Journal: Constraints

Volume 22, Issue 4

491 -- 492Domenico Salvagnin, Michele Lombardi 0001. Introduction to the CPAIOR 2017 fast track issue
493 -- 511Sascha Van Cauwelaert, Pierre Schaus. Efficient filtering for the Resource-Cost AllDifferent constraint
512 -- 529Jip J. Dekker, Gustav Björdal, Mats Carlsson, Pierre Flener, Jean-Noël Monette. Auto-tabling for subproblem presolving in MiniZinc
530 -- 547Margaux Nattaf, Christian Artigues, Pierre Lopez. Cumulative scheduling with variable task profiles and concave piecewise linear processing rate functions
548 -- 570John O. R. Aoga, Tias Guns, Pierre Schaus. Mining Time-constrained Sequential Patterns with Constraint Programming

Volume 22, Issue 3

307 -- 337Yuliya Lierler. What is answer set programming to propositional satisfiability
338 -- 376Yash Puranik, Nikolaos V. Sahinidis. Domain reduction techniques for global NLP and MINLP optimization
377 -- 402Kostas Stergiou. Revisiting restricted path consistency
403 -- 431Md. Masbaul Alam Polash, M. A. Hakim Newton, Abdul Sattar. Constraint-directed search for all-interval series
432 -- 462Stefan Kreter, Andreas Schutt, Peter J. Stuckey. Using constraint programming for solving RCPSP/max-cal
463 -- 490Anicet Bart, Charlotte Truchet, Eric Monfroy. A global constraint for over-approximation of real-time streams

Volume 22, Issue 2

107 -- 151Laurent D. Michel, Pascal Van Hentenryck. A microkernel architecture for constraint programming
152 -- 190Carlo Comin, Roberto Posenato, Romeo Rizzi. Hyper temporal networks - A tractable generalization of simple temporal networks and its relation to mean payoff games
191 -- 229Philippe Jégou, Cyril Terrioux. Combining restarts, nogoods and bag-connected decompositions for solving CSPs
230 -- 264Hiep Nguyen, Christian Bessiere, Simon de Givry, Thomas Schiex. Triangle-based consistencies for cost function networks
265 -- 306Amina Kemmar, Yahia Lebbah, Samir Loudni, Patrice Boizumault, Thierry Charnois. Prefix-projection global constraint and top-k approach for sequential pattern mining

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 2Willem Jan van Hoeve, Michel Rueher. Introduction to the fast track issue for CP 2016
3 -- 23David A. Cohen, Peter G. Jeavons. The power of propagation: when GAC is enough
24 -- 49Krishnamurthy Dvijotham, Michael Chertkov, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Marc Vuffray, Sidhant Misra. Graphical models for optimal power flow
50 -- 72David F. Manlove, Iain McBride, James Trimble. "Almost-stable" matchings in the Hospitals / Residents problem with Couples
73 -- 89Emmanuel Hebrard, Marie-José Huguet, Daniel Veysseire, Ludivine Boche Sauvan, Bertrand Cabon. Constraint programming for planning test campaigns of communications satellites
90 -- 0Guido Tack, Christopher Mears. PhD theses in constraints
91 -- 92Özgür Akgün. Extensible automated constraint modelling via refinement of abstract problem specifications
93 -- 94Mohammed Bekkouche. Combining techniques of bounded model checking and constraint programming to aid for error localization
95 -- 96Jesús Giráldez-Cru. Beyond the structure of SAT formulas
97 -- 98Achref El Mouelhi. Tractable classes for CSPs of arbitrary arity: from theory to practice
99 -- 100Joseph Scott. Other things besides number: Abstraction, constraint propagation, and string variable types
101 -- 102Imen Zghidi. Towards statistical consistency for stochastic constraint programming
103 -- 105Michela Milano. Report from the Editor in Chief, year 2015