Journal: Constraints

Volume 7, Issue 3-4

227 -- 228Joxan Jaffar, Michael J. Maher. Guest Editorial
229 -- 254Kim Marriott, Sitt Sen Chok. QOCA: A Constraint Solving Toolkit for Interactive Graphical Applications
255 -- 288François Laburthe, Yves Caseau. SALSA: A Language for Search Algorithms
289 -- 315Yves Deville, Micha Janssen, Pascal Van Hentenryck. Consistency Techniques in Ordinary Differential Equations
317 -- 331Ludwig Krippahl, Pedro Barahona. PSICO: Solving Protein Structures with Constraint Programming and Optimization
333 -- 349Rolf Backofen, Sebastian Will. Excluding Symmetries in Constraint-Based Search
351 -- 365Filippo Focacci, Andrea Lodi, Michela Milano. Optimization-Oriented Global Constraints
367 -- 385Youssef Hamadi. Optimal Distributed Arc-Consistency
387 -- 405Jean-Charles Régin. Cost-Based Arc Consistency for Global Cardinality Constraints
407 -- 419Javier Larrosa, Pedro Meseguer. Partition-Based Lower Bound for Max-CSP

Volume 7, Issue 2

75 -- 115Allen Leung, Krishna V. Palem, Amir Pnueli. TimeC: A Time Constraint Language for ILP Processor Compilation
117 -- 149Naoufel Werghi, Robert B. Fisher, Anthony Ashbrook, Craig Robertson. Shape Reconstruction Incorporating Multiple Nonlinear Geometric Constraints
151 -- 165Hoong Chuin Lau. A New Approach for Weighted Constraint Satisfaction
167 -- 198C. K. Chiu, C. M. Chou, Jimmy Ho-Man Lee, Ho-Fung Leung, Y. W. Leung. A Constraint-Based Interactive Train Rescheduling Tool
199 -- 219Warwick Harvey, Peter J. Stuckey, Alan Borning. Fourier Elimination for Compiling Constraint Hierarchies

Volume 7, Issue 1

5 -- 6Peggy S. Eaton, Thom W. Frühwirth, Milind Tambe. Special Issue on Constraint Agents
7 -- 28Yu Zhang, Alan K. Mackworth. A Constraint-Based Robotic Soccer Team
29 -- 47Yan Qu, Stephen Beale. Cooperative Resolution of Over-Constrained Information Requests
49 -- 69Marc Torrens, Boi Faltings, Pearl Pu. SmartClients: Constraint Satisfaction as a Paradigm for Scaleable Intelligent Information Systems