Journal: EURASIP J. Wireless Comm. and Networking

Volume 2005, Issue 4

1 -- 2Anthony C. Boucouvalas. Editorial
3 -- 11Ubolthip Sethakaset, T. Aaron Gulliver. Differential Amplitude Pulse-Position Modulation for Indoor Wireless Optical Communications
12 -- 19Zabih Ghassemlooy, C. K. See. Symbol and Bit Error Rates Analysis of Hybrid PIM-CDMA
20 -- 29Xavier N. Fernando, Balakanthan Balendran. Adaptive Denoising and Equalization of Infrared Wireless CDMA System
30 -- 38Svetla Jivkova, Mohsen Kavehrad. Transceiver Design Concept for Cellular and Multispot Diffusing Regimes of Transmission
39 -- 44Shota Teramoto, Tomoaki Ohtsuki. Optical Wireless Sensor Network System Using Corner Cube Retroreflectors
45 -- 56Anthony C. Boucouvalas, Pi Huang. Modelling and Optimising TinyTP over IrDA Stacks
57 -- 66Zhanping Yin, Victor C. M. Leung. A Proxy Architecture to Enhance the Performance of WAP 2.0 by Data Compression
67 -- 78Periklis Chatzimisios, Anthony C. Boucouvalas, Vasileios Vitsas. IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs: Performance Analysis and Protocol Refinement
79 -- 82Erdal Panayirci, Costas N. Georghiades, Xiaodong Wang, Hakan A. Çirpan. Editorial
83 -- 91Michael L. B. Riediger, Paul K. M. Ho, Jae H. Kim. A Receiver for Differential Space-Time π/2-Shifted BPSK Modulation Based on Scalar-MSDD and the EM Algorithm
92 -- 99Renato Rocha Lopes, John R. Barry. The Extended-Window Channel Estimator for Iterative Channel-and-Symbol Estimation
100 -- 116A. S. Gallo, Giorgio Matteo Vitetta. Soft-In Soft-Output Detection in the Presence of Parametric Uncertainty via the Bayesian EM Algorithm
117 -- 129Nele Noels, Vincenzo Lottici, Antoine Dejonghe, Heidi Steendam, Marc Moeneclaey, Marco Luise, Luc Vandendorpe. A Theoretical Framework for Soft-Information-Based Synchronization in Iterative (Turbo) Receivers
130 -- 140Yufei Huang, Jianqiu Zhang, Isabel M. Tienda-Luna, Petar M. Djuric, Diego Pablo Ruiz Padillo. Adaptive Blind Multiuser Detection over Flat Fast Fading Channels Using Particle Filtering
141 -- 154Zigang Yang, Dong Guo 0003, Xiaodong Wang. Blind Decoding of Multiple Description Codes over OFDM Systems via Sequential Monte Carlo
155 -- 162Wei Zhang, Claude D Amours, Abbas Yongaçoglu. Adaptive Iterative Soft-Input Soft-Output Parallel Decision-Feedback Detectors for Asynchronous Coded DS-CDMA Systems
163 -- 174Habib Senol, Hakan A. Çirpan, Erdal Panayirci. A Low-Complexity KL Expansion-Based Channel Estimator for OFDM Systems
187 -- 196Ben Lu, Guosen Yue, Xiaodong Wang, Mohammad Madihian. Factor-Graph-Based Soft Self-Iterative Equalizer for Multipath Channels
197 -- 205Günes Karabulut, Tolga Kurt, Abbas Yongaçoglu. Estimation of Directions of Arrival by Matching Pursuit (EDAMP)
206 -- 215Tongtong Li, Weiguo Liang, Zhi Ding, Jitendra K. Tugnait. Blind Multiuser Detection for Long-Code CDMA Systems with Transmission-Induced Cyclostationarity
216 -- 230Lie-Liang Yang, Lajos Hanzo. Adaptive Space-Time-Spreading-Assisted Wideband CDMA Systems Communicating over Dispersive Nakagami-m Fading Channels
231 -- 241Qing Zhao, Lang Tong. Opportunistic Carrier Sensing for Energy-Efficient Information Retrieval in Sensor Networks
242 -- 248Ahmed Iyanda Sulyman, Maan Kousa. Bit Error Rate Performance Analysis of a Threshold-Based Generalized Selection Combining Scheme in Nakagami Fading Channels
249 -- 259Jiang Zhu, Abraham O. Fapojuwo. A Complementary Code-CDMA-Based MAC Protocol for UWB WPAN System
260 -- 269Yong-Seok Kim, Keum-Chan Whang. Analysis of a Combined Antenna Arrays and Reverse-Link Synchronous DS-CDMA System over Multipath Rician Fading Channels
