Journal: Constraints

Volume 10, Issue 4

317 -- 337Carla P. Gomes, Cèsar Fernández, Bart Selman, Christian Bessière. Statistical Regimes Across Constrainedness Regions
339 -- 362Nicolas Beldiceanu, Mats Carlsson, Romuald Debruyne, Thierry Petit. Reformulation of Global Constraints Based on Constraints Checkers
363 -- 384Pascal Van Hentenryck, Laurent Michel, Liyuan Liu. Contraint-Based Combinators for Local Search
385 -- 401John N. Hooker. A Hybrid Method for the Planning and Scheduling
403 -- 425Petr Vilím, Roman Barták, Ondrej Cepek. Extension of ::::O::::(::::n:::: log ::::n::::) Filtering Algorithms for the Unary Resource Constraint to Optional Activities

Volume 10, Issue 3

191 -- 217Irit Katriel, Sven Thiel. Complete Bound Consistency for the Global Cardinality Constraint
219 -- 251Junhu Wang, Rodney W. Topor, Michael J. Maher. Rewriting Union Queries Using Views
253 -- 281Gérard Verfaillie, Narendra Jussien. Constraint Solving in Uncertain and Dynamic Environments: A Survey
283 -- 305Martin C. Cooper. High-Order Consistency in Valued Constraint Satisfaction

Volume 10, Issue 2

95 -- 96Francesca Rossi. Introduction to the Special Issue on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming
97 -- 113Hubie Chen. Periodic Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Tractable Subclasses
115 -- 135Claude-Guy Quimper, Alexander Golynski, Alejandro López-Ortiz, Peter van Beek. An Efficient Bounds Consistency Algorithm for the Global Cardinality Constraint
137 -- 157Pascal Van Hentenryck, Laurent Michel. Control Abstractions for Local Search
159 -- 183Irit Katriel, Laurent Michel, Pascal Van Hentenryck. Maintaining Longest Paths Incrementally

Volume 10, Issue 1

5 -- 5Pascal Van Hentenryck. Introduction to the Special Issue on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming
7 -- 21Nicolas Barnier, Pascal Brisset. Solving Kirkman s Schoolgirl Problem in a Few Seconds
23 -- 46Jean-Francois Puget. Symmetry Breaking Revisited
47 -- 65Yahia Lebbah, Claude Michel, Michel Rueher. A Rigorous Global Filtering Algorithm for Quadratic Constraints*
67 -- 86Paula Amaral, Pedro Barahona. A Framework for Optimal Correction of Inconsistent Linear Constraints