Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 19, Issue 5-6

641 -- 0Noga Alon, Béla Bollobás. Introduction
643 -- 692József Balogh, Béla Bollobás, Robert Morris. Bootstrap Percolation in High Dimensions
693 -- 709Artur Czumaj, Christian Sohler. Testing Expansion in Bounded-Degree Graphs
711 -- 728Martin Dietzfelbinger, Jonathan E. Rowe, Ingo Wegener, Philipp Woelfel. Tight Bounds for Blind Search on the Integers and the Reals
729 -- 751Jian Ding, Jeong Han Kim, Eyal Lubetzky, Yuval Peres. Diameters in Supercritical Random Graphs Via First Passage Percolation
753 -- 774Jacob Fox, Benny Sudakov. Decompositions into Subgraphs of Small Diameter
775 -- 790Andreas Goerdt. On Random Betweenness Constraints
791 -- 817Catherine S. Greenhill, Svante Janson, Andrzej Rucinski. On the Number of Perfect Matchings in Random Lifts
819 -- 827Tomasz Luczak, Andrew Thomason. Vicarious Graphs
829 -- 834Yuri Matiyasevich. One More Probabilistic Reformulation of the Four Colour Conjecture
835 -- 926Oliver Riordan, Nicholas C. Wormald. The Diameter of Sparse Random Graphs

Volume 19, Issue 4

481 -- 491Noga Alon, Dan Hefetz, Michael Krivelevich. Playing to Retain the Advantage
493 -- 516Amotz Bar-Noy, Panagiotis Cheilaris, Svetlana Olonetsky, Shakhar Smorodinsky. Online Conflict-Free Colouring for Hypergraphs
517 -- 539Alexander I. Barvinok. What Does a Random Contingency Table Look Like?
541 -- 560Andrew Beveridge, László Lovász. Exit Frequency Matrices for Finite Markov Chains
561 -- 578Florian Dennert, Rudolf Grübel. On the Subtree Size Profile of Binary Search trees
579 -- 591Guoli Ding, Stan Dziobiak. Vertex-Bipartition Method for Colouring Minor-Closed Classes of Graphs
603 -- 639Terence Tao. Sumset and Inverse Sumset Theory for Shannon Entropy

Volume 19, Issue 3

321 -- 342Kevin P. Costello, Van H. Vu. On the Rank of Random Sparse Matrices
343 -- 369Yuanan Diao, Gábor Hetyei. Relative Tutte Polynomials for Coloured Graphs and Virtual Knot Theory
371 -- 390Jacob Fox, János Pach. A Separator Theorem for String Graphs and its Applications
391 -- 424Cecilia Holmgren. Random Records and Cuttings in Binary Search Trees
425 -- 439Arun P. Mani. Some Inequalities for Whitney-Tutte Polynomials
441 -- 461Uwe Schwerdtfeger, C. Richard, B. Thatte. Area Limit Laws for Symmetry Classes of Staircase Polygons
463 -- 480Ian M. Wanless. Counting Matchings and Tree-Like Walks in Regular Graphs

Volume 19, Issue 2

161 -- 182Omid Amini, Frédéric Havet, Florian Huc, Stéphan Thomassé. WDM and Directed Star Arboricity
183 -- 199Jan Arpe, Elchanan Mossel. Application of a Generalization of Russo s Formula to Learning from Multiple Random Oracles
201 -- 226Olivier Bodini, Éric Fusy, Carine Pivoteau. Random Sampling of Plane Partitions
227 -- 284Amin Coja-Oghlan. Graph Partitioning via Adaptive Spectral Techniques
285 -- 301Jacob Fox, Peter Keevash, Benny Sudakov. Directed Graphs Without Short Cycles
303 -- 313Russell Lyons. Identities and Inequalities for Tree Entropy
315 -- 320Yufei Zhao. The Number of Independent Sets in a Regular Graph

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 19Louigi Addario-Berry, Nicolas Broutin, Gábor Lugosi. The Longest Minimum-Weight Path in a Complete Graph
21 -- 46Paul Balister, Steve Kalikow, Amites Sarkar. The Linus Sequence
47 -- 60Henning Bruhn, Maya Jakobine Stein. Duality of Ends
61 -- 85David Gamarnik, David A. Goldberg. Randomized Greedy Algorithms for Independent Sets and Matchings in Regular Graphs: Exact Results and Finite Girth Corrections
87 -- 98Ross J. Kang, Colin McDiarmid. The ::::t::::-Improper Chromatic Number of Random Graphs
99 -- 119Markus Kuba, Stephan Wagner. Deterministic Edge Weights in Increasing Tree Families
121 -- 131Oleg Pikhurko. Finding an Unknown Acyclic Orientation of a Given Graph
133 -- 157Lorenzo Traldi. Weighted Interlace Polynomials