Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 10, Issue 6

0 -- 0Paul Balister. Packing Circuits Into KN
501 -- 504Emanuela Fachini, János Körner. A Note On Counting Very Different Sequences
505 -- 529Jan van den Heuvel. Algorithmic Aspects Of A Chip-Firing Game
543 -- 555Vladimir Nikiforov. On The Edge Distribution Of A Graph
557 -- 565Tibor Szabó, Gábor Tardos. A Multidimensional Generalization Of The Erdös-Szekeres Lemma On Monotone Subsequences

Volume 10, Issue 5

367 -- 384Tom Bohman, Alan M. Frieze, Miklós Ruszinkó, Lubos Thoma. G-Intersecting Families
385 -- 396Stéphane Boucheron, Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega. On The Independence Number Of Random Interval Graphs
397 -- 416János Komlós, Gábor N. Sárközy, Endre Szemerédi. Spanning Trees In Dense Graphs
417 -- 434R. E. Lillo, M. Martin. Characterization Results Based On A Functional Derivative Approach
453 -- 461Talmage James Reid, Haidong Wu. On Minimally 3-Connected Binary Matroids

Volume 10, Issue 4

277 -- 291János Barát, Péter Hajnal. Operations Which Preserve Path-Width at Most Two
293 -- 308Ourania Chryssaphinou, Stavros Papastavridis, Eutichia Vaggelatou. Poisson Approximation for the Non-Overlapping Appearances of Several Words in Markov Chains
309 -- 315Emanuela Fachini, János Körner, Angelo Monti. Self-Similarity Bounds for Locally Thin Set Families
317 -- 343H. L. Fu, C. A. Rodger. 4-Cycle Group-Divisible Designs with Two Associate Classes
345 -- 347Penny E. Haxell. A Note on Vertex List Colouring
349 -- 360Braulio Maia Jr., Manoel Lemos. Matroids Having Small Circumference
361 -- 366V. Nikiforov. On the Minimum Number of k-Cliques in Graphs with Restricted Independence Number

Volume 10, Issue 3

187 -- 201Ron M. Adin, Yuval Roichman. Descent Functions and Random Young Tableaux
203 -- 211Jürgen Bennies, Jim Pitman. Asymptotics of the Hurwitz Binomial Distribution Related to Mixed Poisson Galton-Watson Trees
213 -- 217Alexander Gnedin, Sergei V. Kerov. A Characterization of GEM Distributions
219 -- 237Jeff Kahn. An Entropy Approach to the Hard-Core Model on Bipartite Graphs
239 -- 249C. F. Maclean, Neil O'Connell. Random Finite Topologies and their Thresholds
251 -- 266Philippe Marchal. A Combinatorial Approach to the Two-Sided Exit Problem for Left-Continuous Random Walks
267 -- 276Weifan Wang 0001, Ko-Wei Lih. Structural Properties and Edge Choosability of Planar Graphs without 6-Cycles

Volume 10, Issue 2

95 -- 125Paul Balister. On The Alspach Conjecture
127 -- 135Miguel Angel Fiol. Some Spectral Characterizations Of Strongly Distance-Regular Graphs
137 -- 157Jeff Kahn, János Komlós. Singularity Probabilities For Random Matrices Over Finite Fields
159 -- 177Hans Jürgen Prömel, Angelika Steger, Anusch Taraz. Counting Partial Orders With A Fixed Number Of Comparable Pairs
179 -- 186Hongxun Qin. Connected Matroids With Symmetric Tutte Polynomials

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 28Christian Houdré, Prasad Tetali. Concentration Of Measure For Products Of Markov Kernels And Graph Products Via Functional Inequalities
29 -- 40Andreas Nolte, Rainer Schrader. Simulated Annealing And Graph Colouring
41 -- 77Alan D. Sokal. Bounds On The Complex Zeros Of (Di)Chromatic Polynomials And Potts-Model Partition Functions
79 -- 94Van H. Vu. A Large Deviation Result On The Number Of Small Subgraphs Of A Random Graph