Journal: Constraints

Volume 11, Issue 4

269 -- 270Roman Barták, Michela Milano. Introduction to the Special Issue on the Integration of AI and OR Techniques in CP for Combinatorial Optimization (CPAIOR 2005)
271 -- 293Christian Bessière, Emmanuel Hebrard, Brahim Hnich, Zeynep Kiziltan, Toby Walsh. Filtering Algorithms for the NValueConstraint
295 -- 313Hadrien Cambazard, Narendra Jussien. Identifying and Exploiting Problem Structures Using Explanation-based Constraint Programming
315 -- 333Sophie Demassey, Gilles Pesant, Louis-Martin Rousseau. A Cost-Regular Based Hybrid Column Generation Approach
335 -- 352Khaled M. Elbassioni, Irit Katriel. Multiconsistency and Robustness with Global Constraints
353 -- 373Pascal Van Hentenryck, Laurent Michel. Nondeterministic Control for Hybrid Search

Volume 11, Issue 2-3

83 -- 84Barry O Sullivan, Peter van Beek. Introduction to the Special Issue on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2005)
85 -- 86Alan K. Mackworth. A Tribute to Eugene Freuder
87 -- 89David L. Waltz. Gene Freuder and the Roots of Constraint Computation
91 -- 114Kenil C. K. Cheng, Roland H. C. Yap. Applying Ad-hoc Global Constraints with the case Constraint to Still-Life
115 -- 137David A. Cohen, Peter Jeavons, Christopher Jefferson, Karen E. Petrie, Barbara M. Smith. Symmetry Definitions for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
139 -- 157John N. Hooker. An Integrated Method for Planning and Scheduling to Minimize Tardiness
159 -- 178Tudor Hulubei, Barry O Sullivan. The Impact of Search Heuristics on Heavy-Tailed Behaviour
179 -- 197Roie Zivan, Amnon Meisels. Dynamic Ordering for Asynchronous Backtracking on DisCSPs
199 -- 219Brahim Hnich, Steven David Prestwich, Evgeny Selensky, Barbara M. Smith. Constraint Models for the Covering Test Problem
221 -- 267Y. Law, J. Lee. Symmetry Breaking Constraints for Value Symmetries in Constraint Satisfaction

Volume 11, Issue 1

5 -- 30Rolf Backofen, Sebastian Will. A Constraint-Based Approach to Fast and Exact Structure Prediction in Three-Dimensional Protein Models
31 -- 51Sanjiang Li. On Topological Consistency and Realization
53 -- 80Armagan Tarim, Suresh Manandhar, Toby Walsh. Stochastic Constraint Programming: A Scenario-Based Approach