Journal: Constraints

Volume 13, Issue 4

407 -- 436Toni Mancini, Davide Micaletto, Fabio Patrizi, Marco Cadoli. Evaluating ASP and Commercial Solvers on the CSPLib
437 -- 458Martin C. Cooper. Minimization of Locally Defined Submodular Functions by Optimal Soft Arc Consistency
459 -- 489Nicolas Beldiceanu, Pierre Flener, Xavier Lorca. Combining Tree Partitioning, Precedence, and Incomparability Constraints
490 -- 517Roberto Rossi, Armagan Tarim, Brahim Hnich, Steven David Prestwich. A Global Chance-Constraint for Stochastic Inventory Systems Under Service Level Constraints
518 -- 537Sébastien Sorlin, Christine Solnon. A parametric filtering algorithm for the graph isomorphism problem

Volume 13, Issue 3

227 -- 228Alan M. Frisch, Ian Miguel. Introduction to the Special Issue on Abstraction and Automation in Constraint Modelling
229 -- 267Kim Marriott, Nicholas Nethercote, Reza Rafeh, Peter J. Stuckey, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Mark Wallace. The Design of the Zinc Modelling Language
268 -- 306Alan M. Frisch, Warwick Harvey, Christopher Jefferson, Bernadette Martínez Hernández, Ian Miguel. Essence : A constraint language for specifying combinatorial problems
307 -- 342Christof Lutteroth, Robert Strandh, Gerald Weber. Domain Specific High-Level Constraints for User Interface Layout
343 -- 384David G. Mitchell, Eugenia Ternovska. Expressive power and abstraction in Essence
385 -- 406Hadrien Cambazard, Barry O Sullivan. Reformulating Table Constraints using Functional Dependencies - An Application to Explanation Generation

Volume 13, Issue 1-2

1 -- 2Alessandro Dal Palù, Agostino Dovier, Sebastian Will. Introduction to the Special Issue on Bioinformatics and Constraints
3 -- 20Pedro Barahona, Ludwig Krippahl. Constraint Programming in Structural Bioinformatics
21 -- 65Steve Dworschak, Susanne Grell, Victoria J. Nikiforova, Torsten Schaub, Joachim Selbig. Modeling Biological Networks by Action Languages via Answer Set Programming
66 -- 90Luca Bortolussi, Alberto Policriti. Modeling Biological Systems in Stochastic Concurrent Constraint Programming
91 -- 109Matthias Zytnicki, Christine Gaspin, Thomas Schiex. DARN! A Weighted Constraint Solver for RNA Motif Localization
110 -- 129Sebastian Will, Anke Busch, Rolf Backofen. Efficient Sequence Alignment with Side-Constraints by Cluster Tree Elimination
130 -- 154Martí Sánchez, Simon de Givry, Thomas Schiex. Mendelian Error Detection in Complex Pedigrees Using Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Techniques
155 -- 179Inês Lynce, João Marques-Silva, Steven David Prestwich. Boosting Haplotype Inference with Local Search
180 -- 205Owen Bourne, Abdul Sattar, Scott D. Goodwin. A Constraint-Based Autonomous 3D Camera System
206 -- 226Frédéric Goualard, Christophe Jermann. A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Interval Constraint Propagation