Journal: Constraints

Volume 20, Issue 4

381 -- 382Éric Grégoire, Bertrand Mazure. Introduction to the special issue on CSP technologies in artificial intelligence
383 -- 413Achref El Mouelhi, Philippe Jégou, Cyril Terrioux. A hybrid tractable class for non-binary CSPs
414 -- 432Éric Grégoire, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Bertrand Mazure. On getting rid of the preprocessing minimization step in MUC-finding algorithms
433 -- 451Luis Quesada, Lanny Sitanayah, Kenneth N. Brown, Barry O'Sullivan, Cormac J. Sreenan. A constraint programming approach to the additional relay placement problem in wireless sensor networks
452 -- 467Bertrand Neveu, Gilles Trombettoni, Ignacio Araya. Adaptive constructive interval disjunction: algorithms and experiments
468 -- 0Guido Tack, Christopher Mears. PhD theses in constraints 2012-2015
469 -- 470Ruben Martins. Parallel search for maximum satisfiability
471 -- 472Thi Hong Hiep Nguyen, Thomas Schiex, Christian Bessiere. Strong consistencies for weighted constraint satisfaction problems
473 -- 0Tommaso Urli. Hybrid meta-heuristics for combinatorial optimization
474 -- 0Yuri Malitsky. Instance-specific algorithm configuration
475 -- 476Serdar Kadioglu. Efficient search procedures for solving combinatorial problems
477 -- 478Jun He. Constraints for membership in formal languages under systematic search and stochastic local search
479 -- 480Mohamed Siala 0002. Search, propagation, and learning in sequencing and scheduling problems
481 -- 482Lars Kotthoff. On Algorithm Selection, with an application to combinatorial search problems
483 -- 0Roberto Amadini. Portfolio approaches in constraint programming
484 -- 485Anastasia Paparrizou. Efficient algorithms for strong local consistencies and adaptive techniques in constraint satisfaction problems
486 -- 487David Bergman. New techniques for discrete optimization
488 -- 489Jacopo Mauro. Constraints meet concurrency
490 -- 491Carleton Coffrin. Decision support for disaster management through hybrid optimization
492 -- 493Tias Guns. Declarative pattern mining using constraint programming
494 -- 495André Augusto Ciré. Decision diagrams for optimization
496 -- 497Marc Pujol-Gonzalez. Scaling DCOP algorithms for cooperative multi-agent coordination
498 -- 499Jean-Guillaume Fages. On the use of graphs within constraint-programming
500 -- 501András Z. Salamon. Transformations of representation in constraint satisfaction
502 -- 503Laura Climent. Robustness and stability in dynamic constraint satisfaction problems
504 -- 505Norbert Manthey. Towards next generation sequential and parallel SAT solvers
506 -- 507Roger Kameugne. Propagation techniques of resource constraint for cumulative scheduling
508 -- 0Farshid Hassani Bijarbooneh. Constraint programming for wireless sensor networks
509 -- 510Elsa Carvalho. Probabilistic constraint reasoning

Volume 20, Issue 3

283 -- 284Laurent Michel. Introduction to the fast track issue for CPAIOR 2015
285 -- 303Victor Pillac, Manuel Cebrián, Pascal Van Hentenryck. A column-generation approach for joint mobilization and evacuation planning
304 -- 324Margaux Nattaf, Christian Artigues, Pierre Lopez. A hybrid exact method for a scheduling problem with a continuous resource and energy constraints
325 -- 345Gustav Björdal, Jean-Noël Monette, Pierre Flener, Justin Pearson. A constraint-based local search backend for MiniZinc
346 -- 361David Bergman, André Augusto Ciré, Willem Jan van Hoeve. Lagrangian bounds from decision diagrams
362 -- 380Hadrien Cambazard, Jean-Guillaume Fages. New filtering for AtMostNValue and its weighted variant: A Lagrangian approach

Volume 20, Issue 2

109 -- 154Arnaud Lallouet, Jimmy Ho-Man Lee, Terrence W. K. Mak, Justin Yip. Ultra-weak solutions and consistency enforcement in minimax weighted constraint satisfaction
155 -- 182Geoffrey Chu, Peter J. Stuckey. Dominance breaking constraints
183 -- 234Arnaud Letort, Mats Carlsson, Nicolas Beldiceanu. Synchronized sweep algorithms for scalable scheduling constraints
235 -- 273Christopher Mears, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Mark Wallace, Bart Demoen. A method for detecting symmetries in constraint models and its generalisation
274 -- 282Jimmy Ho-Man Lee, Pedro Meseguer, Wen Su. Adding laziness in BnB-ADOPT+

Volume 20, Issue 1

1 -- 29Alessandro Cimatti, Andrea Micheli, Marco Roveri. Solving strong controllability of temporal problems with uncertainty using SMT
30 -- 56Yves Caniou, Philippe Codognet, Florian Richoux, Daniel Diaz, Salvador Abreu. Large-scale parallelism for constraint-based local search: the costas array case study
57 -- 76Steven David Prestwich, S. Armagan Tarim, Roberto Rossi, Brahim Hnich. Hybrid metaheuristics for stochastic constraint programming
77 -- 99Gilles Simonin, Christian Artigues, Emmanuel Hebrard, Pierre Lopez. Scheduling scientific experiments for comet exploration
100 -- 108Christophe Lecoutre, Chavalit Likitvivatanavong, Roland H. C. Yap. Improving the lower bound of simple tabular reduction