Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 17, Issue 3

0 -- 0Jean-Alexandre Anglès d'Auriac, Nathann Cohen, Hakim El Mafthoui, Ararat Harutyunyan, Sylvain Legay, Yannis Manoussakis. Connected Tropical Subgraphs in Vertex-Colored Graphs
0 -- 0Yoomi Rho, Aleksander Vesel. h(111)
0 -- 0Deyan Zeng, Jian-Hua Yin. An extremal problem for a graphic sequence to have a realization containing every 2-tree with prescribed size
1 -- 12Hongliang Lu. Vertex-Coloring Edge-Weighting of Bipartite Graphs with Two Edge Weights
13 -- 30Jean-Luc Baril. Avoiding patterns in irreducible permutations
31 -- 42Julien Bensmail, Romaric Duvignau, Sergey Kirgizov. The complexity of deciding whether a graph admits an orientation with fixed weak diameter
43 -- 58Julien Bensmail, Brett Stevens. Edge-partitioning graphs into regular and locally irregular components
59 -- 76Jacobus H. Koolen, Woo-Sun Lee, William J. Martin, Hajime Tanaka. Arithmetic completely regular codes
77 -- 90Adrian Tanasa, Nguyen Hoang Nghia, Christophe Tollu. Dendriform structures for restriction-deletion and restriction-contraction matroid Hopf algebras
90 -- 104Susana-Clara López, Francesc A. Muntaner-Batle. Rainbow eulerian multidigraphs and the product of cycles
105 -- 130Milan Erdelj, Nathalie Mitton, Tahiry Razafindralambo. Robust Wireless Sensor Network Deployment
131 -- 146Marthe Bonamy, Benjamin Lévêque, Alexandre Pinlou. 4 are minimally edge and total choosable
147 -- 166Armend Shaban Shabani, Gjergji Rexhep. Statistics for 3-letter patterns with repetitions in compositions
167 -- 178Tara Brough, Laura Ciobanu, Murray Elder, Georg Zetzsche. Permutations of context-free, ET0L and indexed languages
179 -- 202Inna Mikhaylova. A proof of Zhil'tsov's theorem on decidability of equational theory of epigroups
203 -- 216Jianxi Li, Yang Liu, Wai Chee Shiu. The irregularity of two types of trees
217 -- 226Arash Ahadi, Ali Dehghan 0001. The inapproximability for the (0, 1)-additive number
227 -- 244Xiaoyan Zhang, Zan-Bo Zhang, Hajo Broersma, Xuelian Wen. On the complexity of edge-colored subgraph partitioning problems in network optimization
245 -- 262Johan de Wet, Susan A. van Aardt. Traceability of locally hamiltonian and locally traceable graphs
263 -- 284Paulraja Palanivel Subramania Nadar, S. Sampath Kumar. Edge Disjoint Hamilton Cycles in Knödel Graphs
285 -- 306Marek Klonowski, Malgorzata Sulkowska. Energy-optimal algorithms for computing aggregative functions in random networks
307 -- 314Shih-Yan Chen, Shin-Shin Kao, Hsun Su. On degree-sequence characterization and the extremal number of edges for various Hamiltonian properties under fault tolerance

Volume 17, Issue 2

1 -- 30Pedro Lopes, João Matias. Minimum Number of Colors: the Turk's Head Knots Case Study
31 -- 48Charles L. Dunn, Victor Larsen, Kira Lindke, Troy Retter, Dustin Toci. The game chromatic number of trees and forests
49 -- 62Matthias Kriesell, Anders Sune Pedersen. On graphs double-critical with respect to the colouring number
63 -- 76Ajit A. Diwan, Justine E. Dion, David J. Mendell, Michael Plantholt, Shailesh K. Tipnis. 4-decomposition of regular graphs and multigraphs
77 -- 100Robert Ganian. Improving Vertex Cover as a Graph Parameter
101 -- 118Martiniano Eguía, Francisco J. Soulignac. Disimplicial arcs, transitive vertices, and disimplicial eliminations
119 -- 142Ahmad Biniaz, Prosenjit Bose, Anil Maheshwari, Michiel H. M. Smid. Packing Plane Perfect Matchings into a Point Set
143 -- 156Gwenaël Joret, Adrian Vetta. Reducing the rank of a matroid
157 -- 180Viliam Geffert, Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. Classical Automata on Promise Problems
181 -- 202Toufik Mansour, Mark Shattuck. On avoidance of patterns of the form σ-τ by words over a finite alphabet
203 -- 234Dirk Frettlöh, Alexey Garber. Symmetries of Monocoronal Tilings
235 -- 250Marek Klonowski, Jacek Cichon, Rafal Kapelko. On the Dynamics of Systems of Urns
251 -- 266Robert Sámal. Cubical coloring - fractional covering by cuts and semidefinite programming
267 -- 284Anahí Gajardo, Nicolas Ollinger, Rodrigo Torres-Avilés. Some undecidable problems about the trace-subshift associated to a Turing machine
285 -- 302Natalie Aisbett. A relation on 132-avoiding permutation patterns
303 -- 310Jeongmi Park, Yoshio Sano. The double competition multigraph of a digraph

