Journal: Constraints

Volume 4, Issue 4

307 -- 311Jacques Cohen. Guest Editorial
313 -- 335Guy Alain Narboni. From Prolog III to Prolog IV: The Logic of Constraint Programming Revisited
337 -- 361Hubert Comon, Mehmet Dincbas, Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, Claude Kirchner. A Methodological View of Constraint Solving
363 -- 381Maarten H. van Emden. Algorithmic Power from Declarative Use of Redundant Constraints
383 -- 405Denis Bouhineau, Laurent Trilling, Jacques Cohen. An Application of CLP: Checking the Correctness of Theorems in Geometry

Volume 4, Issue 3

199 -- 240Stefano Bistarelli, Ugo Montanari, Francesca Rossi, Thomas Schiex, Gérard Verfaillie, Hélène Fargier. Semiring-Based CSPs and Valued CSPs: Frameworks, Properties, and Comparison
241 -- 280Ernest Davis, Nicholas Mark Gotts, Anthony G. Cohn. Constraint Networks of Topological Relations and Convexity
281 -- 292Brian Aldershof, Olivia M. Carducci, David C. Lorenc. Refined Inequalities for Stable Marriage
293 -- 299E. Bensana, Michel Lemaître, Gérard Verfaillie. Earth Observation Satellite Management

Volume 4, Issue 2

99 -- 0Eugene C. Freuder. Introduction to the CP96 Issue
101 -- 112John N. Hooker. Inference Duality as a Basis for Sensitivity Analysis
113 -- 131Peter Jeavons, David A. Cohen, Marc Gyssens. How to Determine the Expressive Power of Constraints
133 -- 165Slim Abdennadher, Thom W. Frühwirth, Holger Meuss. Confluence and Semantics of Constraint Simplification Rules
167 -- 192B. M. W. Cheng, Kenneth M. F. Choi, Jimmy Ho-Man Lee, J. C. K. Wu. Increasing Constraint Propagation by Redundant Modeling: an Experience Report

Volume 4, Issue 1

5 -- 42Yan Georget, Philippe Codognet, Francesca Rossi. Constraint Retraction in CLP(FD): Formal Framework and Performance Results
43 -- 65Andrea Schaerf. Scheduling Sport Tournaments using Constraint Logic Programming
67 -- 77D. J. White. Lagrangean Relaxation Revisited, Technical Note
79 -- 89Bertrand Cabon, Simon de Givry, Lionel Lobjois, Thomas Schiex, Joost P. Warners. Radio Link Frequency Assignment