Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 21, Issue 4

0 -- 0Kevin Durant, Stephan G. Wagner. On the centroid of increasing trees
0 -- 0Ferhat Alkan, Türker Bíyíkoglu, Marc Demange, Cesim Erten. Structure of conflict graphs in constraint alignment problems and algorithms
0 -- 0Frédéric Havet, Nicolas Nisse. Constrained ear decompositions in graphs and digraphs
0 -- 0Michal Tuczynski, Przemyslaw Wenus, Krzysztof Wesek. On cordial labeling of hypertrees
0 -- 0Paul Dorbec, Antonio González, Claire Pennarun. Power domination in maximal planar graphs
0 -- 0Diane Castonguay, Erika M. M. Coelho, Hebert Coelho, Julliano R. Nascimento. A note on the convexity number for complementary prisms
0 -- 0Huazhong Lü, Tingzeng Wu. Super edge-connectivity and matching preclusion of data center networks
0 -- 0Colin Defant. Proofs of Conjectures about Pattern-Avoiding Linear Extensions
0 -- 0Arash Ahadi, Ali Dehghan 0001. $(2/2/3)$-SAT problem and its applications in dominating set problems
0 -- 0Matjaz Krnc, Tomaz Pisanski. Generalized Petersen graphs and Kronecker covers
0 -- 0Audace A. V. Dossou-Olory, Stephan Wagner 0003. On the inducibility of small trees
0 -- 0Daniel J. Rosenkrantz, Madhav V. Marathe, S. S. Ravi, Richard Edwin Stearns. Symmetry Properties of Nested Canalyzing Functions
0 -- 0Jan Goedgebeur, Carol T. Zamfirescu. On almost hypohamiltonian graphs
0 -- 0Zongwen Bai, Jianhua Tu, Yongtang Shi. An improved algorithm for the vertex cover $P_3$ problem on graphs of bounded treewidth
0 -- 0Tianlong Ma, Yaping Mao, Eddie Cheng, Christopher Melekian. Fractional matching preclusion for generalized augmented cubes
0 -- 0Masaki Nakanishi, Abuzer Yakaryilmaz, Aida Gainutdinova. New results on classical and quantum counter automata
0 -- 0Andrzej Dudek, Andrzej Rucinski 0001. Monochromatic loose paths in multicolored k-uniform cliques
0 -- 0Kitty Meeks, Dominik K. Vu. Extremal properties of flood-filling games
0 -- 0Kengo Enami. Embeddings of 3-connected 3-regular planar graphs on surfaces of non-negative Euler characteristic

Volume 21, Issue 3

0 -- 0Michael A. Henning, Elena Mohr, Dieter Rautenbach. On the maximum number of minimum total dominating sets in forests
0 -- 0Christiane Frougny, Marta Pavelka, Edita Pelantová, Milena Svobodová. On-line algorithms for multiplication and division in real and complex numeration systems
0 -- 0Sandi Klavzar, Douglas F. Rall. Packing chromatic vertex-critical graphs
0 -- 0Christof Löding, Christopher Spinrath. Decision Problems for Subclasses of Rational Relations over Finite and Infinite Words
0 -- 0Geoffrey Exoo, Jan Goedgebeur. Bounds for the smallest k-chromatic graphs of given girth
0 -- 0Hongliang Lu, Qinglin Yu. Binding Number, Toughness and General Matching Extendability in Graphs
0 -- 0Ville Junnila, Tero Laihonen, Gabrielle Paris. Solving Two Conjectures regarding Codes for Location in Circulant Graphs
0 -- 0Marilena Barnabei, Flavio Bonetti, Niccolò Castronuovo, Matteo Silimbani. Consecutive patterns in restricted permutations and involutions
0 -- 0Arnaud Mary, Yann Strozecki. Efficient enumeration of solutions produced by closure operations
0 -- 0Carl Johan Casselgren, Petros A. Petrosyan. Some results on the palette index of graphs
0 -- 0Julien Bensmail, Thibaut Blanc, Nathann Cohen, Frédéric Havet, Leonardo Rocha. Backbone colouring and algorithms for TDMA scheduling
0 -- 0Jonathan Klawitter. The agreement distance of rooted phylogenetic networks
0 -- 0Feodor F. Dragan, Abdulhakeem Mohammed. Slimness of graphs
0 -- 0Mélodie Lapointe. Number of orbits of Discrete Interval Exchanges
0 -- 0Matthew Drescher, Guy Louchard, Yvik Swan. The Adaptive sampling revisited
0 -- 0Konstantinos Georgiou, George Karakostas, Evangelos Kranakis. Search-and-Fetch with 2 Robots on a Disk: Wireless and Face-to-Face Communication Models
0 -- 0Alexander Pilz. Planar 3-SAT with a Clause/Variable Cycle
0 -- 0Laurent Beaudou, Richard C. Brewster. On the multipacking number of grid graphs
0 -- 0Marwane Bouznif, Julien Darlay, Julien Moncel, Myriam Preissmann. Exact values for three domination-like problems in circular and infinite grid graphs of small height
0 -- 0Jorge Almeida 0001, Ondrej Klíma 0001. On the insertion of n-powers
0 -- 0Bernardo M. Ábrego, Silvia Fernández-Merchant, Mikio Kano, David Orden, Pablo Pérez-Lantero, Carlos Seara, Javier Tejel. $K_{1, 3}$-covering red and blue points in the plane
0 -- 0Rodrigo I. Silveira, Bettina Speckmann, Kevin Verbeek. Non-crossing paths with geographic constraints
0 -- 0Danilo Korze, Aleksander Vesel. Packing coloring of generalized Sierpinski graphs
0 -- 0Aijun Dong, Jianliang Wu. Equitable Coloring and Equitable Choosability of Planar Graphs without chordal 4- and 6-Cycles

