Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 22, Issue 6

801 -- 828Yuanan Diao, Gábor Hetyei. Relative Tutte Polynomials of Tensor Products of Coloured Graphs
829 -- 858Jill Dizona, Brendan Nagle. Constructive Packings by Linear Hypergraphs
859 -- 873Hao Huang, Jie Ma, Asaf Shapira, Benny Sudakov, Raphael Yuster. Large Feedback Arc Sets, High Minimum Degree Subgraphs, and Long Cycles in Eulerian Digraphs
874 -- 884Hiu-Fai Law, Colin McDiarmid. On Independent Sets in Graphs with Given Minimum Degree
885 -- 909Florian Lehner. Random Colourings and Automorphism Breaking in Locally Finite Graphs
910 -- 934Oleg Pikhurko, Emil R. Vaughan. k-Cliques in Graphs with Bounded Independence Number
935 -- 954Micha Sharir, Adam Sheffer. Counting Plane Graphs: Cross-Graph Charging Schemes

Volume 22, Issue 5

639 -- 683Julia Böttcher, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Anusch Taraz. Almost Spanning Subgraphs of Random Graphs After Adversarial Edge Removal
684 -- 699Michael Ferrara, Michael S. Jacobson, Florian Pfender. H-Linked Digraphs
700 -- 721Samuel Fiorini, Gwenaël Joret, David R. Wood. Excluded Forest Minors and the Erdős-Pósa Property
722 -- 732Alan M. Frieze, Michael Krivelevich. On the Non-Planarity of a Random Subgraph
733 -- 748Shinya Fujita, Michitaka Furuya, Kenta Ozeki. Forbidden Subgraphs Generating Almost the Same Sets
749 -- 762László Lovász, Katalin Vesztergombi. Non-Deterministic Graph Property Testing
763 -- 782Claire Mathieu, David B. Wilson. The Min Mean-Weight Cycle in a Random Network
783 -- 799Guillem Perarnau, Oriol Serra. Rainbow Perfect Matchings in Complete Bipartite Graphs: Existence and Counting

Volume 22, Issue 4

477 -- 498Adrian Dumitrescu, Minghui Jiang. Maximal Empty Boxes Amidst Random Points
499 -- 516Heidi Gebauer. Size Ramsey Number of Bounded Degree Graphs for Games
517 -- 526Hamed Hatami, Serguei Norine. The Entropy of Random-Free Graphons and Properties
527 -- 565Yuri Mejía Miranda, Gordon Slade. Expansion in High Dimension for the Growth Constants of Lattice Trees and Lattice Animals
566 -- 591Ron Peled, Wojciech Samotij, Amir Yehudayoff. Lipschitz Functions on Expanders are Typically Flat
592 -- 611Gonzalo Fiz Pontiveros. Freiman Homomorphisms of Random Subsets of
612 -- 621Clifford Smyth. Reimer's Inequality on a Finite Distributive Lattice
622 -- 637Norihide Tokushige. t-Intersecting Integer Sequences from Weighted Erdős-Ko-Rado

Volume 22, Issue 3

319 -- 341Aaron Abrams, Eric Babson, Henry Landau, Zeph Landau, James Pommersheim. Distributions of Order Patterns of Interval Maps
342 -- 345Christoph Aistleitner. Normal Numbers and the Normality Measure
346 -- 350József Balogh, Graeme Kemkes, Choongbum Lee, Stephen J. Young. Towards a Weighted Version of the Hajnal-Szemerédi Theorem
351 -- 365Ernie Croot, Izabella Laba, Olof Sisask. p -Almost-Periodicity
366 -- 383Péter L. Erdös, Zoltán Király, István Miklós. On the Swap-Distances of Different Realizations of a Graphical Degree Sequence
384 -- 393Daniel Král', Chun-Hung Liu, Jean-Sébastien Sereni, Peter Whalen, Zelealem B. Yilma. A New Bound for the 2/3 Conjecture
394 -- 416Daniela Kühn, John Lapinskas, Deryk Osthus. Optimal Packings of Hamilton Cycles in Graphs of High Minimum Degree
417 -- 432Dieter Mitsche, Pawel Pralat. Revolutionaries and Spies on Random Graphs
433 -- 454Ljuben R. Mutafchiev. The Size of the Largest Part of Random Weighted Partitions of Large Integers
455 -- 476Niclas Petersson. The Maximum Displacement for Linear Probing Hashing

Volume 22, Issue 2

161 -- 183Ivo J. B. F. Adan, Johan van Leeuwaarden, Kilian Raschel. The Compensation Approach for Walks With Small Steps in the Quarter Plane
184 -- 212Lina Jansson Andrén, Carl Johan Casselgren, Lars-Daniel Öhman. Avoiding Arrays of Odd Order by Latin Squares
213 -- 240Konstancja Bobecka, Pawel Hitczenko, Fernando López-Blázquez, Grzegorz Rempala, Jacek Wesolowski. Asymptotic Normality Through Factorial Cumulants and Partition Identities
241 -- 252Alex Eustis, Jacques Verstraëte. On the Independence Number of Steiner Systems
253 -- 281Daniel Johannsen, Michael Krivelevich, Wojciech Samotij. Expanders Are Universal for the Class of All Spanning Trees
294 -- 318Carsten Witt. Tight Bounds on the Optimization Time of a Randomized Search Heuristic on Linear Functions

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 8Péter Csikvári. Note on the Smallest Root of the Independence Polynomial
9 -- 20Jonathan Cutler, A. J. Radcliffe. Hypergraph Independent Sets
21 -- 54Victor Falgas-Ravry, Emil R. Vaughan. Applications of the Semi-Definite Method to the Turán Density Problem for 3-Graphs
55 -- 70J. Robert Johnson, Klas Markström. Turán and Ramsey Properties of Subcube Intersection Graphs
71 -- 96Fiachra Knox, Andrew Treglown. Embedding Spanning Bipartite Graphs of Small Bandwidth
97 -- 111Allan Lo, Klas Markström. A Multipartite Version of the Hajnal-Szemerédi Theorem for Graphs and Hypergraphs
112 -- 117Edward Marchant. The Largest Minimum Codegree of a 3-Graph Without a Generalized 4-Cycle
118 -- 132Ben Morris. Improved Mixing Time Bounds for the Thorp Shuffle
133 -- 145Konstantinos Panagiotou, Reto Spöhel, Angelika Steger, Henning Thomas. Explosive Percolation in Erdős-Rényi-Like Random Graph Processes
146 -- 160Paul A. Russell, Mark Walters. Probably Intersecting Families are Not Nested