Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 13, Issue 4

1 -- 4Ákos Seress, Mario Szegedy. Combinatorics, Groups, Algorithms, and Complexity: Conference in honor of Laci Babai's 60th birthday
5 -- 14Nurullah Ankaralioglu, Ákos Seress. Computing tensor decompositions of finite matrix groups
15 -- 22Thomas P. Hayes. Separating the k-party communication complexity hierarchy: an application of the Zarankiewicz problem
23 -- 32Gábor Horváth, Csaba Szabó. The extended equivalence and equation solvability problems for groups
33 -- 44Péter Pál Pach, Csaba Szabó. On the minimal distance of a polynomial code
45 -- 50Delaram Kahrobaei, Stephen Majewicz. On the residual solvability of generalized free products of solvable groups
51 -- 60Sourav Chakraborty. On the sensitivity of cyclically-invariant Boolean functions
61 -- 96Eugene M. Luks, Takunari Miyazaki. Polynomial-time normalizers
97 -- 104Robert F. Bailey, Karen Meagher. On the metric dimension of Grassmann graphs

Volume 13, Issue 3

1 -- 8Helmut Prodinger. Digital search trees with m trees: Level polynomials and insertion costs
9 -- 16Xin Zhang 0017, Jianliang Wu, Guizhen Liu. New Upper Bounds for the Heights of Some Light Subgraphs in 1-Planar Graphs with High Minimum Degree
17 -- 20David Wood. On the number of maximal independent sets in a graph
21 -- 38Ramin Kazemi, Mohammad Vahidi-Asl. The Variance of The Profile in Digital Search Trees
39 -- 44David R. Wood, Vida Dujmovic. On the Book Thickness of k-Trees
45 -- 50Andrzej Dudek, David Wajc. On the complexity of vertex-coloring edge-weightings
51 -- 66Petr Ambroz, Anna E. Frid, Zuzana Masáková, Edita Pelantová. On the number of factors in codings of three interval exchange
67 -- 74Monika Pilsniak, Mariusz Wozniak. On packing of two copies of a hypergraph
75 -- 86Yidong Sun, Yanjie Xu. The largest singletons in weighted set partitions and its applications
87 -- 96Michael A. Henning, Ernst J. Joubert, Justin Southey. Nordhaus-Gaddum Type Results for Total Domination
97 -- 110Min Chen, André Raspaud, Weifan Wang. 8-star-choosability of a graph with maximum average degree less than 3

Volume 13, Issue 2

1 -- 18Yury Person, Mathias Schacht. An expected polynomial time algorithm for coloring 2-colorable 3-graphs
19 -- 44Eva Jelínková, Ondrej Suchý, Petr Hlinený, Jan Kratochvíl. Parameterized Problems Related to Seidel s Switching
63 -- 68Li Peng, Bo Tan. Sturmian Sequences and Invertible Substitutions
69 -- 80Gunnar Brinkmann, Jan Goedgebeur, Brendan D. McKay. Generation of Cubic graphs
81 -- 96Alewyn P. Burger, Jan H. van Vuuren. Avoidance colourings for small nonclassical Ramsey numbers
97 -- 108Anita Das. A Combinatorial Approach to Tanny Sequence
109 -- 112David Wood. Colouring the Square of the Cartesian Product of Trees

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 12Sylwia Cichacz-Przenioslo, Jakub Przybylo. Irregular edge coloring of 2-regular graphs
13 -- 20Alexander Grigoriev. Tree-width and large grid minors in planar graphs
21 -- 44Nicholas A. Loehr, Elizabeth M. Niese. Recursions and divisibility properties for combinatorial Macdonald polynomials
45 -- 66Marina Groshaus, Pavol Hell, Sulamita Klein, Loana Tito Nogueira, Fábio Protti. Cycle transversals in bounded degree graphs
67 -- 74Ehsan Chiniforooshan, Vasek Chvátal. A de Bruijn - Erdős theorem and metric spaces
75 -- 94Christiane Frougny, Anna Chiara Lai. Negative bases and automata
95 -- 112Antonio Fernández Anta, Miguel A. Mosteiro, Christopher Thraves. Deterministic Recurrent Communication and Synchronization in Restricted Sensor Networks