Journal: Computing Systems

Volume 1, Issue 4

305 -- 370Marc Rozier, Vadim Abrossimov, Fran├žois Armand, I. Boule, Michel Gien, Marc Guillemont, F. Herrmann, Claude Kaiser, S. Langlois, P. Leonard, W. Neuhauser. CHORUS Distributed Operating System
371 -- 403Bjarne Stroustrup. Type-Safe Linkage for C++
405 -- 419Robert A. Morris. An Unorthodox Approach to Undergraduate Software Engineering Instruction

Volume 1, Issue 3

207 -- 220Michael Lesk. GRAB - Inverted Indexes with Low Storage Overhead
221 -- 254Matt Bishop. An Application of a Fast Data Encryption Standard Implementation
255 -- 278Jonathan M. Smith, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr.. Effects of Copy-on-Write Memory Management on the Response Time of UNIX Fork Operations
279 -- 296Rob Pike. Controversy: Window Systems Should Be Transparent

Volume 1, Issue 2

111 -- 133J. M. Barton, J. C. Wagner. Enhanced Resource Sharing in UNIX
135 -- 158Erik H. Baalbergen. Design and Implementation of Parallel Make
159 -- 167Stephen C. Johnson. YACC meets C++
169 -- 188Brian N. Bershad, C. Brian Pinkerton. Watchdogs - Extending the UNIX File System
189 -- 199Michael Lesk. Can Unix Survive Secret Source Code?

Volume 1, Issue 1

11 -- 32Calton Pu, Henry Massalin, John Ioannidis. The Synthesis Kernel
33 -- 62Marc D. Donner, David H. Jameson. Language and Operating System Features for Real-time Programming
63 -- 94Jane Wilhelms. Dynamics for Computer Graphics: A Tutorial