Journal: Constraints

Volume 8, Issue 4

335 -- 338Alexander Nareyek, Subbarao Kambhampati. Introduction to the Special Issue on Planning: Research Issues at the Intersection of Planning and Constraint Programming
339 -- 364Jeremy Frank, Ari K. Jónsson. Constraint-Based Attribute and Interval Planning
365 -- 388Ioannis Tsamardinos, Thierry Vidal, Martha E. Pollack. CTP: A New Constraint-Based Formalism for Conditional, Temporal Planning
389 -- 413Alfonso Gerevini, Ivan Serina. Planning as Propositional CSP: From Walksat to Local Search Techniques for Action Graphs

Volume 8, Issue 3

227 -- 228Rina Dechter. Guest Editorial
229 -- 242Alan K. Mackworth, Ying Zhang. A Formal Approach to Agent Design: An Overview of Constraint-Based Agents
243 -- 261Cristian Coarfa, Demetrios D. Demopoulos, Alfonso San Miguel Aguirre, Devika Subramanian, Moshe Y. Vardi. Random 3-SAT: The Plot Thickens
263 -- 282David A. Cohen, Peter Jeavons, Richard Gault. New Tractable Classes From Old
283 -- 302Alain Colmerauer, Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao. Expressiveness of Full First-Order Constraints in the Algebra of Finite or Infinite Trees
303 -- 326Javier Larrosa, Rina Dechter. Boosting Search with Variable Elimination in Constraint Optimization and Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Volume 8, Issue 2

107 -- 141Esther Gelle, Boi Faltings. Solving Mixed and Conditional Constraint Satisfaction Problems
143 -- 171Kim Marriott, Peter J. Stuckey, Vincent Tam, Weiqing He. Removing Node Overlapping in Graph Layout Using Constrained Optimization
173 -- 207Warwick Harvey, Peter J. Stuckey. Improving Linear Constraint Propagation by Changing Constraint Representation
209 -- 218Arie de Bruin, Gerard A. P. Kindervater, Tjark Vredeveld, Albert P. M. Wagelmans. Finding a Feasible Solution for a Class of Distributed Problems with a Single Sum Constraint Using Agents

Volume 8, Issue 1

5 -- 7Philippe Codognet, Francesca Rossi. Guest Editorial
9 -- 39Pedro Meseguer, Noureddine Bouhmala, Taoufik Bouzoubaa, Morten Irgens, Martí Sánchez. Current Approaches for Solving Over-Constrained Problems
41 -- 59Hiroshi Hosobe, Satoshi Matsuoka. A Foundation of Solution Methods for Constraint Hierarchies
61 -- 78Uzay Kaymak, João Miguel da Costa Sousa. Weighted Constraint Aggregation in Fuzzy Optimization
79 -- 97Stefano Bistarelli, Rosella Gennari, Francesca Rossi. General Properties and Termination Conditions for Soft Constraint Propagation