Journal: Computing Systems

Volume 5, Issue 4

379 -- 405Richard A. Golding. A Weak-Consistency Architecture for Distributed Information Services
407 -- 432B. Clifford Neuman. The Prospero File System: A Global File System Based on the Virtual System Model
433 -- 459Peter B. Danzig, Shih-Hao Li, Katia Obraczka. Distributed Indexing of Autonomous Internet Services
461 -- 493Michael F. Schwartz, Alan Emtage, Brewster Kahle, B. Clifford Neuman. A Comparison of Internet Resource Discovery Approaches

Volume 5, Issue 3

199 -- 216Luis-Felipe Cabrera, Allen Luniewski, James W. Stamos. Fine-Grained Access Control in a Transactional Object-Oriented System
217 -- 257Roy H. Campbell, Nayeem Islam, Peter Madany. Choices, Frameworks and Refinement
259 -- 304Michael Mock, Reinhold Kröger, Vinny Cahill. Implementing Atomic Objects with the RelaX Transaction Facility
305 -- 335John Rosenberg. Architectural and Operating System Support for Orthogonal Persistence
337 -- 359Francis Vaughan, Tracy Lo Basso, Alan Dearle, Chris D. Marlin, Chris J. Barter. Casper: A Cached Architecture Supporting Persistence

Volume 5, Issue 2

125 -- 139Alistair Moffat. Economical Inversion of Large Text Files
141 -- 157Paul E. McKenney, Ken F. Dove. Efficient Demultiplexing of Incoming TCP Packets
159 -- 192M. Stella Atkins, Yan Chen, Florina Olariu. Experiences: Overcoming Data Transfer Bottlenecks across SUN-Transputer Interfaces

Volume 5, Issue 1

5 -- 67Judith E. Grass. Object-Oriented Design Archaeology with CIA++
69 -- 110Markku Sakkinen. A Critique of the Inheritance Principles of C++