Journal: Constraints

Volume 17, Issue 4

357 -- 408Quang-Dung Pham, Yves Deville, Pascal Van Hentenryck. LS(Graph): a constraint-based local search for constraint optimization on trees and paths
409 -- 431Quang-Dung Pham, Yves Deville. Solving the quorumcast routing problem by constraint programming
432 -- 460Daisuke Ishii, Alexandre Goldsztejn, Christophe Jermann. Interval-based projection method for under-constrained numerical systems
461 -- 487Pavlos Eirinakis, Salvatore Ruggieri, K. Subramani, Piotr J. Wojciechowski. A complexity perspective on entailment of parameterized linear constraints

Volume 17, Issue 3

205 -- 233Pascal Benchimol, Willem Jan van Hoeve, Jean-Charles Régin, Louis-Martin Rousseau, Michel Rueher. Improved filtering for weighted circuit constraints
234 -- 272Radoslaw Cymer. Dulmage-Mendelsohn Canonical Decomposition as a generic pruning technique
273 -- 303Miquel Bofill, Miquel Palahí, Josep Suy, Mateu Villaret. Solving constraint satisfaction problems with SAT modulo theories
304 -- 347Ruben Martins, Vasco M. Manquinho, Inês Lynce. An overview of parallel SAT solving
348 -- 355Younes Mechqrane, Mohamed Wahbi, Christian Bessiere, El-Houssine Bouyakhf, Amnon Meisels, Roie Zivan. Corrigendum to "Min-domain retroactive ordering for asynchronous backtracking"

Volume 17, Issue 2

87 -- 122Sébastien Mouthuy, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Yves Deville. Constraint-based Very Large-Scale Neighborhood search
123 -- 147Nadjib Lazaar, Arnaud Gotlieb, Yahia Lebbah. A CP framework for testing CP
148 -- 171Steven David Prestwich, Brahim Hnich, Helmut Simonis, Roberto Rossi, S. Armagan Tarim. Partial symmetry breaking by local search in the group
172 -- 203Kamol Limtanyakul, Uwe Schwiegelshohn. Improvements of constraint programming and hybrid methods for scheduling of tests on vehicle prototypes

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 38Geoffrey Chu, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Peter J. Stuckey. Exploiting subproblem dominance in constraint programming
39 -- 50Stefan Heinz, Thomas Schlechte, Rüdiger Stephan, Michael Winkler. Solving steel mill slab design problems
51 -- 85Michele Lombardi, Michela Milano. Optimal methods for resource allocation and scheduling: a cross-disciplinary survey