271 -- 274Frederik Petré, Ahmet M. Kondoz, Stefan Kaiser, Ashish Pandharipande. Editorial
284 -- 297Ioannis Dagres, Andreas Zalonis, Nikos Dimitriou, Konstantinos Nikitopoulos, Andreas Polydoros. Flexible Radio: A Framework for Optimized Multimodal Operation via Dynamic Signal Design
298 -- 307Dragan Samardzija, Narayan B. Mandayam, Dmitry Chizhik. Adaptive Transmitter Optimization in Multiuser Multiantenna Systems: Theoretical Limits, Effect of Delays, and Performance Enhancements
308 -- 322François Horlin, Frederik Petré, Eduardo Lopez-Estraviz, Frederik Naessens, Liesbet Van der Perre. Flexible Transmission Scheme for 4G Wireless Systems with Multiple Antennas
323 -- 332Ying-Chang Liang, Sayed Naveen, Santhosh Kumar Pilakkat, Ashok Kumar Marath. Reconfigurable Signal Processing and Hardware Architecture for Broadband Wireless Communications
333 -- 342Arnd-Ragnar Rhiemeier. Modular Software-Defined Radio
343 -- 353B. Dong, Xiaodong Wang. Adaptive Mobile Positioning in WCDMA Networks
354 -- 363Bruce E. Carey-Smith, Paul A. Warr, Phillip R. Rogers, Mark A. Beach, Geoffrey E. Hilton. Flexible Frequency Discrimination Subsystems for Reconfigurable Radio Front Ends
364 -- 381Yefim S. Poberezhskiy, Gennady Y. Poberezhskiy. Flexible Analog Front Ends of Reconfigurable Radios Based on Sampling and Reconstruction with Internal Filtering
382 -- 389Bedri A. Cetiner, J. Y. Qian, G. P. Li, Franco De Flaviis. A Reconfigurable Spiral Antenna for Adaptive MIMO Systems
390 -- 400Lars Berlemann, Ralf Pabst, Bernhard Walke. Multimode Communication Protocols Enabling Reconfigurable Radios
401 -- 412Alessandro Brawerman, John A. Copeland. Towards a Fraud-Prevention Framework for Software Defined Radio Mobile Devices
413 -- 418Qassim Nasir. Extended Lock Range Zero-Crossing Digital Phase-Locked Loop with Time Delay
419 -- 425Gaonan Zhang, Guoan Bi, Qian Yu. Intersymbol Decorrelating Detector for Asynchronous CDMA Networks with Multipath
426 -- 436C. Gomathy, S. Shanmugavel. Supporting QoS in MANET by a Fuzzy Priority Scheduler and Performance Analysis with Multicast Routing Protocols
437 -- 446Mari Kobayashi, Giuseppe Caire. A Low-Complexity Approach to Space-Time Coding for Multipath Fading Channels
447 -- 458J. A. L. Inácio, José António B. Gerald, Manuel Duarte Ortigueira. New PN Even Balanced Sequences for Spread-Spectrum Systems
459 -- 461Biao Chen, Wendi B. Heinzelman, Mingyan Liu, Andrew T. Campbell. Editorial
462 -- 472Ruixin Niu, Pramod K. Varshney. Distributed Detection and Fusion in a Large Wireless Sensor Network of Random Size
473 -- 482Alexey Krasnopeev, Jinjun Xiao, Zhi-Quan Luo. Minimum Energy Decentralized Estimation in a Wireless Sensor Network with Correlated Sensor Noises
483 -- 492Javier Del Ser, Pedro M. Crespo, Olaia Galdos. Asymmetric Joint Source-Channel Coding for Correlated Sources with Blind HMM Estimation at the Receiver
493 -- 504Zhiyu Yang, Min Dong, Lang Tong, Brian M. Sadler. MAC Protocols for Optimal Information Retrieval Pattern in Sensor Networks with Mobile Access
505 -- 522Razvan Cristescu, Sergio D. Servetto. An Optimal Medium Access Control with Partial Observations for Sensor Networks
523 -- 540Jussi Haapola, Zach Shelby, Carlos A. Pomalaza-Raez, Petri Mähönen. Multihop Medium Access Control for WSNs: An Energy Analysis Model
541 -- 553Wenjun Li, Huaiyu Dai. Optimal Throughput and Energy Efficiency for Wireless Sensor Networks: Multiple Access and Multipacket Reception
554 -- 564Xiaowen Liu, Martin Haenggi. Throughput Analysis of Fading Sensor Networks with Regular and Random Topologies
565 -- 572Xiaojiang Du, Fengjing Lin. Maintaining Differentiated Coverage in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
