Journal: Computing Systems

Volume 9, Issue 4

265 -- 290Ann Wollrath, Roger Riggs, Jim Waldo. A Distributed Object Model for the Java System
291 -- 312Roger Riggs, Jim Waldo, Ann Wollrath, Krishna Bharat. Pickling State in the Java System
313 -- 329Eshrat Arjomandi, William G. O Farrell, Gregory V. Wilson. Smart Messages: An Object-Oriented Communication Mechanism for Parallel Systems
331 -- 375Irfan Pyarali, Timothy H. Harrison, Douglas C. Schmidt. Design and Performance of an Object-Oriented Framework for High-Speed Electronic Medical Imaging
377 -- 404Rammohan Kordale, Mustaque Ahamad, Murthy V. Devarakonda. Object Caching in a CORBA Compliant System

Volume 9, Issue 3

155 -- 178David Kotz, Preston Crow. The Expected Lifetime of Single-Address-Space Operating Systems
179 -- 215David R. Cheriton, Robert A. Kutter. Optimized Memory-Based Messaging: Leveraging the Memory System for High-Performance Communication
217 -- 237Li-Chi Feng, Ruei-Chuan Chang. Achieving Predictable Response Time with an Intelligent File System Updater
239 -- 253Christopher J. Calabrese. A Tool for Building Firewall-Router Configurations
255 -- 256John Adams. Controversy: Rejoinder: Independent One-Time Passwords
257 -- 0Aviel D. Rubin. Response: Independent One-Time Passwords

Volume 9, Issue 1

3 -- 14Ira S. Winkler. The Non-Technical Threat to Computing Systems
15 -- 27Aviel D. Rubin. Independent One-Time Passwords
29 -- 46Donald T. Davis, Daniel E. Geer Jr.. Kerberos with Clocks Adrift: History, Protocols, and Implementation
47 -- 83Lee Badger, Daniel F. Sterne, David L. Sherman, Kenneth M. Walker. A Domain and Type Enforcement UNIX Prototype