Journal: Constraints

Volume 3, Issue 4

263 -- 287Claude Le Pape, Philippe Baptiste. Resource Constraints for Preemptive Job-shop Scheduling
289 -- 314Weiqing He, Kim Marriott. Constrained Graph Layout
315 -- 329Vijay Chandru, Suman Roy, Ramesh Subrahmanyam. Negation as Failure as Resolution
331 -- 341Tetsuya Suzuki, Takehiro Tokuda. A Repeated-Update Problem in the DeltaBlue Algorithm
343 -- 361Richard J. Howarth, Edward P. K. Tsang. Spatio-temporal Conflict Detection and Resolution
363 -- 373Yves Caseau, Tibor Kokeny. An Inventory Management Problem

Volume 3, Issue 2/3

127 -- 128Hans W. Guesgen, Frank D. Anger, Gérard Ligozat, Rita V. Rodríguez. Introduction to the Special Issue of CONSTRAINTS on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
129 -- 149Eddie Schwalb, Lluís Vila. Temporal Constraints: A Survey
151 -- 164Malek Mouhoub, François Charpillet, Jean-Paul Haton. Experimental Analysis of Numeric and Symbolic Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Temporal Reasoning
165 -- 177Gerard Ligozat. Corner Relations in Allen s Algebra
179 -- 189Debasis Mitra. Cluster Forming Interval Sub-Algebras
191 -- 202Rita V. Rodríguez, Frank D. Anger. Using Constraint Propagation to Reason about Unsynchronized Clocks
203 -- 211Said Belhadji, Amar Isli. Temporal Constraint Satisfaction Techniques in Job Shop Scheduling Problem Solving
213 -- 225Brandon Bennett. Determining Consistency of Topological Relations
227 -- 237Patrick Olivier. Kinematic Reasoning with Spatial Decompositions
239 -- 253Susan L. Epstein, Jack Gelfand, Esther Lock. Learning Game-Specific Spatially-Oriented Heuristics
255 -- 256Claude Le Pape, James M. Crawford, Barry Fox, Thomas Schiex. Introduction to a Benchmark Column in CONSTRAINTS

Volume 3, Issue 1

5 -- 7Isabel F. Cruz, Kim Marriott, Pascal Van Hentenryck. Introduction to the Special Issue
9 -- 32Alan Borning, Bjørn N. Freeman-Benson. Ultraviolet: A Constraint Satisfaction Algorithm for Interactive Graphics
33 -- 59Gregory M. Oster, Anthony J. Kusalik. Icola - Incremental Constraint-Based Graphics for Visualization
61 -- 86Shin Takahashi, Satoshi Matsuoka, Ken Miyashita, Hiroshi Hosobe, Tomihisa Kamada. A Constraint-Based Approach for Visualization and Animation
87 -- 120Roberto Tamassia. Constraints in Graph Drawing Algorithms