Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 15, Issue 6

791 -- 805Noga Alon, Asaf Shapira. A Characterization of Easily Testable Induced Subgraphs
807 -- 814Mathias Beiglböck. A Multidimensional Central Sets Theorem
815 -- 822Joshua N. Cooper, Joel Spencer. Simulating a Random Walk with Constant Error
823 -- 834Gianluca De Marco, Andrzej Pelc. Randomized Algorithms for Determining the Majority on Graphs
835 -- 854Joanna A. Ellis-Monaghan, Lorenzo Traldi. Parametrized Tutte Polynomials of Graphs and Matroids
855 -- 876Stasys Jukna. On Graph Complexity
877 -- 893Bojan Mohar, Andrej Vodopivec. On Polyhedral Embeddings of Cubic Graphs
895 -- 902Vladimir Nikiforov. Edge Distribution of Graphs with Few Copies of a Given Graph
903 -- 926Remco van der Hofstad, Gerard Hooghiemstra, Piet Van Mieghem. Size and Weight of Shortest Path Trees with Exponential Link Weights
927 -- 932Paul Wollan. Extremal Functions for Shortening Sets of Paths
933 -- 937Noga Alon. Splitting digraphs
939 -- 941Bojan Mohar. Graphs on Surfaces and Their Applications, by Sergei K. Lando and Alexander K. Zvonkin, Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences 141, Springer-Verlag, 2004
941 -- 942Imre Bárány. Geometric Graphs and Arrangements: Some Chapters from Combinatorial Geometry, by Stefan Felsner, Vieweg Verlag, 2004

Volume 15, Issue 5

637 -- 661Colin Cooper. Distribution of Vertex Degree in Web-Graphs
663 -- 671Idris David Mercer. Autocorrelations of Random Binary Sequences
673 -- 683Itai Benjamini, Gady Kozma, László Lovász, D. A. N. Romik, Gábor Tardos. Waiting for a Bat to Fly By (in Polynomial Time)
685 -- 694Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, Alexandr V. Kostochka, Gexin Yu. On Sufficient Degree Conditions for a Graph to be k-linked
695 -- 713Remco van der Hofstad, Gordon Slade. Expansion in {/boldsymbol{n^{-1}}} for Percolation Critical Values on the n -cube and {/boldsymbol{{/mathbb Z}^n}} : the First Three Terms
715 -- 730József Balogh, Yuval Peres, Gábor Pete. Bootstrap Percolation on Infinite Trees and Non-Amenable Groups
731 -- 751Amin Coja-Oghlan. Finding Large Independent Sets in Polynomial Expected Time
753 -- 763W. Paulsen. Best Odds for Finding a Perfect Matching in a Bipartite Graph
765 -- 781YoungBin Choe, David G. Wagner. Rayleigh Matroids
783 -- 787Noga Alon. Feasible Schedules for Rotating Transmissions
789 -- 790Bruce C. Berndt. Integer Partitions, by George E. Andrews and Kimmo Eriksson, Cambridge University Press 2004

Volume 15, Issue 4

477 -- 488Sven Erick Alm. On Measures of Average Degree for Lattices
489 -- 511T. O. M. Bohman, David Kravitz. Creating a Giant Component
513 -- 522William Duckworth, Nicholas C. Wormald. On the Independent Domination Number of Random Regular Graphs
523 -- 539Luis A. Goddyn, Petr Hlinený, Winfried Hochstättler. Balanced Signings and the Chromatic Number of Oriented Matroids
541 -- 570Ravi Kannan, László Lovász, Ravi Montenegro. Blocking Conductance and Mixing in Random Walks
571 -- 588Christopher Malon, Igor Pak. Percolation on Finite Cayley Graphs
589 -- 595Serban Nacu. Increments of Random Partitions
597 -- 603József Solymosi. Arithmetic Progressions in Sets with Small Sumsets
605 -- 617Donald K. Wagner. Weakly 3-Connected Graphs
619 -- 626Peter Wagner. An Upper Bound for Constrained Ramsey Numbers
627 -- 629Aart Blokhuis. Jaeger s Conjecture
631 -- 636Edward Odell. Ramsey Methods in Analysis, by Spiros A. Argyros and Stevo Todorcevic, Birkhäuser 2005

Volume 15, Issue 3

317 -- 332Alon Amit, Nathan Linial. Random Lifts of Graphs: Edge Expansion
333 -- 343Manuel Bodirsky, Mihyun Kang. Generating Outerplanar Graphs Uniformly at Random
345 -- 353Maria Deijfen, Olle Häggström. The Initial Configuration is Irrelevant for the Possibility of Mutual Unbounded Growth in the Two-Type Richardson Model
355 -- 375Guoli Ding, Jinko Kanno. Splitter Theorems for Cubic Graphs
377 -- 383G. E. Farr. The Complexity of Counting Colourings of Subgraphs of the Grid
385 -- 395Omer Giménez, Marc Noy. On the Complexity of Computing the Tutte Polynomial of Bicircular Matroids
397 -- 409Petr Hlinený. The Tutte Polynomial for Matroids of Bounded Branch-Width
411 -- 448Russell A. Martin, Dana Randall. Disjoint Decomposition of Markov Chains and Sampling Circuits in Cayley Graphs
449 -- 461S. D. Noble. Evaluating the Rank Generating Function of a Graphic 2-Polymatroid
463 -- 471Thomas Voigt, Günter M. Ziegler. Singular 0/1-Matrices, and the Hyperplanes Spanned by Random 0/1-Vectors
473 -- 475Jirí Matousek, Ales Prívetivý. The Minimum Independence Number of a Hasse Diagram

Volume 15, Issue 1-2

1 -- 29Noga Alon, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Christian Mauduit, C. G. Moreira, Vojtech Rödl. Measures of Pseudorandomness for Finite Sequences: Minimal Values
31 -- 62Richard Arratia, Andrew D. Barbour, Simon Tavaré. A Tale of Three Couplings: Poisson-Dirichlet and GEM Approximations for Random Permutations
63 -- 74Christian Borgs. Absence of Zeros for the Chromatic Polynomial on Bounded Degree Graphs
75 -- 90Henning Bruhn, Reinhard Diestel. Duality in Infinite Graphs
91 -- 103Peter J. Cameron, Jaroslav Nesetril. Homomorphism-Homogeneous Relational Structures
105 -- 130Edward Dobson. Automorphism Groups of Metacirculant Graphs of Order a Product of Two Distinct Primes
131 -- 141Zoltán Füredi, Gyula O. H. Katona. 2-Bases of Quadruples
143 -- 184W. T. Gowers. Quasirandomness, Counting and Regularity for 3-Uniform Hypergraphs
185 -- 191Ervin Györi. Triangle-Free Hypergraphs
193 -- 211Penny E. Haxell, Tibor Szabó. Odd Independent Transversals are Odd
213 -- 227Ayman Khalfalah, Endre Szemerédi. On the Number of Monochromatic Solutions of {/bm x}+{/bm y}={/bm z}^{{/bm 2}}
229 -- 251Vojtech Rödl, Andrzej Rucinski, Endre Szemerédi. A Dirac-Type Theorem for 3-Uniform Hypergraphs
253 -- 279Alexander D. Scott, Alan D. Sokal. On Dependency Graphs and the Lattice Gas
281 -- 315Alexander D. Scott, Gregory B. Sorkin. Solving Sparse Random Instances of Max Cut and Max 2-CSP in Linear Expected Time