubbard, H. Paul Williams. The Progressive Party Problem: Integer Linear Programming and Constraint Programming Compared
139 -- 168Mark Wallace. Practical Applications of Constraint Programming