Volume 21, Issue 2

0 -- 0Michael Albert, Jinge Li. Uniquely-Wilf classes
0 -- 0Samuel Regan, Erik Slivken. Expected size of a tree in the fixed point forest
0 -- 0Naiomi T. Cameron, Kendra Killpatrick. Statistics on Linear Chord Diagrams
0 -- 0Samuel Braunfeld. The undecidability of joint embedding and joint homomorphism for hereditary graph classes
0 -- 0Saúl A. Blanco, Charles Buehrle, Akshay Patidar. On the number of pancake stacks requiring four flips to be sorted
0 -- 0Dun Qiu, Jeffrey B. Remmel. n(123)
0 -- 0Enrica Duchi. A code for square permutations and convex permutominoes
0 -- 0Miklós Bóna, Michael Cory. Cyclic permutations avoiding pairs of patterns of length three
0 -- 0Ioannis Michos, Christina Savvidou. Enumeration of super-strong Wilf equivalence classes of permutations in the generalized factor order
0 -- 0Murray Tannock, Michael Albert. Prolific Compositions
0 -- 0Juan S. Auli, Sergi Elizalde. Consecutive Patterns in Inversion Sequences

Volume 21, Issue 1

0 -- 0Guilherme de C. M. Gomes, Carlos V. G. C. Lima, Vinícius Fernandes dos Santos. Parameterized Complexity of Equitable Coloring
0 -- 0Ervin Györi, Nika Salia, Casey Tompkins, Oscar Zamora. k-free graphs
0 -- 0Nili Guttmann-Beck, Zeev Sorek, Michal Stern. Clustered Spanning Tree - Conditions for Feasibility
0 -- 0Rafael T. Araújo, Eurinardo R. Costa, Sulamita Klein, Rudini Menezes Sampaio, Uéverton S. Souza. FPT algorithms to recognize well covered graphs
0 -- 0Didier Caucal. Cayley graphs of basic algebraic structures
0 -- 0Kolja Knauer, Nicolas Nisse. Computing metric hulls in graphs
0 -- 0Ville Junnila, Tero Laihonen, Tuomo Lehtila, María Luz Puertas. On Stronger Types of Locating-dominating Codes
0 -- 0Jesse Beisegel, Carolin Denkert, Ekkehard Köhler, Matjaz Krnc, Nevena Pivac, Robert Scheffler, Martin Strehler. On the End-Vertex Problem of Graph Searches
0 -- 0Dominique Andres, Edwin Lock. Characterising and recognising game-perfect graphs
0 -- 0Laurent Beaudou, Giacomo Kahn, Matthieu Rosenfeld. Bisplit graphs satisfy the Chen-Chvátal conjecture
0 -- 0Olivier Baudon, Julien Bensmail, Tom Davot, Hervé Hocquard, Jakub Przybylo, Mohammed Senhaji, Éric Sopena, Mariusz Wozniak. A general decomposition theory for the 1-2-3 Conjecture and locally irregular decompositions
0 -- 0Johann A. Makowsky, Vsevolod Rakita. On Weakly Distinguishing Graph Polynomials
0 -- 0Michaël Rao, Alexandre Talon. The 2-domination and Roman domination numbers of grid graphs
0 -- 0Ragnar Groot Koerkamp, Marieke van der Wegen. Stable gonality is computable
0 -- 0Alejandro Contreras-Balbuena, Hortensia Galeana-Sánchez, Ilan A. Goldfeder. Alternating Hamiltonian cycles in $2$-edge-colored multigraphs
0 -- 0Narda Cordero-Michel, Hortensia Galeana-Sánchez. New Bounds for the Dichromatic Number of a Digraph