Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 7, Issue 4

339 -- 351Malgorzata Bednarska. On Biased Positional Games
353 -- 364Tuhao Chen, E. Seneta. Lower Bounds for the Probability of Intersection of Several Unions of Events
365 -- 373Vlado Dancík. Common Subsequences and Supersequences and their Expected Length
375 -- 386Thomas Emden-Weinert, Stefan Hougardy, Bernd Kreuter. Uniquely Colourable Graphs and the Hardness of Colouring Graphs of Large Girth
387 -- 396Petros Hadjicostas. The Asymptotic Proportion of Subdivisions of a 2×2 Table that Result in Simpson s Paradox
397 -- 401Olle Häggström. On a Conjecture of Bollobás and Brightwell Concerning Random Walks on Product Graphs
403 -- 412Yahya Ould Hamidoune, Oscar Ordaz, Asdrubal Ortuño. On a Combinatorial Theorem of Erdös, Ginzburg and Ziv
413 -- 422Chris Jagger. Distant Vertex Partitions of Graphs
423 -- 436Tomasz Luczak, Vojtech Rödl, Endre Szemerédi. Partitioning Two-Coloured Complete Graphs into Two Monochromatic Cycles
437 -- 449Brendan D. McKay, Robert W. Robinson. Asymptotic Enumeration of Eulerian Circuits in the Complete Graph
451 -- 463Petr Savický. Complexity and Probability of Some Boolean Formulas
465 -- 483Kyle Siegrist. Expected Value Expansions in Random Subgraphs with Applications to Network Reliability
485 -- 497Haidong Wu. On Vertex-Triads in 3-Connected Binary Matroids

Volume 7, Issue 3

239 -- 246M. D. Atkinson. Generalized Stack Permutations
247 -- 260Peter Frankl, Norihide Tokushige. Some Inequalities Concerning Cross-Intersecting Families
261 -- 263Weidong Gao, Yahya Ould Hamidoune. Zero Sums in Abelian Groups
265 -- 279Johan Jonasson. On the Cover Time for Random Walks on Random Graphs
281 -- 293Akira Maruoka, Mike Paterson, Hirotaka Koizumi. Consistency of Natural Relations on Sets
295 -- 305Michael Molloy, Bruce A. Reed. The Size of the Giant Component of a Random Graph with a Given Degree Sequence
307 -- 321S. D. Noble. Evaluating the Tutte Polynomial for Graphs of Bounded Tree-Width
323 -- 333Andrzej Pelc, Eli Upfal. Reliable Fault Diagnosis with Few Tests
335 -- 337Shuji Shiraishi. On the Maximum Cut of Line Graphs

Volume 7, Issue 2

129 -- 140Gunnar Brinkmann. All Ramsey Numbers r(K3, G) for Connected Graphs of Order 7 and 8
141 -- 148Fan R. K. Chung, Prasad Tetali. Isoperimetric Inequalities for Cartesian Products of Graphs
149 -- 152A. W. F. Edwards. Seven-Set Venn Diagrams with Rotational and Polar Symmetry
153 -- 165Hugh Edwards, Robert M. Hierons, Bill Jackson. The Zero-Free Intervals for Characteristic Polynomials of Matroids
167 -- 180Neil Hindman, Dona Strauss. An Algebraic Proof of Deuber s Theorem
181 -- 188Martin Juvan, Bojan Mohar, Riste Skrekovski. List Total Colourings of Graphs
189 -- 204László Lovász, Peter Winkler. Reversal of Markov Chains and the Forget Time
205 -- 209András Lukács. On Local Expansion of Vertex-Transitive Graphs
211 -- 216Michele Mosca. Removing Edges Can Increase the Average Number of Colours in the Colourings of a Graph
217 -- 219Richard H. Schelp, Andrew Thomason. A Remark on the Number of Complete and Empty Subgraphs
221 -- 238William T. Trotter, Peter Winkler. Ramsey Theory and Sequences of Random Variables

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 10David Aldous. On the Critical Value for Percolation of Minimum-Weight Trees in the Mean-Field Distance Model
11 -- 15Sven Erick Alm. A Note on a Problem by Welsh in First-Passage Percolation
17 -- 25Jørgen Bang-Jensen, Tibor Jordán. Adding and Reversing Arcs in Semicomplete Digraphs
27 -- 32Neil J. Calkin, Peter J. Cameron. Almost Odd Random Sum-Free Sets
33 -- 46Dwight Duffus, Tomasz Luczak, Vojtech Rödl, Andrzej Rucinski. Endomorphisms of Partially Ordered Sets
47 -- 56Peter Frankl, Katsuhiro Ota, Norihide Tokushige. Uniform Intersecting Families with Covering Number Restrictions
57 -- 63David A. Grable. A Large Deviation Inequality for Functions of Independent, Multi-Way Choices
65 -- 79David S. Gunderson, Vojtech Rödl. Extremal Problems for Affine Cubes of Integers
81 -- 87Yahya Ould Hamidoune. Adding Distinct Congruence Classes
89 -- 110Hsien-Kuei Hwang. A Poisson * Geometric Convolution Law for the Number of Components in Unlabelled Combinatorial Structures
111 -- 120Peter Kirschenhofer, Helmut Prodinger. Comparisons in Hoare s Find Algorithm
121 -- 127János Pach, Micha Sharir. On the Number of Incidences Between Points and Curves