573 -- 578Michel Terré, Emmanuelle Vivier, Bernard Fino. Optimisation of Downlink Resource Allocation Algorithms for UMTS Networks
579 -- 589Deepti Joshi, Kamesh Namuduri, Ravi Pendse. Secure, Redundant, and Fully Distributed Key Management Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: An Analysis
590 -- 598Jinho Choi. Random Sign Repetition Time-Hopping UWB with Multiuser Detection
599 -- 606Diakoumis P. Gerakoulis. Multicarrier Access and Routing for Wireless Networking
607 -- 609Sergio Palazzo, Leandros Tassiulas, Lang Tong. Editorial
610 -- 624Bin Zhao, Matthew C. Valenti. Position-Based Relaying with Hybrid-ARQ for Efficient Ad Hoc Networking
625 -- 634K. Murugan, S. Shanmugavel. Traffic-Dependent and Energy-Based Time Delay Routing Algorithms for Improving Energy Efficiency in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
635 -- 644Raminder P. Mann, Kamesh R. Namuduri, Ravi Pendse. Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
645 -- 660Bosheng Zhou, Alan Marshall, Jieyi Wu, Tsung-Han Lee, Jiakang Liu. A Cross-Layer Route Discovery Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
661 -- 671Hongxia Sun, Herman D. Hughes. Adaptive QoS Routing by Cross-Layer Cooperation in Ad Hoc Networks
672 -- 685Chiara Buratti, Andrea Giorgetti, Roberto Verdone. Cross-Layer Design of an Energy-Efficient Cluster Formation Algorithm with Carrier-Sensing Multiple Access for Wireless Sensor Networks
686 -- 697Chih-Yu Wen, William A. Sethares. Automatic Decentralized Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks
698 -- 711Sofie Pollin, Bruno Bougard, Rahul Mangharam, Francky Catthoor, Ingrid Moerman, Ragunathan Rajkumar, Liesbet Van der Perre. Optimizing Transmission and Shutdown for Energy-Efficient Real-time Packet Scheduling in Clustered Ad Hoc Networks
712 -- 730Tullio Facchinetti, Giorgio C. Buttazzo, Luís Almeida. Dynamic Resource Reservation and Connectivity Tracking to Support Real-Time Communication among Mobile Units
731 -- 742Keun-Ho Lee, Sang-Bum Han, Heyi-Sook Suh, SangKeun Lee, Chong-Sun Hwang. Authentication Based on Multilayer Clustering in Ad Hoc Networks
743 -- 756Qi Qu, Yong Pei, James W. Modestino, Xusheng Tian, Bin Wang. Cross-Layer QoS Control for Video Communications over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
757 -- 773Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Thierry Turletti, Thomas Guionnet. An Evaluation of Media-Oriented Rate Selection Algorithm for Multimedia Transmission in MANETs
774 -- 788Mauri Kuorilehto, Marko Hännikäinen, Timo D. Hämäläinen. A Survey of Application Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
789 -- 795Tao Tian, Christopher R. Jones. Construction of Rate-Compatible LDPC Codes Utilizing Information Shortening and Parity Puncturing
796 -- 800Justus Ch. Fricke, Magnus Sandell, Jan Mietzner, Peter A. Hoeher. Impact of the Gaussian Approximation on the Performance of the Probabilistic Data Association MIMO Decoder
801 -- 815Le Chung Tran, Tadeusz A. Wysocki, Alfred Mertins, Jennifer Seberry. A Generalized Algorithm for the Generation of Correlated Rayleigh Fading Envelopes in Wireless Channels
816 -- 827Jarno Niemelä, Tero Isotalo, Jukka Lempiäinen. Optimum Antenna Downtilt Angles for Macrocellular WCDMA Network
828 -- 837Mehran Abolhasan, Tadeusz A. Wysocki, Justin Lipman. A New Strategy to Improve Proactive Route Updates in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Volume 2005, Issue 2

175 -- 186Husheng Li, H. Vincent Poor. Impact of Channel Estimation Errors on Multiuser Detection via the Replica Method