Journal: Computing Systems

Volume 4, Issue 4

353 -- 384Fred Douglis, John K. Ousterhout, M. Frans Kaashoek, Andrew S. Tanenbaum. A Comparison of Two Distributed Systems: Amoeba and Sprite
385 -- 404Jonathan M. Smith. The Software Design Laboratory
405 -- 436Luis-Felipe Cabrera, Darrell D. E. Long. Swift: Using Distributed Disk Striping to Provide High I/O Data Rates

Volume 4, Issue 3

183 -- 216Ray Bryant, Hung-Yang Chang, Bryan S. Rosenburg. Experience Developing the RP3 Operating System
217 -- 242Marc F. Pucci. Configurable Data Manipulation in an Attached Multiprocessor
243 -- 275Partha Dasgupta, R. Ananthanarayanan, Sathis Menon, Ajay Mohindra, Raymond C. Chen. Distributed Programming with Objects and Threads in the Clouds System
277 -- 313Bharat K. Bhargava, Yongguang Zhang, Enrique Mafla. Evolution of a Communication System for Distributed Transaction Processing in Raid
315 -- 342Brent B. Welch. Measured Performance of Caching in the Sprite Network File System

Volume 4, Issue 2

99 -- 125Don Libes. expect: Scripts for Controlling Interactive Processes
127 -- 155Erin H. Herrin II, Raphael A. Finkel. An ASCII Database for Fast Queries of Relatively Stable Data
157 -- 171Jim Waldo. Controversy: The Case for Multiple Inheritance in C++

Volume 4, Issue 1

5 -- 30Jon Louis Bentley, Brian W. Kernighan. A System for Algorithm Animation
31 -- 67Roland Balter, J. Bernadat, Dominique Decouchant, Andrzej Duda, André Freyssinet, Sacha Krakowiak, M. Meysembourg, P. Le Dot, H. Nguyen Van, E. Paire, Michel Riveill, Cécile Roisin, Xavier Rousset de Pina, R. Scioville, G. Vandôme. Architecture and Implementation of Guide, an Object-Oriented Distributed System
69 -- 82Thomas A. Cargill. Controversy: The Case Against Multiple Inheritance in C++