Journal: Constraints

Volume 9, Issue 4

239 -- 240Barry O Sullivan. Introduction to the Special Issue on User-Interaction in Constraint Satisfaction
241 -- 262François Fages, Sylvain Soliman, Rémi Coolen. CLPGUI: A Generic Graphical User Interface for Constraint Logic Programming
263 -- 287Hélène Fargier, Marie-Catherine Vilarem. Compiling CSPs into Tree-Driven Automata for Interactive Solving
289 -- 310Pearl Pu, Boi Faltings. Decision Tradeoff Using Example-Critiquing and Constraint Programming
311 -- 332Francesca Rossi, Alessandro Sperduti. Acquiring Both Constraint and Solution Preferences in Interactive Constraint Systems

Volume 9, Issue 3

167 -- 192Guillem Godoy, Robert Nieuwenhuis. Constraint Solving for Term Orderings Compatible with Abelian Semigroups, Monoids and Groups
193 -- 218S. Durga Bhavani, Arun K. Pujari. EvIA - Evidential Interval Algebra and Heuristic Backtrack-Free Algorithm
219 -- 229David A. Cohen. Tractable Decision for a Constraint Language Implies Tractable Search

Volume 9, Issue 2

99 -- 121Jean-François Condotta. A General Qualitative Framework for Temporal and Spatial Reasoning
123 -- 138Hachemi Bennaceur. A Comparison between SAT and CSP Techniques
139 -- 160Richard Gault, Peter Jeavons. Implementing a Test for Tractability

Volume 9, Issue 1

5 -- 34Mark Wallace, Joachim Schimpf, Kish Shen, Warwick Harvey. On Benchmarking Constraint Logic Programming Platforms. Response to Fernandez and Hill s A Comparative Study of Eight Constraint Programming Languages over the Boolean and Finite Domains
35 -- 91Agostino Dovier, Carla Piazza, Enrico Pontelli. Disunification in ::::ACI::::1 Theories