Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 28, Issue 6

811 -- 815François Bienvenu. Positive association of the oriented percolation cluster in randomly oriented graphs
816 -- 825Patrick Bennett, Tom Bohman. A natural barrier in random greedy hypergraph matching
826 -- 839David Ellis, Noam Lifshitz. On the union of intersecting families
840 -- 870Wei Gao, Jie Han 0002, Yi Zhao 0005. Codegree Conditions for Tiling Complete k-Partite k-Graphs and Loose Cycles
871 -- 880Ramin Javadi, Farideh Khoeini, G. R. Omidi, Alexey Pokrovskiy. On the Size-Ramsey Number of Cycles
881 -- 916Arran Hamm, Jeff Kahn. On Erdős-Ko-Rado for random hypergraphs I
917 -- 918Svante Linusson. Erratum to 'On Percolation and the Bunkbed Conjecture'
919 -- 935Katalin Marton. Logarithmic Sobolev inequalities in discrete product spaces
936 -- 960Andrew J. Uzzell. An Improved Upper Bound for Bootstrap Percolation in All Dimensions

Volume 28, Issue 5

657 -- 674Gopal Goel, Andrew Ahn. Discrete derivative asymptotics of the β-Hermite eigenvalues
675 -- 695Lina Jansson Andrén, Carl Johan Casselgren, Klas Markström. Restricted completion of sparse partial Latin squares
696 -- 719Alexander I. Barvinok, Guus Regts. Weighted counting of solutions to sparse systems of equations
720 -- 732Louis Esperet, Ross J. Kang, Stéphan Thomassé. Separation Choosability and Dense Bipartite Induced Subgraphs
733 -- 739Peter Frankl. A near-exponential improvement of a bound of Erdős and Lovász on maximal intersecting families
740 -- 754Dong Yeap Kang, Sang-il Oum. Improper colouring of graphs with no odd clique minor
755 -- 767Shinya Fujita 0001, Ruonan Li, Guanghui Wang. Decomposing edge-coloured graphs under colour degree constraints
768 -- 776Allan Lo, Nicolás Sanhueza-Matamala. An asymptotic bound for the strong chromatic number
777 -- 790Jacob Fox, László Miklós Lovász, Yufei Zhao. A fast new algorithm for weak graph regularity
791 -- 810Kevin Hendrey, David R. Wood. Defective and clustered choosability of sparse graphs

Volume 28, Issue 4

483 -- 484Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Ralph Neininger, Marek Zaionc. Preface
485 -- 518Martin Aumüller 0001, Martin Dietzfelbinger, Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn, Helmut Prodinger. Dual-Pivot Quicksort: Optimality, Analysis and Zeros of Associated Lattice Paths
519 -- 541G. Collet, Michael Drmota, Lukas Daniel Klausner. Limit laws of planar maps with prescribed vertex degrees
542 -- 573Michael Drmota, Abram Magner, Wojciech Szpankowski. Asymmetric Rényi Problem
574 -- 599Markus Kuba, Alois Panholzer. Combinatorial Analysis of Growth Models for Series-Parallel Networks
600 -- 617Patricio V. Poblete, Alfredo Viola. Analysis of Robin Hood and Other Hashing Algorithms Under the Random Probing Model, With and Without Deletions
618 -- 637Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona, Stephan G. Wagner. A central limit theorem for additive functionals of increasing trees
638 -- 655Vonjy Rasendrahasina, Andry Rasoanaivo, Vlady Ravelomanana. Expected Maximum Block Size in Critical Random Graphs

Volume 28, Issue 3

325 -- 334Erik Bates, Lisa Sauermann. An Upper Bound on the Size of Avoidance Couplings
335 -- 364Xing Shi Cai, Cecilia Holmgren, Svante Janson, Tony Johansson, Fiona Skerman. Inversions in Split Trees and Conditional Galton-Watson Trees
365 -- 387Sarah Cannon, David A. Levin, Alexandre Stauffer. Polynomial Mixing of the Edge-Flip Markov Chain for Unbiased Dyadic Tilings
388 -- 422Alexander E. Holroyd, Lionel Levine, Peter Winkler 0001. Abelian Logic Gates
423 -- 464Dong Yeap Kang. Sparse Highly Connected Spanning Subgraphs in Dense Directed Graphs
465 -- 472Daniel Král', Bernard Lidický, Taísa L. Martins, Yanitsa Pehova. Decomposing Graphs into Edges and Triangles
473 -- 482Nabil H. Mustafa, Saurabh Ray. On a Problem of Danzer

Volume 28, Issue 2

159 -- 176József Balogh, Andrew Treglown, Zsolt Adam Wagner. Tilings in Randomly Perturbed Dense Graphs
177 -- 186Nicolas Bousquet, Louis Esperet, Ararat Harutyunyan, Rémi de Joannis de Verclos. Exact Distance Colouring in Trees
187 -- 240Stephen Desalvo, Igor Pak. Limit Shapes via Bijections
241 -- 252Beka Ergemlidze, Ervin Györi, Abhishek Methuku. Turán Number of an Induced Complete Bipartite Graph Plus an Odd Cycle
253 -- 279Olav Geil, Umberto Martínez-Peñas. Bounding the Number of Common Zeros of Multivariate Polynomials and Their Consecutive Derivatives
280 -- 286Andrey Kupavskii, Nabil H. Mustafa, Konrad J. Swanepoel. Bounding the Size of an Almost-Equidistant Set in Euclidean Space
287 -- 302Anders Martinsson. A Linear Threshold for Uniqueness of Solutions to Random Jigsaw Puzzles
303 -- 324Dhruv Mubayi, Caroline Terry. An Extremal Graph Problem with a Transcendental Solution

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 22Antonio Blanca, Yuxuan Chen, David Galvin, Dana Randall, Prasad Tetali. Phase Coexistence for the Hard-Core Model on ℤ2
23 -- 45Christina Goldschmidt, Michal Przykucki. Parking on a Random Tree
46 -- 60Renan Gross, Uri Grupel. Indistinguishable Sceneries on the Boolean Hypercube
61 -- 80A. Hamm, Jeff Kahn. On Erdős-Ko-Rado for Random Hypergraphs II
81 -- 99Svante Janson. Random Recursive Trees and Preferential Attachment Trees are Random Split Trees
100 -- 129Jiange Li, Mokshay Madiman. A Combinatorial Approach to Small Ball Inequalities for Sums and Differences
130 -- 158Felicia Raßmann. On the Number of Solutions in Random Graph k-Colouring