Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 6, Issue 3-4

227 -- 263Omaima Bamasak, Ning Zhang. Reputation management and signature delegation: A distributed approach
265 -- 303Adriano M. Pereira, Mark A. J. Song, Gustavo Gorgulho. The formal-CAFE methodology and model checking patterns in the specification of e-commerce systems
305 -- 335Peter Herrmann, Gaby Herrmann. Security requirement analysis of business processes
337 -- 353Alexandros Kaliontzoglou, Pelagia Boutsi, Despina Polemi. eInvoke: Secure e-Invoicing based on web services
355 -- 388Ioannis Priggouris, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades. A distributable security management architecture for enterprise systems spanning multiple security domains
389 -- 404Xiaotong Li, Jatinder N. D. Gupta, James V. Koch. Effect of technological breakthroughs on electronic markets

Volume 6, Issue 2

127 -- 140Bezalel Gavish, Christopher Tucci. Fraudulent auctions on the Internet
141 -- 154Sushil K. Sharma, Jatinder N. D. Gupta, Nilmini Wickramasinghe. A framework for designing the enterprise-wide e-commerce portal for evolving organizations
155 -- 171Ginger Myles, Christian S. Collberg. Software watermarking via opaque predicates: Implementation, analysis, and attacks
173 -- 185Pierre Hadaya. Determinants of the future level of use of electronic marketplaces: The case of Canadian firms
187 -- 200Samuel Bodily, Rafi Mohammed. I can t get no satisfaction: How bundling and multi-part pricing can satisfy consumers and suppliers
201 -- 221Yiling Chen, Tracy Mullen, Chao-Hsien Chu. An in-depth analysis of information markets with aggregate uncertainty

Volume 6, Issue 1

5 -- 6Mark Ginsburg, Petra Schubert. Editors note
7 -- 20Blair Nonnecke, Dorine Andrews, Jenny Preece. Non-public and public online community participation: Needs, attitudes and behavior
21 -- 37LeMai Nguyen, Luba Torlina, Konrad J. Peszynski, Brian J. Corbitt. Power relations in virtual communities: An ethnographic study
39 -- 56Ian MacInnes. Property rights, legal issues, and business models in virtual world communities
57 -- 73Johann Füller, Michael Bartl, Holger Ernst, Hans Mühlbacher. Community based innovation: How to integrate members of virtual communities into new product development
75 -- 101Patricia Grace-Farfaglia, Ad Dekkers, Binod Sundararajan, Lois Peters, Sung-Hee Park. Multinational web uses and gratifications: Measuring the social impact of online community participation across national boundaries
103 -- 121Petra Schubert, J. Felix Hampe. Mobile communities: How viable are their business models? An exemplary investigation of the leisure industry