Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 12, Issue 5-6

467 -- 468Béla Bollobás, Graham Brightwell, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Imre Leader, Alex D. Scott. Special Issue on Ramsey Theory
469 -- 475Béla Bollobás, Andrew Thomason. Frank Ramsey
477 -- 494Noga Alon, Michael Krivelevich, Benny Sudakov. Tura n Numbers of Bipartite Graphs and Related Ramsey-Type Questions
495 -- 511Maria Axenovich, Tao Jiang, Zsolt Tuza. Local Anti-Ramsey Numbers of Graphs
513 -- 514Tom C. Brown. On the Canonical Version of a Theorem in Ramsey Theory
515 -- 545Ehud Friedgut, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Vojtech Rödl, Andrzej Rucinski, Prasad Tetali. Ramsey Games Against a One-Armed Bandit
547 -- 563Hillel Furstenberg, Benjamin Weiss. Markov Processes and Ramsey Theory for Trees
565 -- 569Vince Grolmusz. A Note on Explicit Ramsey Graphs and Modular Sieves
571 -- 583Neil Hindman, Imre Leader, Dona Strauss. Open Problems in Partition Regularity
585 -- 598Tao Jiang, Douglas B. West. On the Erdos-Simonovits-So s Conjecture about the Anti-Ramsey Number of a Cycle
599 -- 620Veselin Jungic, Jacob Licht, Mohammad Mahdian, Jaroslav Nesetril, Rados Radoicic. Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions and Anti-Ramsey Results
621 -- 626Péter Komjáth, Saharon Shelah. A Partition Theorem for Scattered Order Types
627 -- 641Alexandr V. Kostochka, Benny Sudakov. On Ramsey Numbers of Sparse Graphs
643 -- 651Randall McCutcheon. A Sárközy Theorem for Finite Fields
653 -- 660Cecil C. Rousseau, S. E. Speed. Mixed Ramsey Numbers Revisited
661 -- 670Pavel Pudlák. An Application of Hindman s Theorem to a Problem on Communication Complexity
671 -- 704Norbert W. Sauer. Canonical Vertex Partitions

Volume 12, Issue 4

359 -- 364Mieczyslaw Borowiecki, Jaroslaw Grytczuk, Mariusz Haluszczak, Zsolt Tuza. Schütte s Tournament Problem and Intersecting Families of Sets
365 -- 399Benjamin Doerr, Anand Srivastav. Multicolour Discrepancies
401 -- 412Henrik Eriksson, Kimmo Eriksson, Jonas Sjöstrand. Exact Expectations for Random Graphs and Assignments
413 -- 425Yahya Ould Hamidoune. Subsequence Sums
427 -- 430Jirí Matousek. A Lower Bound on the Size of Lipschitz Subsets in Dimension 3
431 -- 455Cyril Roberto. A Path Method for the Logarithmic Sobolev Constant
457 -- 465Haidong Wu. Contractible Elements in Graphs and Matroids

Volume 12, Issue 3

223 -- 0. The Oberwolfach Meeting On Combinatorics, Probability And Computing
225 -- 244Micah Adler, Harald Räcke, Naveen Sivadasan, Christian Sohler, Berthold Vöcking. Randomized Pursuit-Evasion In Graphs
245 -- 267Andreas Goerdt, Tomasz Jurdzinski. Some Results On Random Unsatisfiable K-Sat Instances And Approximation Algorithms Applied To Random Structures
269 -- 283Catherine S. Greenhill, Andrzej Rucinski, Nicholas C. Wormald. Connectedness Of The Degree Bounded Star Process
285 -- 299Matthias Krause, Hans-Ulrich Simon. Determining The Optimal Contrast For Secret Sharing Schemes In Visual Cryptography
301 -- 318Peter Sanders, Berthold Vöcking. Tail Bounds And Expectations For Random Arc Allocation And Applications
319 -- 344Miklós Simonovits, Vera T. Sós. Hereditary Extended Properties, Quasi-Random Graphs And Induced Subgraphs
345 -- 358Alan Stacey. Branching Random Walks On Quasi-Transitive Graphs

Volume 12, Issue 2

113 -- 126Nadia Creignou, Hervé Daudé, Olivier Dubois. Approximating The Satisfiability Threshold For Random K-Xor-Formulas
127 -- 138Ben Green. Some Constructions In The Inverse Spectral Theory Of Cyclic Groups
139 -- 153Peter Keevash, Benny Sudakov. Local Density In Graphs With Forbidden Subgraphs
155 -- 189Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Brendan Nagle, Vojtech Rödl. Hereditary Properties Of Triple Systems
191 -- 201Micha Sharir. The Clarkson-Shor Technique Revisited And Extended
203 -- 222Elmar Teufl. The Average Displacement Of The Simple Random Walk On The Sierpinski Graph

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 15Paul Balister. Packing Digraphs With Directed Closed Trails
17 -- 26Miguel Angel Fiol. A General Spectral Bound For Distant Vertex Subsets
27 -- 52Svante Janson. Cycles And Unicyclic Components In Random Graphs
53 -- 60Alexandr V. Kostochka, Kittikorn Nakprasit. Equitable Colourings Of D-Degenerate Graphs
61 -- 72Michael Krivelevich, Benny Sudakov. The Largest Eigenvalue Of Sparse Random Graphs
73 -- 87Sven Rahmann, Eric Rivals. On The Distribution Of The Number Of Missing Words In Random Texts
89 -- 93David Reimer. An Average Set Size Theorem
95 -- 111John C. Wierman. Upper And Lower Bounds For The Kagome Lattice Bond Percolation Critical Probability