Journal: Computing Systems

Volume 3, Issue 4

485 -- 0Peter H. Salus. Tom Strong (1944-1990)
487 -- 515Douglas Comer, Ralph E. Droms, Thomas P. Murtagh. An Experimental Implementation of the Tilde Naming System
517 -- 549Prasun Dewan, Eric Vasilik. An Object Model for Conventional Operating Systems
551 -- 579Stephan Curran, Michael Stumm. A Comparison of Basic CPU Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprocessor UNIX

Volume 3, Issue 3

387 -- 421Lawrence M. Ruane. Process Synchronization in the UTS Kernel
423 -- 447Giandomenico Spezzano, Domenico Talia, Marco Vanneschi. A Concurrent Programming Support for Distributed Systems
449 -- 477Bernhard Wagner. Distributed Spooling in a Heterogeneous Environment

Volume 3, Issue 2

193 -- 288Peter S. Langston. Little Languages for Music
289 -- 329Michael Hawley. The Personal Orchestra, or Audio Data Compression by 10, 000: 1
331 -- 357Tim Thompson. Keynote - A Language and Extensible Graphics Editor for Music
359 -- 380Stuart I. Feldman, W. Morven Gentleman. Portability - A No Longer Solved Problem

Volume 3, Issue 1

11 -- 46Partha Dasgupta, Raymond C. Chen, Sathis Menon, Mark P. Pearson, R. Ananthanarayanan, Umakishore Ramachandran, Mustaque Ahamad, Richard J. LeBlanc, William F. Appelbe, José M. Bernabéu-Aubán, Phillip W. Hutto, M. Yousef Amin Khalidi, Christopher J. Wilkenloh. The Design and Implementation of the Clouds Distributed Operating System
47 -- 68Marc F. Pucci, J. L. Alberi. Using Hints in DUNE Remote Procedure Calls
69 -- 99Joseph Boykin, Alan Langerman. Mach/4.3BSD: A Conservative Approach to Parallelization
101 -- 138Michael L. Scott, Thomas J. LeBlanc, Brian D. Marsh, Timothy G. Becker, Cezary Dubnicki, Evangelos P. Markatos, Neil G. Smithline. Implementation Issues for the Psyche Multiprocessor Operating System
139 -- 173Henry Massalin, Calton Pu. Fine-Grain Adaptive Scheduling using Feedback