Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 2

143 -- 162Narjes Berregeb, Riadh Robbana, Ashish Tiwari. Towards automated proofs of observational properties
163 -- 190Nathalie Caspard, Bernard Monjardet. Some lattices of closure systems on a finite set
191 -- 214Mireille Régnier, Alain Denise. Rare Events and Conditional Events on Random Strings
215 -- 222Vladimir E. Alekseev, Alastair Farrugia, Vadim V. Lozin. New Results on Generalized Graph Coloring
223 -- 252Eric Babson, Victor Reiner. Coxeter-like complexes
253 -- 264Josef Pieprzyk, Xian-Mo Zhang. On Cheating Immune Secret Sharing
265 -- 282Iiro S. Honkala, Tero Laihonen, Sanna M. Ranto. On Locating-Dominating Codes in Binary Hamming Spaces
283 -- 314Frédéric Chazal, Véronique Maume-Deschamps. Statistical properties of general Markov dynamical sources: applications to information theory
315 -- 338Karell Bertet, Mirabelle Nebut. Efficient Algorithms on the Family Associated to an Implicational System
339 -- 358Vida Dujmovic, David R. Wood. On Linear Layouts of Graphs
359 -- 364Rajendra M. Pawale. A Note on ::::t::::-designs with t Intersection Numbers
365 -- 386Carsten Schneider. The Summation Package Sigma: Underlying Principles and a Rhombus Tiling Application
387 -- 400Michael Drmota, Bernhard Gittenberger. The Width of Galton-Watson Trees Conditioned by the Size
401 -- 408P. Mark Kayll. Well-spread sequences and edge-labellings with constant Hamilton-weight
409 -- 424Wolfgang Steiner. The distribution of ::::m::::-ary search trees generated by van der Corput sequences
425 -- 436Vincent Puyhaubert. Generating functions and the satisfiability threshold
437 -- 460Alois Panholzer, Helmut Prodinger. Analysis of some statistics for increasing tree families
461 -- 470Toufik Mansour. On an open problem of Green and Losonczy: exact enumeration of freely braided permutations
471 -- 482Josef Pieprzyk, Xian-Mo Zhang. Characterisations of Ideal Threshold Schemes
483 -- 496Hon-Chan Chen. Optimal Sequential and Parallel Algorithms for Cut Vertices and Bridges on Trapezoid Graphs
497 -- 522Vida Dujmovic, Attila Pór, David R. Wood. Track Layouts of Graphs
523 -- 528Po-Shen Loh, Leonard J. Schulman. Improved Expansion of Random Cayley Graphs

Volume 6, Issue 1

0 -- 0Andreas Weiermann. An application of results by Hardy, Ramanujan and Karamata to Ackermannian functions
1 -- 12Alexander Burstein, Toufik Mansour. Counting occurrences of some subword patterns
13 -- 40Cedric Chauve. Constellations are Lagrangian objects: a bijective proof
41 -- 44Vince Grolmusz. A Note on Set Systems with no Union of Cardinality 0 Modulo m
45 -- 54Brice Effantin, Hamamache Kheddouci. The b-chromatic number of power graphs
55 -- 68Johann Cigler. Some Algebraic Aspects of Morse Code Sequences
69 -- 90Klaus Dohmen, André Poenitz, Peter Tittmann. A new two-variable generalization of the chromatic polynomial
91 -- 100Charles Knessl. Numerical Studies of the Asymptotic Height Distribution in Binary Search Trees
101 -- 106Peter Paule, Helmut Prodinger. Fountains, histograms, and q-identities
107 -- 122Wei-Mei Chen, Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Tsung-Hsi Tsai. Efficient maxima-finding algorithms for random planar samples
123 -- 132Selma Djelloul, Mekkia Kouider. Minimum survivable graphs with bounded distance increase