Journal: Decision Sciences

Volume 47, Issue 6

995 -- 997Geraldo Ferrer, Gyula Vastag, Gyu M. Lee. Supply Chain Decisions in Governmental Organizations
998 -- 1015Aruna Apte, John Khawam, Eva Regnier, Jay Simon. Complexity and Self-Sustainment in Disaster Response Supply Chains
1016 -- 1047Sidhartha S. Padhi, Stephan M. Wagner, Pratap K. J. Mohapatra. Design of Auction Parameters to Reduce the Effect of Collusion
1048 -- 1072Rebecca A. Scott, Benjamin T. George, Victor R. Prybutok. A Public Transportation Decision-Making Model within a Metropolitan Area
1073 -- 1102Ravi Sen, Gregory R. Heim. Managing Enterprise Risks of Technological Systems: An Exploratory Empirical Analysis of Vulnerability Characteristics as Drivers of Exploit Publication
1103 -- 1149Mashiho Mihalache, Oli R. Mihalache. A Decisional Framework of Offshoring: Integrating Insights from 25 Years of Research to Provide Direction for Future
1150 -- 1177Qinglong Gou, Suresh Sethi, Jinfeng Yue, Juan Zhang. Push and Pull Contracts in a Local Supply Chain with an Outside Market
1178 -- 1202Magnus Persson, Martin Jan Eklind, Mats Winroth. Coordinating External Manufacturing of Product Modules

Volume 47, Issue 5

787 -- 819Hung-Chung Su, Kevin W. Linderman. An Empirical Investigation in Sustaining High-Quality Performance
820 -- 850Zhong Wen, Lihui Lin. Optimal Fee Structures of Crowdsourcing Platforms
851 -- 880Carrie C. Queenan, Thomas J. Kull, Sarv Devaraj. Complements or Substitutes? Culture-Technology Interactions in Healthcare
881 -- 906Nada R. Sanders, Gregory A. Graman. Impact of Bias Magnification on Supply Chain Costs: The Mitigating Role of Forecast Sharing
907 -- 956Andrew Kach, Christian Busse, Arash Azadegan, Stephan M. Wagner. Maneuvering through Hostile Environments: How Firms Leverage Product and Process Innovativeness
957 -- 988Hao Wang, Xunhua Guo, Mingyue Zhang, Qiang Wei, Guoqing Chen. Predicting the Incremental Benefits of Online Information Search for Heterogeneous Consumers

Volume 47, Issue 4

589 -- 627Tingting Yan, Anand Nair. Structuring Supplier Involvement in New Product Development: A China-U.S. Study
628 -- 660Yinliang (Ricky) Tan, Janice E. Carrillo, Hsing Kenny Cheng. The Agency Model for Digital Goods
661 -- 698Hakan Yildiz, Jiho Yoon, Srinivas Talluri, William Ho. Reliable Supply Chain Network Design
699 -- 719Yue Jin, Ana Muriel, Yihao Lu. When to Offer Lower Quality or Remanufactured Versions of a Product
720 -- 761Madjid Tavana, Debora Di Caprio, Francisco J. Santos-Arteaga. Modeling Sequential Information Acquisition Behavior in Rational Decision Making
762 -- 780Xiaole Wu, Yu Zhou. Does the Entry of Third-Party Remanufacturers Always Hurt Original Equipment Manufacturers?

Volume 47, Issue 3

404 -- 436Wei-Tsong Wang. Examining the Influence of the Social Cognitive Factors and Relative Autonomous Motivations on Employees' Knowledge Sharing Behaviors
437 -- 472He Huang, Xiaoyu Shen, Hongyan Xu. Procurement Contracts in the Presence of Endogenous Disruption Risk
473 -- 491Xiaoqing (Kristine) Xie, Rohit Verma, Chris K. Anderson. Demand Growth in Services: A Discrete Choice Analysis of Customer Preferences and Online Selling
492 -- 523Zhijian Cui. Decision Making in Cross-Functional Teams: The Role of Decision Power
524 -- 553David M. Gligor. The Role of Supply Chain Agility in Achieving Supply Chain Fit
554 -- 581Sean X. Zhou, Zhijie Tao, Nianbing Zhang, Gangshu (George) Cai. Procurement with Reverse Auction and Flexible Noncompetitive Contracts

Volume 47, Issue 2

193 -- 218Opher Baron, Oded Berman, Desheng Wu. Bargaining within the Supply Chain and Its Implications in an Industry
219 -- 256Gökçe Esenduran, Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya, Jayashankar M. Swaminathan. Take-Back Legislation: Consequences for Remanufacturing and Environment
257 -- 297Tolga Aydinliyim, Nagesh N. Murthy. Managing Engineering Design for Competitive Sourcing in Closed-Loop Supply Chains
298 -- 332Tianqin Shi, Wenjun Gu, Dilip Chhajed, Nicholas C. Petruzzi. Effects of Remanufacturable Product Design on Market Segmentation and the Environment
333 -- 372Tyson R. Browning, Ali A. Yassine. Managing a Portfolio of Product Development Projects under Resource Constraints
373 -- 394Xishu Li, Rommert Dekker, Christiaan Heij, Mustafa Hekimoglu. Assessing End-Of-Supply Risk of Spare Parts Using the Proportional Hazard Model

Volume 47, Issue 1

11 -- 30Layth C. Alwan, Minghui Xu, Dong-Qing Yao, Xiaohang Yue. The Dynamic Newsvendor Model with Correlated Demand
31 -- 59Marc Reimann. Accurate Response with Refurbished Consumer Returns
60 -- 93Xiang Li, Yongjian Li, Xiaoqiang Cai. On Core Sorting in RMTS and RMTO Systems: A Newsvendor Framework
94 -- 124Kefeng Xu, Rui Yin, Yan Dong. Stockout Recovery under Consignment: The Role of Inventory Ownership in Supply Chains
125 -- 156Shawn O'Neil, Xuying Zhao, Daewon Sun, Jerry C. Wei. Newsvendor Problems with Demand Shocks and Unknown Demand Distributions
157 -- 186Ayse Kocabiyikoglu, Celile Itir Gögüs, M. Sinan Gönül. Decision Making and the Price Setting Newsvendor: Experimental Evidence