Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 13, Issue 4-5

415 -- 417Michael Drmota, Wojciech Szpankowski. Special Issue on Analysis of Algorithms
419 -- 449Laurent Alonso, Philippe Chassaing, Florent Gillet, Svante Janson, Edward M. Reingold, René Schott. Quicksort with Unreliable Comparisons: A Probabilistic Analysis
451 -- 474Béla Bollobás, Alex D. Scott. Max Cut for Random Graphs with a Planted Partition
475 -- 497Brigitte Chauvin, Philippe Flajolet, Danièle Gardy, Bernhard Gittenberger. And/Or Trees Revisited
499 -- 536Benoit Daireaux, Brigitte Vallée. Dynamical Analysis of the Parametrized Lehmer-Euclid Algorithm
537 -- 575Olivier Dubois, Guy Louchard, Jacques Mandler. Additive Decompositions, Random Allocations, and Threshold Phenomena
577 -- 625Philippe Duchon, Philippe Flajolet, Guy Louchard, Gilles Schaeffer. Boltzmann Samplers for the Random Generation of Combinatorial Structures
627 -- 643Predrag R. Jelenkovic, Ana Radovanovic. Optimizing LRU Caching for Variable Document Sizes
645 -- 675Olgica Milenkovic, Kevin J. Compton. Probabilistic Transforms for Combinatorial Urn Models
677 -- 696Kate Morris, Alois Panholzer, Helmut Prodinger. On Some Parameters in Heap Ordered Trees
697 -- 716Michel Nguyen The. Area and Inertial Moment of Dyck Paths
717 -- 733Alois Panholzer. Distribution of the Steiner Distance in Generalized M-ary Search Trees
735 -- 761Robin Pemantle, Mark C. Wilson. Asymptotics of Multivariate Sequences II: Multiple Points of the Singular Variety
763 -- 793Werner Schachinger. Concentration of Size and Path Length of Tries

Volume 13, Issue 3

283 -- 293Boris Aronov, János Pach, Micha Sharir, Gábor Tardos. Distinct Distances in Three and Higher Dimensions
295 -- 309Geoffrey Atkinson, Alan M. Frieze. On the b-Independence Number of Sparse Random Graphs
311 -- 317Paul N. Balister, Ervin Györi, Jenö Lehel, Richard H. Schelp. Longest Paths in Circular Arc Graphs
319 -- 337Colin Cooper, Alan M. Frieze. The Size of the Largest Strongly Connected Component of a Random Digraph with a Given Degree Sequence
339 -- 351Steven N. Evans. Embedding a Markov Chain into a Random Walk on a Permutation Group
353 -- 360Don R. Hush, Clint Scovel. Fat-Shattering of Affine Functions
361 -- 371Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus. Subdivisions of K::r+2:: in Graphs of Average Degree at Least r+epsilon and Large but Constant Girth
373 -- 387Gregory L. McColm. Threshold Functions for Random Graphs on a Line Segment
389 -- 411Shakhar Smorodinsky, Micha Sharir. Selecting Points that are Heavily Covered by Pseudo-Circles, Spheres or Rectangles
412 -- 0Andrew Thomason. Two Minor Problems

Volume 13, Issue 2

123 -- 136Anders Dessmark, Andrzej Pelc. Distributed Colouring and Communication in Rings with Local Knowledge
137 -- 164David Galvin, Jeff Kahn. On Phase Transition in the Hard-Core Model on Math
165 -- 183Stefanie Gerke, Colin McDiarmid. On the Number of Edges in Random Planar Graphs
185 -- 193Alexander V. Gnedin. Three Sampling Formulas
195 -- 201J. Robert Johnson. A Disproof of the Fon-der-Flaass Conjecture
203 -- 220Micha Sharir, Emo Welzl. Point-Line Incidences in Space
221 -- 261Alan D. Sokal. Chromatic Roots are Dense in the Whole Complex Plane
263 -- 267József Solymosi. A Note on a Question of Erdos and Graham
269 -- 275Lorenzo Traldi. A Subset Expansion of the Coloured Tutte Polynomial
277 -- 279Béla Bollobás, Imre Leader. Isoperimetric Problems for r-sets
280 -- 282Imre Bárány. Using the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem: Lectures on Topological Methods in Combinatorics and Geometry, by J Matousek, Springer, 2003, 196 pp

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 16Magnus Bordewich. Approximating the Number of Acyclic Orientations for a Class of Sparse Graphs
17 -- 29Ehud Friedgut. Influences in Product Spaces: KKL and BKKKL Revisited
31 -- 35Hans Garmo, Svante Janson, Michal Karonski. On Generalized Random Railways
37 -- 59André E. Kézdy, Hunter S. Snevily. Polynomials that Vanish on Distinct nth Roots of Unity
61 -- 91Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Vojtech Rödl, Mathias Schacht. The Turán Theorem for Random Graphs
93 -- 102Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus. Large Topological Cliques in Graphs Without a 4-Cycle
103 -- 113Robert Parviainen. Random Assignment with Integer Costs
115 -- 117Béla Bollobás. How Sharp is the Concentration of the Chromatic Number?
119 -- 121Imre Leader. Extremal Combinatorics: with Applications in Computer Science by Stasys Jukna, Springer, 2001, xvii + 375 pp
122 -- 0Alexander D. Scott. Topics in Graph Automorphisms and Reconstruction by Josef Lauri and Raffaele Scapellato, Cambridge University Press, 2003, 172 pp