Journal: Computing Systems

Volume 2, Issue 4

287 -- 337Marc Shapiro, Yvon Gourbant, Sabine Habert, Laurence Mosseri, Michel Ruffin, Celine Valot. SOS: An Object-Oriented Operating System - Assessment and Perspectives
339 -- 365Ralph E. Griswold. Data Structures in the Icon Programming Language
367 -- 395Bjarne Stroustrup. Multiple Inheritance for C++

Volume 2, Issue 3

191 -- 250Bjarne Stroustrup. The Evolution of C++: 1985 to 1989
251 -- 274W. Richard Stevens. Heuristics for Disk Drive Positioning in 4.3 BSD

Volume 2, Issue 2

93 -- 118Erin H. Herrin II, Raphael A. Finkel. Schema and Tuple Trees: An Intuitive Structure for Representing Relational Data
103 -- 132Brian W. Kernighan, Christopher J. Van Wyk. Page Makeup by Postprocessing Text Formatter Output
119 -- 130Geoff Collyer. Setting Interrupt Priorities in Software via Interrupt Queueing
131 -- 152Matt Bishop, Michael Dilger. Checking for Race Conditions in File Accesses
133 -- 153Rob Pike. A Concurrent Window System
155 -- 171Tom Duff. Experience with Viruses on UNIX Systems
173 -- 181M. Douglas McIlroy. Virology 101 (UNIX System Virus)

Volume 2, Issue 1

7 -- 35Mario Barbacci, Dennis L. Doubleday, Charles B. Weinstock, Jeannette M. Wing. Developing Applications for Heterogeneous Machine Networks: The Durra Network
37 -- 53Peter J. Brown. A Hypertext System for UNIX
55 -- 85Bjarne Stroustrup. Parametrized Types for C++