Journal: Constraints

Volume 14, Issue 4

415 -- 442Mark H. Liffiton, Maher N. Mneimneh, Inês Lynce, Zaher S. Andraus, João Marques-Silva, Karem A. Sakallah. A branch and bound algorithm for extracting smallest minimal unsatisfiable subformulas
443 -- 477Christopher Mears, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Marc Wallace. On implementing symmetry detection
478 -- 505Ashish Sabharwal. SymChaff: exploiting symmetry in a structure-aware satisfiability solver
506 -- 538Pierre Flener, Justin Pearson, Meinolf Sellmann, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Magnus Ã…gren. Dynamic structural symmetry breaking for constraint satisfaction problems
539 -- 581Peter Nightingale. Non-binary quantified CSP: algorithms and modelling

Volume 14, Issue 3

293 -- 0Christian Bessiere. Introduction to the special issue on the thirteenth international conference on principles and practice of constraint programming (CP 2007)
294 -- 324Grégoire Dooms, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Laurent Michel. Model-driven visualizations of constraint-based local search
325 -- 356Matti Järvisalo, Tommi A. Junttila. Limitations of restricted branching in clause learning
357 -- 391Olga Ohrimenko, Peter J. Stuckey, Michael Codish. Propagation via lazy clause generation
392 -- 413Alessandro Zanarini, Gilles Pesant. Solution counting algorithms for constraint-centered search heuristics

Volume 14, Issue 2

137 -- 176S. Armagan Tarim, Brahim Hnich, Roberto Rossi, Steven David Prestwich. Cost-Based Filtering Techniques for Stochastic Inventory Control Under Service Level Constraints
177 -- 198Roie Zivan, Moshe Zazone, Amnon Meisels. Min-domain retroactive ordering for Asynchronous Backtracking
199 -- 234Ismel Brito, Amnon Meisels, Pedro Meseguer, Roie Zivan. Distributed constraint satisfaction with partially known constraints
235 -- 253Thibaut Feydy, Peter J. Stuckey. Propagating systems of dense linear integer constraints
254 -- 272Naoyuki Tamura, Akiko Taga, Satoshi Kitagawa, Mutsunori Banbara. Compiling finite linear CSP into SAT
273 -- 292Willem Jan van Hoeve, Gilles Pesant, Louis-Martin Rousseau, Ashish Sabharwal. New filtering algorithms for combinations of among constraints

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 2Enrico Giunchglia, Kostas Stergiou. Introduction to the special issue on quantified CSPs and QBF
3 -- 15Manuel Bodirsky, Hubie Chen. Relatively quantified constraint satisfaction
16 -- 37David Stynes, Kenneth N. Brown. Value ordering for quantified CSPs
38 -- 79Uwe Egly, Martina Seidl, Stefan Woltran. A solver for QBFs in negation normal form
80 -- 116Luca Pulina, Armando Tacchella. A self-adaptive multi-engine solver for quantified Boolean formulas
117 -- 135Alexandre Goldsztejn, Claude Michel, Michel Rueher. Efficient handling of universally quantified inequalities