Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 18, Issue 4

665 -- 692Wirawan Dony Dahana, HeeJae Shin, Sotaro Katsumata. Influence of individual characteristics on whether and how much consumers engage in showrooming behavior
693 -- 717Qi Li, Ni Liang, Eldon Y. Li. Does friendship quality matter in social commerce? An experimental study of its effect on purchase intention
719 -- 753Marta Arce-Urriza, Javier Cebollada. Assesing the success of private labels online: differences across categories in the grocery industry
755 -- 761Mijeong Park, Hana Yoo, Jeongeun Kim, Jisan Lee. Why do young people use fitness apps? Cognitive characteristics and app quality
763 -- 789Ke Gong, Yi Peng, Yong Wang, Maozeng Xu. Time series analysis for C2C conversion rate
791 -- 811Fazil Gökgöz, Mustafa Taylan Güvercin. Investigating the total factor productivity changes in the top ICT companies worldwide
813 -- 836Zahra Yusefi Hafshejani, Marjan Kaedi, Afsaneh Fatemi. Improving sparsity and new user problems in collaborative filtering by clustering the personality factors
837 -- 868Yi Cui, Jian Mou, Yanping Liu. Knowledge mapping of social commerce research: a visual analysis using CiteSpace
869 -- 881Sankar Kumar Mridha, Malay Bhattacharyya 0001. A network based mechanism for managing decomposable tasks via crowdsourcing
883 -- 898E. Mitchell Church, Richelle L. Oakley. Etsy and the long-tail: how microenterprises use hyper-differentiation in online handicraft marketplaces

Volume 18, Issue 3

433 -- 456Hana Lee, Young Yoon. Engineering doc2vec for automatic classification of product descriptions on O2O applications
457 -- 483Dongpu Fu, Yili Hong 0002, Kanliang Wang, Weiguo Fan. Effects of membership tier on user content generation behaviors: evidence from online reviews
485 -- 506Patrick Maillé, Bruno Tuffin. Auctions for online ad space among advertisers sensitive to both views and clicks
507 -- 536Rofin T. M., Biswajit Mahanty. Optimal dual-channel supply chain configuration for product categories with different customer preference of online channel
537 -- 561Tibert Verhagen, Daniel Bloemers. Exploring the cognitive and affective bases of online purchase intentions: a hierarchical test across product types
563 -- 585Qi Wang, Yunxia Mao, Ji Zhu, Xiaohang Zhang. Receiver responses to referral reward programs in social networks
587 -- 603Kiriaki M. Keramitsoglou, Katja Lozar Manfreda, Charalampia Anastasiou, Knut Kalgraff Skjåk, Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis. Mode comparison study on willingness to buy and willingness to pay for organic foods: paper-and-pencil versus computerized questionnaire
605 -- 627Yong-gui Fu, Jian-ming Zhu. The credit game on network supplier and customer based on big data
629 -- 646Chih-Chin Liang, Ngoc Ly Nguyen. Marketing strategy of internet-banking service based on perceptions of service quality in Vietnam
647 -- 663Pavol Kita, Zdenek Szczyrba, David Fiedor, Ales Letal. Recognition of business risks when purchasing goods on the Internet using GIS: experience from Slovakia

Volume 18, Issue 2

201 -- 0J. Christopher Westland. Introduction to the special issue on Big Data in finance and business
203 -- 224Yuwei Yan, Zhihan Lv, Bin Hu. Building investor trust in the P2P lending platform with a focus on Chinese P2P lending platforms
225 -- 240Shasha Liu, Bingjia Shao, Yuan Gao 0003, Su Hu, Yi Li, Weigui Zhou. Game theoretic approach of a novel decision policy for customers based on big data
241 -- 255Kun Li 0005. Do high-frequency fleeting orders exacerbate market illiquidity?
257 -- 276Yi Song, Bin Hu, Zhihan Lv. A computational analysis of capital chain rupture in e-commerce enterprise
277 -- 289Lifeng He, Ning Zhang, Lemin Yin. The evaluation for perceived quality of products based on text mining and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
291 -- 311Yan Wan, Baojun Ma, Yu Pan. Opinion evolution of online consumer reviews in the e-commerce environment
313 -- 337Cungen Zhu, Zhong Yao. Comparison between the agency and wholesale model under the e-book duopoly market
339 -- 358Constantin Popescu. A secure and efficient payment protocol based on ElGamal cryptographic algorithms
359 -- 388Susmita Mandal, Sujata Mohanty, Banshidhar Majhi. Design of electronic payment system based on authenticated key exchange
389 -- 412Hamid Reza Khedmatgozar, Arezoo Shahnazi. The role of dimensions of perceived risk in adoption of corporate internet banking by customers in Iran
413 -- 431Wei-Hsun Lee, Char-Shin Miou, Yeou-Fuh Kuan, Tung-Lung Hsieh, Chien-Ming Chou. A peer-to-peer transaction authentication platform for mobile commerce with semi-offline architecture

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 0Zheng Xu 0001, Vijayan Sugumaran, Neil Y. Yen. Special issue: algorithmic and knowledge-based approaches to assessing consumer sentiment in electronic commerce
3 -- 22Hui Zhang, Huguang Rao, Junzheng Feng. Product innovation based on online review data mining: a case study of Huawei phones
23 -- 64Li Li. Sentiment-enhanced learning model for online language learning system
65 -- 88Kuo-Kun Tseng, Regina Fang-Ying Lin, Hongfu Zhou, Kevin Jati Kurniajaya, Qianyu Li. Price prediction of e-commerce products through Internet sentiment analysis
89 -- 107Qing Huan, Zhanwen Niu. Knowledge management in consultancy involved LPS implementation projects via social media
109 -- 124Qingyuan Zhou. Multi-layer affective computing model based on emotional psychology
125 -- 141Yanqing Han, Zongming Zhang. Impact of free sampling on product diffusion based on Bass model
143 -- 157Anzhong Huang. A risk detection system of e-commerce: researches based on soft information extracted by affective computing web texts
159 -- 179Nan Jing, Tao Jiang, Juan Du 0004, Vijayan Sugumaran. Personalized recommendation based on customer preference mining and sentiment assessment from a Chinese e-commerce website
181 -- 199Jitendra Kumar Rout, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Amiya Kumar Dash, Sambit Bakshi, Sanjay Kumar Jena, Karen L. Williams. A model for sentiment and emotion analysis of unstructured social media text