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 12Sergio Cabello, Maria Saumell. A randomized algorithm for finding a maximum clique in the visibility graph of a simple polygon
13 -- 32Louis DeBiasio, Safi Faizullah, Imdadullah Khan. Ore-degree threshold for the square of a Hamiltonian cycle
33 -- 66Robert Engström, Tommy Färnqvist, Peter Jonsson, Johan Thapper. An Approximability-related Parameter on Graphs - Properties and Applications
67 -- 78Akbar Davoodi, Behnaz Omoomi. On the 1-2-3-conjecture
79 -- 88Jernej Azarija, Sandi Klavzar, Jaehun Lee, Yoomi Rho. Connectivity of Fibonacci cubes, Lucas cubes, and generalized cubes
89 -- 96Koen Thas. Classification of skew translation generalized quadrangles, I
97 -- 102Grant Cairns, Stacey Mendan. Symmetric Bipartite Graphs and Graphs with Loops
103 -- 122Anton Pierre de Villiers, Alewyn Petrus Burger, Jan Harm van Vuuren. Edge stability in secure graph domination
123 -- 144Helmut Prodinger, Stephan G. Wagner. Bootstrapping and double-exponential limit laws
145 -- 160Andrzej Grzesik, Mirjana Mikalacki, Zoltán Lóránt Nagy, Alon Naor, Balázs Patkós, Fiona Skerman. Avoider-Enforcer star games
161 -- 168Bostjan Bresar, Sandi Klavzar, Gasper Kosmrlj, Douglas F. Rall. Guarded subgraphs and the domination game
169 -- 186Mauricio Soto, Christopher Thraves Caro. p-Box: A new graph model
187 -- 200Flavia Bonomo, Celina Miraglia Herrera de Figueiredo, Guillermo Alfredo Durán, Luciano Norberto Grippo, Martín Darío Safe, Jayme Luiz Szwarcfiter. On probe co-bipartite and probe diamond-free graphs
201 -- 218Graham Farr. Cost-effectiveness of algorithms
219 -- 240Olga Bodroza-Pantic, Harris Kwong, Milan Pantic. A Conjecture on the Number of Hamiltonian Cycles on Thin Grid Cylinder Graphs
241 -- 254Adel Alahmadi, Robert E. L. Aldred, Ahmad Alkenani, Rola Hijazi, Patrick Solé, Carsten Thomassen. Extending a perfect matching to a Hamiltonian cycle
255 -- 282Michael Anthony Henning, Viroshan Naicker. Graphs with Large Disjunctive Total Domination Number
283 -- 306Vojtech Vorel, Adam Roman. Parameterized Complexity of Synchronization and Road Coloring
307 -- 308François Gonze, Raphaël M. Jungers, Avraham Trakhtman. A Note on a Recent Attempt to Improve the Pin-Frankl Bound
309 -- 316Hossein Ghasemalizadeh, Mohammadreza Razzazi. Output sensitive algorithm for covering many points
317 -- 338Avleen Kaur Malhi, Shalini Batra. An Efficient Certificateless Aggregate Signature Scheme for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
339 -- 356Mikko Pelto. Maximum difference about the size of optimal identifying codes in graphs differing by one vertex
357 -- 368Ludwig Staiger. On the Hausdorff measure of regular ω-languages in Cantor space
369 -- 382Gunnar Brinkmann, Myriam Preissmann, Diana Sasaki. Snarks with total chromatic number 5
382 -- 394Bridget Eileen Tenner. Intervals and factors in the Bruhat order
395 -- 412Gregory Ross Maloney. On substitution tilings of the plane with n-fold rotational symmetry
415 -- 444Kimball Martin, Krishnan Shankar. How often should you clean your room?