Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 9, Issue 6

481 -- 488Noga Alon, Emanuela Fachini, János Körner. Locally Thin Set Families
489 -- 511Josep Díaz, Mathew D. Penrose, Jordi Petit, Maria J. Serna. Convergence Theorems For Some Layout Measures On Random Lattice And Random Geometric Graphs
513 -- 518Yahya Ould Hamidoune, Anna S. Lladó, Oriol Serra. On Restricted Sums
519 -- 527Pawel Hitczenko, Gilbert Stengle. Expected Number Of Distinct Part Sizes In A Random Integer Composition
529 -- 548Marianne Månsson. On Compound Poisson Approximation For Sequence Matching
549 -- 572Oliver Riordan, Alex Selby. The Maximum Degree Of A Random Graph
573 -- 585Robin Thomas, Jan Mcdonald Thomson. Excluding Minors In Nonplanar Graphs Of Girth At Least Five

Volume 9, Issue 5

381 -- 390Noga Alon, János Körner, Angelo Monti. String Quartets In Binary
391 -- 405Shai Ben-David, Leonid Gurvits. A Note On Vc-Dimension And Measure Of Sets Of Reals
407 -- 419Joseph E. Bonin, Talmage James Reid. Simple Matroids With Bounded Cocircuit Size
421 -- 424Péter Gács. The Clairvoyant Demon Has A Hard Task
425 -- 439Olle Häggström, Jeffrey E. Steif. Propp-Wilson Algorithms And Finitary Codings For High Noise Markov Random Fields
441 -- 464Gregory F. Lawler, Emily E. Puckette. The Intersection Exponent For Simple Random Walk
465 -- 479Jean-Pierre Tillich, Gilles Zémor. Discrete Isoperimetric Inequalities And The Probability Of A Decoding Error

Volume 9, Issue 4

287 -- 304Daniel Barraez, Stéphane Boucheron, Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega. On The Fluctuations Of The Giant Component
305 -- 308Joseph E. Bonin. Involutions Of Connected Binary Matroids
309 -- 313Yair Caro, Raphael Yuster. Dominating A Family Of Graphs With Small Connected Subgraphs
315 -- 347Sándor Csörgo, Wei Biao Wu. Random Graphs And The Strong Convergence Of Bootstrap Means
349 -- 354Benjamin Doerr. Linear And Hereditary Discrepancy
355 -- 362Joseph P. S. Kung. Critical Exponents, Colines, And Projective Geometries
363 -- 367Eunice Gogo Mphako. Tutte Polynomials Of Perfect Matroid Designs
369 -- 373Jacques Verstraëte. On Arithmetic Progressions Of Cycle Lengths In Graphs
375 -- 380Margit Voigt. Algorithmic Aspects Of Partial List Colourings

Volume 9, Issue 3

205 -- 211Noga Alon, Miklós Bóna, Joel Spencer. Packing Ferrers Shapes
213 -- 225Martin Anthony, Peter L. Bartlett. Function Learning From Interpolation
227 -- 240Miguel Angel Fiol, Ernest Garriga, J. Luis A. Yebra. On Twisted Odd Graphs
241 -- 263Alan M. Frieze, Lei Zhao. Optimal Construction Of Edge-Disjoint Paths In Random Regular Graphs
265 -- 276Nikolai N. Kuzjurin. Explicit Constructions Of Rödl s Asymptotically Good Packings And Coverings
277 -- 285John Mount. Fast Unimodular Counting

Volume 9, Issue 2

97 -- 104J. Keith Dugdale, Anthony J. W. Hilton. A Sufficient Condition For A Graph To Be The Core Of A Class 2 Graph
105 -- 123Lori Fern, Gary Gordon, Jason Leasure, Sharon Pronchik. Matroid Automorphisms And Symmetry Groups
125 -- 148Oliver Riordan. Spanning Subgraphs Of Random Graphs
149 -- 166Yoav Seginer. The Expected Norm Of Random Matrices
167 -- 190David G. Wagner. Zeros Of Reliability Polynomials And F-Vectors Of Matroids

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 12Noga Alon, Benny Sudakov. Bipartite Subgraphs And The Smallest Eigenvalue
13 -- 17Alexander V. Gnedin. A Note On Sequential Selection From Permutations
19 -- 26Michael Krivelevich. The Choice Number Of Dense Random Graphs
27 -- 32David Reimer. Proof Of The Van Den Berg-Kesten Conjecture
33 -- 43Hanna D. Robalewska, Nicholas C. Wormald. Random Star Processes
45 -- 77C. R. Subramanian. Algorithms For Colouring Random K-Colourable Graphs
79 -- 95Van H. Vu. On The Choice Number Of Random Hypergraphs